Wednesday, November 14, 2007


This past weekend was an IDAHO roadtrip! Three words: I love roadtrips!

I met Wes while in Nauvoo two and a half years ago and we became the best of friends. Yes, he did break my heart a couple times, but at the same time, has been there through the hardest times in my life. He has been the best guy friend I’ve had thus far in my life. And now he’s married so we can’t be friends anymore. :)

We (Aaron, Nina, and I—all Nauvooites) started our trek on Saturday. We drove up to Rexburg and met Kristen (another Nauvooite) and her hubby Jared and then all went to Newdale for the reception. I must put my respects in for Newdale here. That town of 358 people is the most amazing town in all of Idaho. I LOVE it. Respects paid. :) We had a great time at the reception, went and saw the house he is going to live in (I helped him rip down walls in it a couple years ago, so he told me to go see it finished!), and then came back and helped to trash his car. I was nice and only tied cans to the back, but somehow a live rooster ended up in the back of his car! We went back to see them off and I met this adorable little girl who thought that bubbles were the best thing ever. Every time I would blow them, she would open her mouth like in the picture and let out this huge grin. This entertained her for at least fifteen minutes. :) After seeing them off, we headed back to Rexburg and enjoyed fondue at Kristen’s while talking until really late. Then we girls spent the next three or four hours chatting like the old times back as roommates. I’m pretty sure I didn’t sleep that night!, but it was SO much fun!

Sunday morning we got up, snarfed the most amazing cake that Jared made, and then headed off to find a church. We tried to find a regular ward, but after the three tries and finding Stake Conference each time, we just stayed for it! We ended up in a couple’s ward and I have never seen so many kids in my life!! It was actually really funny to watch a screaming child be taken out at least every five seconds! It was actually a really good conference that focused on making time to go to the temple because we aren’t going enough. While waiting for the traffic to clear out, we walked around the new Rexburg Temple. It’s SO beautiful.

And then we headed for home. I guess the lack of sleep caught up to Nina and Aaron…

But I was just fine as long as I had my Skittles to eat! (check out my stash in my skirt?!)

In the middle of Nowhere, Idaho we saw a dead car on the side of the road and then a mile later two guys walking. I pulled over and we asked if we could help and they informed us their car had run out of gas and they were walking to McCammon (six miles down!) to get some. We asked if they would like a ride and they thanked us immensely. They got their gas and we drove them back. Thank goodness Aaron was there because the one dude had quite the hard time getting the gas can to work! And the other guy just sat in the car the whole time! These guys were complete punks, studded earrings and punk clothes, smelled like drugs, and talked about weird things, but were REALLY nice to us. We were proud to do be able to do our good turn for the day!

It was such a great trip. I loved catching up with my Nauvoo peeps and seeing Wes and his family. I love roadtrips! And although it was dang cold, I love Idaho!


clay and jordan said...

Wow. Wes is officially married. I'm so glad you got to go and support him. And of course you made the road trip tons of fun. You are THE road trip champion! I love you Becky...SO much!

Josh & Megs said...

Okay so I am really sad because you couldn't come see us while in Idaho...and I am even more sad because we were just in SLC since we flew out from there and we didn't have your number to call you and see if we could meet up!!!