Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Happy Spring!

Well hi!  Happy Spring to you!
Life has been pretty good around here.  We found out we were pregnant right before Christmas and I'm currently 17 weeks.  We had ultrasounds at 5 and 7 weeks, but haven't had one since then so I'm really looking forward and a bit nervous to have the big ultrasound in about three weeks.  Of course I've been incredibly nervous, but all seems to be going well and we pray that it will continue that way.  I'm due August 30ish. 
I was sick for all of Jan and Feb so we did a lot of hanging around the house.  With Eliza and Camille, I started feeling better at 16 weeks and the same held true this time around!  As of the past week I've felt a ton better.  I'm still throwing up occasionally so our guess is another girl.
Our girls are adorable.  Eliza is really interested in learning the sounds that letters make and we talk about it a lot.  She also started Primary and was so nervous at first, but LOVES it now.  It's awesome to hear her sing "I Stand All Amazed" pretty much every day.  That girl LOVES to sing!  She would wear a dress every day if we had enough!
Camille is repeating nearly everything we say and is really catching onto words quickly.  She calls herself "MaMille".  She loves baby stuff which Eliza never did so it's pretty cute.  She is fiesty and a free spirit and would live outside if we'd let her!
Here we are on St. Patrick's Day!  (My undershirt is green; it's the only thing I had that fit and was clean!)  Eliza thinks the holidays are SO awesome so it really makes them fun.  We really don't do much out of the ordinary, but it's fun to have her be so excited about it!  (And I'm not sure why she's holding the duster...!)

Friday, January 3, 2014


The past month-ish has been great!  The holidays have been so fun, especially with Eliza.  She has said, "Happy Thanksgiving," "Merry Christmas," or "Happy New Year" almost non-stop! :)
Something to be VERY grateful for was that Aaron shaved this mustache a couple weeks early!  His work did "No-Shave November" and they were supposed to go the whole month.  I said no because it looked NASTY!  He did a beard for a couple weeks and then went to a goatee and then did the mustache just for the day.  (They were supposed to do a mustache the whole time and I said NO WAY!)  This picture is SO, SO, SO gross!  But hilarious, nonetheless!  He shaved it off the second he got home so thankfully I only saw it for a couple minutes!
 Eliza & I made a thankful tree. 
We pulled out our decor right after Thanksgiving.  Eliza was excited to see our Nativity Little People Set and pulled them on the sleigh.  It was super cute.
 I finished this quilt for Camille.  I had the top sewn before she was born and then finally pulled it out in October & November and finished it.  I machine quilted it and had a really fun time doing it.  (It was my first time.)
 December went by fast!  Aaron worked out of town two of the weeks so we decided to go with him both weeks.  I wondered if I'd be sad to not be near our decorations and doing holiday stuff, but ended up having SUCH a great time doing holiday stuff in the places we went!  I feel a little bad that we go do fun stuff while Aaron works, but it's so fun to go to new places and have the girls experience new things.  And it's nice to go to dinner and see Aaron at night instead of just FaceTime!  The girls LOVE hotels; they seriously think it's the funnest ever!  Here they are reading together one night.  They are really finally starting to be kind to each other more; it's exciting!
 The first city was Silver City.  The museum had Christmas decor everywhere in this old house.  It was really charming.  One of the nights they hosted a "Victorian Christmas" that we went to since it happened to be while we were there.  It was so much fun.  Father Christmas was there, all the volunteers were in old-fashioned clothing, and there were so many activities for the kids.  People found out we were from Albuquerque and we were rockstars!  "These people came here from Albuquerque to go to this!"  It really was so fun.
 The girls loved every place we went.  I found that if I wanted them to go to the places I wanted to go, I had to give them their time.  So if they found something they liked, I let them do it as long as they want.  This little hotel display was at the museum and they loved it.
 Lunch for us consisted of "Lunchables" (not that brand, but that idea) pizzas.  The girls love them more than life itself!!  They were SO thrilled to sit in the hotel and eat them!
 This is the Santa Rita Copper Mine.  The girls played in the truck tire there for like 30 min!
 One day we went to the Gila Cliff Dwellings.  It was quite the drive to get there, but fun to do since we had the time.  We hiked to them and then went through them.  There are like 7 caves made by wind that they built homes into.
There was an AMAZING park there.  It was cold and wet though so we didn't stay long.
 The next week he worked in Carlsbad.  There is this thing called "Christmas on the Pecos."  You ride on boats down the Pecos River and see everyone's backyards that they've filled with lights.  It was really fun, but really cold!
 We went to Carlsbad Caverns!  The best part of traveling off-season is that we are rock stars everywhere we go!  People are so excited to see us and there are no lines!  Here are the girls inside the caverns.  The caverns are so surreal.  It's super creepy to be 700 feet below ground in such a huge place.  So, so, so beautiful.

