Friday, October 19, 2007

Li'l Brudder

So my little brother Brad (or Tina as I call him, for no real reason) had his first choir concert this week! Let it be known that I don't think he really likes singing, nor has he ever been in a choir class before, but a girl convinced him that he should do it for his senior he did. (Gotta love the influence of a girl!) Anyway, he made Concert Choir and was able to strut his stuff in his tux on Tuesday night. I really enjoyed the concert for many reasons--I love music, I love supporting my family, and it was fun for me to remember being in that same choir years ago. The song that touched me the most was the concluding "And Wherever You Go."

Wherever you go...
...may a bright sun follow you
...may your cares be few
...may you be at peace
...may your joys increase
...may you know true happiness
...may you meet a friend
...may you find a loving heart waiting for you
...may the soft winds carry you through the clouds and rain for the rest of your life.

I've thought about these words for the past couple of days and realized that really these all have to do with attitude. The gifts mentioned rarely come to us out of the blue; we must be willing to work for them and believe that they will happen to us and we CAN have these blessings 'wherever we go'.

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Josh & Megs said...

I call my little sister Kristin "Tina" ...haha.