Friday, April 28, 2017

Almost May!

I'm 38 weeks now and praying for a safe and healthy baby.  At 32 weeks she started to show delayed growth so they began doing NST's and BPP's twice weekly.  At 36 weeks they felt her growth was ok so they began monitoring weekly and don't plan to induce anymore.  I am very anxious and pray she'll be ok.

Life has been full of school activities and we love it.  It's a wonderful life!  And we are looking forward to summer and all its activities and a new baby.

The Easter Bunny surprised the girls with a Moana lego setand they were pretty stoked.  Moana is kind of the only thing they've talked about for four months!  And Jack got a lego car.  That boy loves cars and I think it's fabulous.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Fall Updates

The past couple months have been wonderful.  Both girls started school and are both loving it.  For the few hours Camille is at preschool a week, Jack loves one-on-one time with Mom!  It is wonderful to see them so happy at school!
The kids are loving the coming of the holidays and so am I.  I love to see them so excited about all the fun activities.  Our kids are such a blessing and such a joy.
My parents flew their kids to Connecticut for a few days!  It was such an incredible trip.  Such a needed getaway and such a wonderful time with my siblings and parents!  (picture from Yale University Campus)
Also, we are pregnant!  I'm almost 15 weeks and we are so grateful.  We pray all goes well.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Already Over?!

Just like that, summer is over.  School starts tomorrow.  Can't believe it!
July was a ton of fun, but went too fast.
We spent a week in Colorado with Aaron's parents and they let us borrow their Jeep for a couple days and go off by ourselves so that was awesome!  Then we did two weeks of swim lessons which were fantastic and we definitely want to do them again!  And then I went to Girls Camp.  Once we got there, it turned out fantastic and I was so grateful.  And I didn't even get eaten by a bear!  (I did have a squirrel jump out of my suitcase and then later I found that he had chewed through many holes through one of my tops!)  The girls finished their Fairytale Ballet Class where they dressed as a different princess each week and did different ballet moves to songs from that certain movie.  They loved it, but have found that ballet isn't as exciting as they thought!  Now they have to decide if they want to continue in a dance class, swimming, or something else!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Happy Summer!

The week after my last post in March, we were very surprised when Aaron was extended the call to serve in the Bishopric.  We both felt and feel very unqualified and inexperienced and it has been a big change, but we are happy to serve wherever we are needed.
Because of that, in May I was released as the Primary President.  To be honest I was really sad since it had only been just over a year and I felt like I was finally getting a better hang of it and was really loving it.  But it's the Lord's work and it is all good.  Since then I've been called as the Young Women Camp Director (so I'll be going to camp this summer... I'm excited and scared!) and as a Primary Teacher (which I am so excited about!).  I have major Relief Society Anxiety so going back to that was a huge fear of mine with getting released... thankfully I get to be elsewhere for the time-being!
Eliza finished Kindergarten and it was SUCH a wonderful thing for her.  She is so much more confident in herself!
Summer has only been here for a few weeks, but it has been awesome.  But it is FLYING by much too fast already!  The girls are in their first ballet class and we are planning on swimming lessons and going to programs the library offers.  And hopefully we'll fit in a couple of mini vacations or staycations in the next monthish!
As every yearbook signing should say..... HAGS!!!!!  Have a great summer!!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

March, already!?

Time is flying.  It seriously goes too fast!

It seems like so far this year all that has happened is sicknesses.  Yuck!  We have been sick pretty much every other week so far this year.  Pukings, colds, coughs, a sinus infection, and pink eye.  It's getting realllllllly old!  (And is making us realize how amazing good health is!)  I am wondering if Eliza is bringing everything home from Kindergarten for us all to share!?  I hope we kick it all soon!

We had a wonderful chance last weekend to go to Utah for a couple days for my brother's wedding.  It is so fun to celebrate their marriage and be with all the family.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Happy 2016!

We are lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvving our house.  It is so rewarding to put money into something that is ours!

