Thursday, December 13, 2007


A night ago I was asked to tend some neighbor kids. My sister was originally supposed to do it, but something came up so she asked me to go over. I was greeted with disappointment. In fact when I asked the 5-year-old if he would like some more dinner, he said, “No. I want Jenny.” Ouch. :) At that point I made it a goal to win their hearts over by the end of the night. :) Chloe (3) finished dinner and hid from me in her parent’s bed and fell asleep so that left the two boys (7 and 5). They ignored me for an hour or so and then I convinced them that we should draw pictures and by the time we had finished drawing kissing reindeer, macho elves, and Santa as a rat they were laffing their heads off! After that we read for a bit and then I put them to bed. All was quiet for about 10 minutes and then I heard Chloe crying. I went and picked her up and immediately felt what was wrong… she had wet their bed! So I cleaned her up and put her in her bed and then the boys jumped out of bed and chased each other around the house for like 30 minutes until I finally got them back in bed. No worries though, when the parents got home, I appeared completely calm and collected and all three were asleep!

Words can’t even describe how much I want the insanity of children in my life! You would think that experiences like this would make me glad that they could be years away, but instead it makes me want them more. Kids are so awesome!


Josh & Megs said...

Oh I agree! When I hear a newborn baby cry, it sounds so sweet to me; and I want that so badly!

M said...

oh the days of babysitting...they can be cute...but i definitely don't miss the peeing in the bed days!

LeBaron Family said...

You'll get your chance! I know you will! Plus if I was closer to you I'd take you up on that babysitting offers! That was you could play with Breck and make him laugh all you want!!