 We rode the elevator down and walked the Big Room and then rode the elevator back up.  I was hoping we could go on another hike, but there weren't any we could go on.  We decided to go see the natural entrance and the girls took off down the switchbacks and we ended up walking all the way down in and then rode the elevator back up!  (We walked at least four hours that day!  Eliza is such a hiking trooper!)
 This is actually the only time Camille walked.  She was creeped out inside and had me hold her almost the whole time!
 We spent Christmas with Aaron's family.  His whole family was there and it was great to be together.  We came back and had our own little Christmas too.  (I want it to be tradition that we always do something at our home, plus it seems tough to transport presents there and back!)
Eliza got a pillow, a 2014 planner, and an "I Spy" type of book.
 Camille got letters that spell her name, the "Little Blue Truck", and I made her a hooded towel.  She wouldn't model it, but it's a dog.  :)
Happy New Year!

Monday, November 18, 2013


Hello again!
I’ve been meaning to update for awhile, but had to get some other things finished first.  Mainly Young Women in Excellence-- and that was last night.  So yay!
The day after my last post we found out we were pregnant.  We were so thrilled.  In early August we went to spend a week with Aaron’s parents.  One night we went to the Durango Bar D Chuckwagon. 

The big event of August was potty-training Eliza.  She was so ready for it and pretty much never had an accident.  So that has been awesome.  It was also spent hanging around the house being sick.  I was nauseous a lot, but only threw up once, and tired as all heck. 
At 11.5 weeks on Monday, September 9th I miscarried.  It was absolutely horrific in so many ways.  I'm so, so, so, sorry for any other woman who has one.  The bleeding wouldn’t stop.  The doctor told me to go to the ER.  Unfortunately, Aaron was out of town on business.  I called a friend to come over and stay with the kids, and called my 1st counselor to take me to the ER.  In the ER they didn’t take me too seriously and took forever to get me back.  For some reason, I thought gushing blood was a big deal.  Guess not.  I finally got back after a couple hours and they took some blood and I passed out.  From then on they took me a little more seriously...  Aaron was able to get there and be with me.  After ultrasounds, they sent me home at 2 am telling me that there was a broken off part of the sac still in me, but that they were sure I’d pass it on my own and that I’d be fine.
At first I thought it was such a blessing to not have had a D&C...  On Thursday I went in for another ultrasound and found that the sac was unfortunately still there.  The biggest issue was that we were supposed to fly out to Aaron’s sister’s wedding the next day.  The doctors talked it over and said they wanted to get a couple more opinions and that they’d call me.  We went home and waited.   We prayed about what to do.  We decided to go to the wedding and let things finish on their own.  Within minutes I was cramping and gushing blood again.  The doctor called and told us to get back to the ER.  We did and I was better taken care of this time.  The ob was able to manually pull all the rest out and didn’t have to send me in for the D&C.  I was bleeding heavily and she gave me three drugs to stop it.  And luckily it did stop.  At that point when they took my blood, I was one number above a blood transfusion.  NOT COOL.  I was sent home on many meds and luckily they all worked like they were supposed to.
We took it is as a very clear omen that we shouldn’t go to the wedding.  We were sad to have missed it.  My mom flew in a day later because Aaron had to go out of town again.  I was SO weak from losing so much blood that I couldn’t walk up the stairs without blacking out.  It was horrible.  I felt nearly dead for almost two weeks.
During that time my sister-in-law and neice also came.  They had had tickets to come for months.  Unfortuantely we pretty much did nothing fun since she just helped take care of my kids, but I was so grateful that I had her help to keep the kids entertained.
I was well enough to go with them to Old Town the day they left so at least we did that!
I know I had people praying for me and I know that their prayers were answered and I was miracously ok the day after all my help had left two and a half weeks after the initial miscarriage.  It was wonderful to be a mom to my kids again.
Though it was so horrific, we did see the Lord's hand in our lives.  We are forever grateful to those who dropped everything and took our kids multiple times and stayed with them overnight, took me to the hospital, came to the hospital to give me a blessing since Aaron wouldn't be there for a few hours, brought us meals, offered medical advice to help get me better, and most importantly prayed for us.  I felt so much love and concern for our family.

On to happier things...
Many museums were free on a Saturday so we went to this one!
These are exact replicas of the atomic bomb casings dropped in Japan.  Crazy how something so small did so much damage.  New Mexico is pretty famous for atomic bomb stuff, so of course they would have a museum about it here!
October was spent at parks constantly.  I wanted to be outside with my girls as much as possible.  We also went to a free pumpkin patch thing a couple times.  The girls loved it!
October is Balloon Fiesta month too!  If you remember last year, the morning we went, the mass ascension (when 600+ balloons go up together) was cancelled.  Unfortunately.... the same thing happened this year because of bad weather.  Talk about bad luck!  Hopefully next year our luck will change and I'll get to see one.
Some friends invited us to a children's museum so we went there too.  Here is me riding a bike on a tightrope.  Hardcore, right?!  It was pretty freaky even though there was no way to fall.