Our kids are growing like weeds.
Eliza is halfway through Kindergarten now and is learning so much.  She is learning to read really well.  She has a bestie named Samiya.  Going to school has really grown her confidence!
Camille & I have fun having our one-on-one time together each day while Jack naps.  She loves doing her "homework."  She has quite an attitude.  My dad described it as a switch.  She can be the happiest kid in the world and then as angry as ever---there is no middle ground!
Jack finally decided to walk (at almost 16 months) and has been really happy since then.  He paces around the house all day!  He is starting to say a few words which is super fun.

We wish you a wonderful 2016!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Big changes!

Man what a crazy couple months for us!
-We decided to buy a house pretty much overnight!
-We moved into that house (we LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it!).  It is SO wonderful to be our own landlords finally!  I know that nearly all of you have been homeowners forever, but it is a big deal to us.  :)
-We had the Primary Program.  The practices were super rough, but it turned out perfect!
-I weaned Jack.  Jack who has refused a bottle or sippie cup his entire life.  There were a couple weeks of screaming, but I haven't fed him for a week and a half now!
-Eliza started school.  It has been a huge change for her and her emotions have definitely shown that.  But all in all she loves it.

(Oh and we went to Utah for my sister's wedding... hence the picture!  It was the perfect, needed break from a lot of stress!)

Monday, July 27, 2015

Birthday fun!

Eliza turned 5 and Camille turned 3!  Previously we've only had family birthday parties, but this year we were ready to try a friend one.  The girls have been to quite a few parties over the past year and they were prepped up.  Up to this point, a friend party wouldn't have worked because of Eliza's nervousness.  But she's really changed and grown up and she was ready!
We did a combined party and made it awesome.  We had a My Little Pony theme for Eliza and a cheetah theme for Camille.  Eliza watched My Little Pony at a friend's house once and she thinks she loves it.  And Camille has been really interested in cheetah print since last Halloween.  They each chose two activities--Eliza chose rainbow bracelets and MLP bingo and Camille chose cheetah races (obstacle course) and painting cheetah masks.  Everyone really seemed to have a great time, so that was awesome.  Camille chose cheetah cupcake liners...
 and Eliza requested a rainbow cake.  I was wondering if the cake would be a pinterest fail, but it totally wasn't!  It looked awesome!  (See the pic below for what a slice looked like!)

  They also each had a pinata.  I made them out of diaper boxes and tissue paper.  They took like two hours total so I thought that was awesome!  Last year, I used duct tape and it took an hour to break it open!  This year I used masking tape and it was perfect!  Camille HATES hitting pinatas though and cries every time she sees one break so she refused to join in!
 Eliza on the other hand was super pumped to get the candy out!
 Eliza's dreams came true when she got this pony from some of her friends!  She has carried it around every day since!
 Aaron and I got to go on a little getaway with just Jack!  (That boy refuses bottles and sippy cups; I REALLY hope he starts taking a cup soon!)  We went to a couple places in New Mexico- Los Alamos where the atomic bomb was created and Taos.  It was awesome to go hiking and enjoy time off together!  One of the hikes we had been on had had a recent flash flood.  This was one of the many piles of debris left behind.  Crazy!

Life is good!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Oh hi!

Hi there!  Life is good!
Aaron has been working a ton because it's busy season.  We're so grateful to be employed!
I was put in as the Primary President yesterday.  Crazy, right!  I have been the Gospel Doctrine teacher for the past six months and it has been SO hard, but really helped me grow.  And now I get to learn to grow in a totally different way.  I haven't been in Primary since I was 12 and now I get to learn how to teach kids now!  I feel blessed to have this opportunity, but I'm definitely nervous.
Eliza is going crazy with smarts these days.  Like we got a "toy" at Chick-fil-a about the solar system.  So all the sudden she's asking like crazy for me to print off worksheets about solar systems.  She's REALLY into art right now too and draws and colors for hours each day.
Camille is crazy.  Such a fearless daredevil.  She has nearly all of her letter sounds mastered except "l" and "r".  We're working on them.  She can recognize "C for Camille" but could care less about any other learning!
Jack is 7 months now.  As of the past month he is finally sleeping better.  I am SO grateful.  His sleeping was horrific!  He REFUSES bottles and sippie cups.  And this mama is really ready for that to happen!  But he's freaking adorable and such a sweet guy during the day for the most part.
Here are my long loves!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

It's November now.

