Friday, November 9, 2007


This “tagged” forward that is going around kind of makes me laff… email forwards have been a menace for years, but now blog forwards?! :) Anyway, I was tagged by a friend to list 7 random facts about myself and considering that I love random things, I’ll participate in this one.

Here goes:
1. I severely dislike cops. I honestly get sick to my stomach every time I see one.
2. I love holidays! I love to decorate for them and soaking up the uniqueness each one brings. And I really love seeing what awesome stuff I can get at the after-holiday sales!
3. I love and need to be outside. I would prefer to be outside almost any day compared to being cooped up inside. In fact, I slept in my backyard all summer a couple years ago. (I still would, but my neighborhood got scary!)
4. I am obsessed with learning. I want to know everything and I want people to share their knowledge with me.
5. I pretty much never watch TV. My favorite show is probably the news... :)
6. The chunks in yogurt make me gag. I suck the yogurt off the fruit chunk and then spit the chunk into a napkin. This doesn’t make much sense to me because I LOVE fruit. (And sorry if that one made any of you gag!)
7. I don’t think my body produces much heat. I’m pretty much always cold. And as awkward as this is, my stomach shivers. Dead serious.

Well now you all know how truly weird I am. :) And that’s only 7 things!

Now I'm supposed to tag some of you to now "be it". I think I’ll let you use your free agency and chose if you want to do it yourself!


Josh & Megs said...

First of all...the chunks in Yogurt make me gag too!! I can't eat yogurt because of this, though I wish I could. Second of all, being outside is so much better than inside, amen! And, why don't you move to Idaho and we can open up our own Interior Design business!!

Lisa Gleue said...

I am the same with the fruit in yogurt- nasty stuff! I don't like fruit in ice cream either. You are so funny I loved your comments!

Sebastian said...

Here's something I don't get. You're always cold, yet you sit in front of your neighbor's house late at night. Wouldn't that be COUNTER-productive? And if I didn't know the real reason why you were sitting out there, I might have to mention that it also seems a little stalker-ish. Maybe THAT'S why your neighborhood is scary....
Oops... I mentioned it.

Julie Lewis said...

You are so funny! I hope you had a good time in Idaho. I saw you last night at the fireside, but we were walking different directions when it ended, you were just two rows in front of me. See you soon!