Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bonfires and Amplifiers

My neighbor Jonnie asked me if I would like to go to the Brad Paisley concert with her. Uhh… duh!?! OF COURSE!

Before the concert, I was able to win closer tickets instead of our nosebleed seats! Woot woot!

The best part of the concert was this sick cowboy we sat behind! Of course he got up and danced with his girlfriend even when no one else was. :) I got some serious laffs out of him. Please notice the hair attachment, the handkerchief, and the wallet. GOOD TIMES! Oh and yes, he IS combing his mustache! Gotta love cowboys!

The first part of the show was Chuck Wicks who sings, “Stealing Cinderella”. I like that song, but his performance was a little too Donny Osmondish…

Then was Rodney Atkins who was AWESOME! He sang all of his really popular songs and was really good with the crowd.

And last was BRAD PAISLEY!

"I'm so much cooler online..."

"Cause when you're a celebrity, it's adios reality!..."

"But to me, you are the world..."

And the Paisley guitar!

It wasn't my favorite concert I've ever been to, but the stage was definitely the best I've seen yet! Thanks for the good times Jonnie!


Mike and Lisa said...

How fun! Mike and I love going to concerts. There's a definate difference in the good and the 'alright' though. And at least you had entertainment by the crazy cowboy!

Josh & Megs said...

i love that myspace song! ha. i'm glad you got to go!!

Aliese Fry said...

SO JEALOUS! It's funny you say the first guy was too Donny Osmondish. I can't remember which, but either Tara or Meredith Osborn said the exact same thing. I really like the "Cinderella" song though. I also have to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Brad Paisley. He's definitely one of my most favorite country artists.

Colby and Meredith Christensen said...

LOVED the sick cowboy pictures! I was one of the fortunate ones at the B.P. concert that did NOT have to sit around any sick cowboys. I'm glad you had fun at the concert too!

Shan&Andrew said...

You know your a redneck if you comb your 'stach!