Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My Bee-jives

I get to spend one night a week at a thing called "mutual". (By the way, why the heck is it called that?) I am a Beehive Advisor. Mainly I advise the bees as to the best way they should produce their honey...ha ha! Actually, Beehives are 12-13 year-old girls who live in my neighborhood. Oh, I forgot to add a word before the word girls in that last sentence... please add the word insane. :) Last week I was on my own with all of them (YIKES!) and, of course, all seven of them showed up for the first time ever! They have been begging to go mini-golfing for months so we found a place for 2 bucks and I took them. Some of them refused to wait for everyone and were finished in about 15 minutes and then complained the rest of time that they were bored... they can be such gems at times... (I pray that I wasn't this annoying when I was that age!) And here they are:

Misty, Aubree, Jameela, Shelby, Morgan, Katie, and Crystal

Can you tell that they have QUITE the range of personalities? :)

Mr. Dragon was a little hungry and ate a couple of the balls.

For the most part they can be dears, but there are other times when they are punks... like when I am trying to teach the lessons! I am grateful that I've had the opportunity to work with them because I've learned so much. Especially patience. :) I love them though; it's been a great calling!

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