Hi there!
So I want to keep the blog up to keep a glimpse into our lives, but I've found better ways to document our lives than blogging, so it's definitely on a much smaller scale now.  But I guess if you have any questions, you can comment and I'll answer.  Not sure what questions you'd have though.  :)
Halloween was fun and the girls loved all the candy!  The holidays are SO MUCH FUN with them!  They get so excited over the smallest things!  We are so blessed and grateful to have children.
Eliza is at a fun stage of wanting to learn and do everything.  She was in her first Primary Program.  She is definitely an introvert so this was a big deal for her.  She cried the whole time, but she did it!  We were so proud of her!
Camille is…. a menace.  She is horrid right now!  She is getting her molars so hopefully it will calm down soon.  She is evil and defiant about everything.  She is getting really good at talking and is putting together some really impressive sentences!  And we do love her despite her current imp-ness!
Jack is so fun and adorable.  He doesn’t sleep all that great at night still and refuses to take a bottle, but other than that, he’s perfect.  We all love him.
Right before I had Jack, I was released as Young Women’s President.  I was really sad about it at first because I loved working with them, but I know it’s the Lord’s decision and I’m totally ok with that.  When Jack was three weeks I was called as the Gospel Doctrine teacher.  It is a rough one!, but I am learning a ton.  I’m the only teacher so it is a lot of preparation, but I’m glad that I have a calling. Aaron was released last week from the Ward Mission Leader and put into the Elder’s Quorum Presidency.  He is in busy season and working a lot, but it’s all good.  We are so grateful for his job and he is learning and growing so much in it.  We really like New Mexico and are happy to be here.  Life has felt overwhelming lately with lots of small things going on and adjusting to three kids, but it is amazing.

Friday, August 22, 2014


Thanks for the comments on my last post.  I guess I'll keep the blog going for you fabulous people.  :)

We chose the name Jack shortly after our ultrasound at almost 21 weeks.  It had never been one of the options we’d ever discussed but the week after the ultrasound we found out that my grandpa, nick-named Jack, was being put on hospice.  I’ve always admired my grandpa’s happy demeanor no matter the situation.  And then we found out that Aaron’s great grandpa was named James Jackson, so it was cool to have the name come from both sides. I don’t like Jackson though, just Jack.  I felt we should make a top ten list and then a top five and then top three, but Aaron said he knew the name he wanted and that no lists mattered to him!  We began calling him Jack and never thought differently.  The girls called him Jack for a few months before he was born.

I have been monitored weekly with fetal assessments for quite a few weeks and have had growth ultrasounds every few weeks since his ultrasound at 21 weeks because they saw something odd on the placenta.  They chose to monitor him closely.  Everything kept being perfect until 34 weeks when he was measuring a week behind but they weren’t too concerned.  I had weekly fetal assessments where they watched his cord blood oxygen levels, amniotic fluid, breathing movements, and heart rate.  He usually did great, but occasionally didn't get a perfect score.  To say that I've been nervous this pregnancy is an understatement!  My mother-in-law came to help with my appointments the week of the 11th.  She left Thursday around 2 p.m.