Halloween was so much fun this year.  We did lots of crafts and Eliza loved them all.  We went to the truck-or-treat a few days prior and then some friends invited us over for a party on Halloween night.  Aaron has been in busy season since September and has been working tons of hours, but his boss let him go early on Halloween night.  It was SO wonderful to spend the evening with him and let him be able to enjoy Halloween too.

We also went to the Balloon Museum on the day it was free.  One of the workers told us to get in this basket and look down scared.  I thought it was pretty funny.  :)
We've been loving the fall weather and trying to get out so much before it's gone.  This is along the riverwalk along the Rio Grande.  We look like giants.  Ha!
We went to the zoo last Saturday and enjoyed it too.  Notice the cougar walking above their heads.  Rah, rah, rah, rah, rah, goooooo cougars!
Life really is good.  The girls are amazing.  I am so lucky to have them and am trying to be a better mom to them constantly.  Eliza is so dang smart and fun most of the time.  Her horrid spell from May ended so it must have been the molars!  She is even finally showing interest in Camille!  Don't think their best friends or anything, but Eliza has shown more love to her in the past month than the whole 17 months Camille has been alive.  So I'd say that's an improvement!
One of her favorite things lately is preparing lessons for Family Night.  We use the Nursery book and write out a lesson plan for her with pictures.  We practice it a few times and then she calls both sets of grandparents and gives it to them over facetime.  It's really cute. 

Camille is now our little beast; she has turned into the unhappy kid now!  She is getting four molars so I'm sure it will end too!  She is nodding her head a lot, says "hi" and "boo" and is really starting to understand things.  It's so fun and cute.  She thinks she's so big and needs to do everything Eliza does.  She's a sweet cuddlebug occasionally.  She is fearless and runs off all the time. 
We are so grateful to have our daughters and pray that we will be blessed with more children in the future. We are grateful for friends and families.  We are grateful for fall.  And we are excited to enjoy the holidays with our littles.  :)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Aaron worked in Taos so we decided to tag along.  It was a lot of fun.  We pretty much only saw Aaron when we sleeping, but it was MUCH better than talking on the phone at night.

Taos is a town for you if you're super into being a hippie or have an obsession for Southwest art and trinkets.  (I was nice there and didn't say crap.)  :)  Belive it or not, I am neither of those!  (This was DEFINITELY something brought up when we were discussing moving down here!  I REALLY don't like Southwest stuff.)  But nonetheless, I opened myself up to it and we had a great time!

Here's some of what we did:
Here is the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge.
 It is MUCH cooler there than ABQ so we spent LOTS of time at the playgrounds!
 Here's me and the girls eating some breakfast.
 Here's Eliza with her planner!  She constantly asks what day it is and what happens on that day and what day tomorrow is and what we're doing on that day.  So Aaron jokingly said she needed a planner.  I took him up on it and gave her one we had laying around.  And she LOVES it.  She is constantly telling me what we're going to do and asking me to draw what we did.  It's super cute.
 This is the Taos Pueblo.  It's been continuously inhabited for like 1000 years.  Which is a pretty long time for something in America!  People still live here without electricity and running water.  It was cool to see, but the tour guide went on and on about the evils of the white man.  I mean, I know that they were treated badly at times, but who's ancestor hasn't?
 I let the girls play in rocks a lot.  They love them.  Whatever keeps them from screaming.  :)
 This is our hotel.  It was a cute little bed & breakfast.
 This is the San Francisco de Asis church.  It is very famous for being painted by lots of people.
 We went to the 5 major museums there.  There was a combo pass for $25 to get into all of them.  It was worth that, but paying individually would have been about $50 and I definitely don't think they were worth that.  Unless you LOVE turquoise and stuff.  And then they might be.  :)
Here is E showing off some Santos.  We saw a lot of these.
 One of the places we went had a dress up area.  I think this pic is dang cute.  :)
 This was the courtyard of a home of a Spanish guy who kinda helped make the town.  This was our favorite of the 5 places.
 This was in one of the other museums.  The guy who lived here (Fechin) carved all this wood.  SO gorgeous.
Just in case you're wondering what souvenirs I acquired while there, I bought a board book for the girls called "Ten Little Rabbits" that counts Native American rabbits who do rain dances, hunt, tell stories, weave, etc.  That was as far as I'd go.  :)