Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What's in a Name?

So I figured I'd explain why my blog is named dontblink18. I can't lie, naming the blog was the hardest part of the whole process! I wanted it to be something that I really liked. I'm not sure that I love the name I've got, but it will do!
First off, the 18 is just because it's my favorite number and I had to add a number on or it wouldn't let me use dontblink!
And as for dontblink....
For years, I've loved the analogy of the jar to the time in your life. You can put golf balls in and fill it up (the essential things), but then you can add small rocks and have it full again (other stuff you have to do), but then you can put sand in and still fill it up again (other things we fill our lives with), but even then you can still add a cup or two of hot chocolate showing that no matter how full your life is, it's never too full to have a cup or two of hot chocolate with a friend. A little tacky? Maybe! But the meaning behind it means the world to me. I never want to get to the point in my life where I focus too much on stuff and not enough time on people. We don't take stuff with us, but relationships will go on forever.
So, "don't blink" represents that for me. Kenny Chesney recently wrote a song with the same title (sorry for being totally cliche and stealing the title...) where he asks a 102-year-old man what the secret to life is. The man tells him not to blink because 100 years goes faster than you'd think. The lines in the song that hit me are "start putting first things first," "when the hourglass runs out of sand, you can't flip it over and start again," "take every breath God gives you for what it's worth," "slow it down and take it in," and "it's a here today, gone tomorrow world we're living in." And that's how I want to live my life! I already feel life flying by and wonder if I'm doing enough.


clay and jordan said...

You ARE doing enough! You are one of the most caring, considerate, service-oriented people I know. You do so much for people!

Josh & Megs said...

I love your story. You said you're not sure if you like it; you know that you can change it if you ever desire right? but i think it's cute.