That night (Thursday) we facetimed with my family until about 10:30.  The whole time I felt uncomfortable and had a lot of Braxton hicks, but didn't think about it and just assumed it would go away when I went to sleep.  Around 11 I noticed that I was really hurting and that the "Braxton Hicks" were coming at least every 10 min, sometimes every 5.  I kept tossing and turning just wishing I could fall asleep so that the pain would go away.  I kept thinking that if I could just fall asleep I'd wake up in the morning like nothing had happened.  About midnight Aaron asked if I was still hurting.  I said I was “having Braxton Hicks that just hurt so bad right on the top of where his head is.”  He said "So you’re having contractions?"  I said "no, just Braxton Hicks that hurt".  He said "So contractions?" And told me I should fall asleep and then he fell right back asleep.  I kept trying to fall asleep, but felt every contraction and just thought how bad they hurt on his head area.  They didn't feel like menstrual cramps like I remembered with Eliza and Camille.

Friday, August 15
Probably around 1 I thought, “Well I guess these are contractions so when I go to my appointment next week and they ask if I’ve had any contractions I can tell them I had them one night.”  I just kept trying so hard to fall asleep still thinking I’d wake up and they would be gone.  Around 2 or 3 a.m. I thought, "Oh my gosh this stinks so bad.  I have a hard time believing this is labor but I am going to die from the pain.  I think I'll wait until 6 a.m. so I don't wake anyone, but I think we'll go to the hospital in the morning.  I'll probably only be at a 2 or 3 (I was at a 2 with both girls when I got to the hospital after about 10 hours of labor) and I'll have to talk to the doctors about doing something.  I can't do this pain for days.”  About 4 a.m. I was really hurting.  Laying there through them was so painful and I was breathing hard to make it through them.  I kept thinking, "These are so bad; I will not make it through labor and delivery without an epidural; I can’t do this for 10 more hours.”  About 5 a.m., I got up and started walking through them in our great room because I couldn’t lay down through them anymore.  (I felt guilty to not let Aaron get a good night's sleep because I thought he might need to go to work Friday afternoon if they sent us home.  He had woken up a few more times through the night, asked if I was in pain, I would say yes, and he would tell me I should go to sleep and then he’d fall right back asleep.  He's a pretty hard sleeper!)  I noticed that I pacing very fast and started feeling really antsy.  At 6 a.m. I went in and told Aaron that I was so nervous to go to the hospital but that I thought we needed to go.  I hopped in the shower because if I really was going to have a baby, I wanted to look decent!  In the shower I had the thought that I should stick my finger up and see if I could feel a hole in my cervix (thinking I’d feel that I was at a 2 or 3 or something).  I had done it a day or two before and couldn't reach my cervix at all.  I barely put my finger in and I could feel something.  And I was pretty sure it was a head.  At that moment, it got real and I began to freak out.  I got out fast and told Aaron who was just laying there in bed to "get out if bed please". I told him I thought I could feel the head.  I told him to please take a quick shower.  I called a neighbor probably 15 times in a row and I was SO glad when they finally answered. They came over quickly.  Now that I had felt a head, I was pretty confident that I was in transition (the final stage of labor).  Right before we left, I felt like I should go to the bathroom but I couldn't urinate, but there was now blood in my underwear.  I saw blood right before I began pushing Eliza so I realized we were probably pretty close.  That freaked me out and I told Aaron to get to the hospital asap.  I prayed out loud that nothing would happen in the car and that if I was going to deliver that I'd be able to have the stamina to.  The drive was not fast –we seemed to hit every red light and cars were going pretty slow.  We left about 6:40ish and I had contractions on the way, some that were about three minutes apart.  Aaron mentioned they were coming fast.  I was breathing really hard through them because I was pretty sure I was starting to feel pushing feelings. I made sure not to push though and was panting so I wouldn’t.  I didn't tell Aaron this and he told me later he was glad I hadn't told him. (I didn’t tell him because I knew he’d start acting bad- like driving crazy and such and that that would stress me out even more.)  We hit quite a few red lights right as we were getting to the hospital and I was so uncomfortable and leaned back holding with a death grab to the grabber bar above the window.  Luckily we got a parking spot really close. We got out and walked in.  I felt like I was waddling and pacing really bad.  We got to the floor and were pointed to triage. They asked me questions and I would answer while panting and pacing.  They put me in a room and asked me to change into a gown and give a urine sample. I took my skirt off and went into the bathroom but couldn't sit on the toilet. I told Aaron to tell the guy that I needed to be checked right then. He went and got him and he came in and asked if I felt like pushing. I said I thought so. He checked me and it was super painful.  He seemed to check me for a really long time and then said "You're at an 8 or 9."  I was grateful that I was right that I was in transition but I was also freaked out about delivering.  Pushing is SO terrifying for me and I feel like I can’t control myself and can’t do it, so I was really scared to think that it was here again and that I’d be doing it for the next hour (how long it took with the girls).  Within seconds, like 4 or 5 nurses wheeled my bed over to labor and delivery and started pulling stuff out really fast in the delivery room.  I heard the guy say to Aaron as we were wheeled away, "That's the way to do it, good job!" (meaning coming to the hospital so far along).  I thought in my head, “Oh yeah, he’s been up ALL night dealing with this.  HA!”  My doctor happened to be just ending her shift and she came in and immediately broke my water which I couldn't feel or tell at all.  I heard Aaron call his mom at 7 a.m. and say, “She’s at a 9.  Can you come back down?”  His mom was like, “Are you serious?  I guess so.”  (She had just gotten home the night before - four hours away!  We thought it was pretty ironic that she was turning around to drive back so quickly.)  My doctor told me I was ready to start pushing.  I was SO uncomfortable.  I was having a really hard time breathing and they put oxygen on me.  I was holding on to one of the nurses with a death grip. I feel bad now; I bet she was really hurting!  They kept saying "Good job, you're almost there" and I kept saying “No I'm not" and saying “ow” over and over. With Camille they would say good job and I kept expecting to have her head come and it took almost an hour.  I could feel my doctor stretching me as I pushed. I heard my doc say "I need you to push right now even though there is not a contraction. His heart rate is low." I could hear his heartrate about every second on the machine and it terrified me. I pushed as best I could thinking it would never be enough and his head came out. The doc said "Stop pushing. Don't push.  We're cutting the cord right away because it's around his neck. Don't push." I was soooo relieved that his head was out and wanted to push so badly because that amazed me with Eliza and Camille to feel how good it felt to push the body out. I heard some sputtered cries and they commented it was great he was trying to cry even with the cord around his neck. They let me push the body out and I felt him on my stomach a second later. I never had changed into the gown, so they put him on top of the shirt I wore into the hospital.  He was born on August 15th at 7:13 a.m., approximately 15 min after we entered the hospital!  He was 37 weeks 6 days gestation.  I couldn't believe it. I asked Aaron what he thought of that delivery and he was like "THAT WAS AWESOME!  We didn't walk for 20 hours!  In fact I didn't even believe this was happening and got great sleep last night!" They let me hold him for over an hour before they did anything to him.  They weighed him at 6 lbs. 13 oz. and 20.5 inches long.  It didn't surprise me that he was smaller than the girls because he'd come so much earlier.
My doctor looked at the placenta and there were some abnormalities like the ultrasound has showed, but they were unsure what they were. We called my family and they were super surprised to hear that he had arrived since we had talked to them hours earlier!
Later that afternoon, his heartrate and temperature went way down.  They rushed him to the Special Care Nursery where we stayed for about three hours.  Once he warmed back up he seemed to be just fine.  They did a bunch of lab tests to test for infection but they all came back clear so they let us take him back to our room.  We had to stay two days in the hospital as precaution though.

My healing this time has been incredible.  With the girls, I started feeling ok about a week later, but this time I felt really good on day two.  It's unreal!  We are so grateful he has been sent to us.  He is such a miracle.  We are so in love with him and I have a huge crush on him.  The girls seem to be pretty interested in him and Eliza loves that we have five people in our family right now.   Luckily, Aaron gets a few weeks off of work so we get to just enjoy our new dude!