Thursday, January 24, 2008

Roadtrip! #2!

Another Idaho Roadtrip! HOORAY! When I heard tickets for the Rexburg Temple Open House were available, I got SO excited. I haven't been to an open house in YEARS! I was able to get tickets for all of my family for Monday morning. The drive up was clear and gorgeous until we hit Idaho Falls and it started snowing like crazy! Aaron and I drove straight to St. Anthony (which had about a foot or more of snow on the roads!) to meet up with Wes and Mandy! We had dinner with them and then played "In A Pickle". We had SO much fun talking and laffing and just being friends. It was such a treat to see them. (Please notice the snowmen pants... we find them hilarious!)

I didn't mention that the only time I could get tickets for all of us was at like 7:00 in the morning! :) So we were up bright and early! It was SOOO cold, but the temple was gorgeous. Most of the upholstery was green, with some occasional purple. All of the wood was a honey color. And guess what? Some of my fabric was in there! (I'm such a nerd...) The Celestial Room was incredible. I almost cried when we walked in. I am so blessed to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and to be able to enter the Lord's house.

By the time our tour ended the sun had come up and showed a crisp, clear, beautiful Idaho day!

My dearest Mitch had suggested we try a huckleberry shake at Joe's Filling Station so we had to try it! Yes, it was ZERO degrees outside and yes it was like 9 AM and yes we did get weird looks, but it was SO DELICIOUS!!! It is definitely a must-do for every Rexburg trip now!

The exploring plans for the drive home fell through so we decided to detour through a few cities! We stopped in Idaho Falls and then drove down through Preston and Logan! We made sure to pay our respects to Napoleon Dynamite and found Preston High School and then ate lunch at Big J's where Uncle Rico and Kip had discussed their "bizness plans". We had a good laff at how that little town had made such a huge boom from that movie. I guess Big J's must rub off on all men though... Aaron began to act like Uncle Rico. :)

We stopped in Logan and tried to see one of our former professors, played around on the USU campus for a little, and also saw the temple. It was such a wonderful roadtrip!

My problem with roadtrips is that they make going back to real life so much harder!


Josh & Megs said...

Oh you are right, we are going to McCall this weekend, and it will be sad to have to come back home.
Great pictures! I can't wait to see that temple evetually. I am hoping we can go to the open house and dedication for the Twin Falls Temple.
hey, you and aaron look might cute together! eh,eh!

Aliese Fry said...

Sounds like it was fun! I've seen the Rexburg temple pics on a few other blogs and it looks beautiful!! Aren't they all though? Anyway, that's awesome.

Mike and Lisa said...

I totally know what you mean about coming home after a trip. Its so hard coming back! Oh and huckleberry shakes = AMAZING.

WX Ences said...

The next time you're up that way you need to stop at a little shop up there...I can't remember the name, but Joe would...they serve these Raspberry Cream Pies that are TO DIE FOR!!! Delicious!!!

Sounds like it was a fun trip, it also sounds like you had about as much snow as we did when we stunk (not the temple, that was beautiful, but the snow - and only because it made driving miserable - not because we needed the moisture, etc...)! Oh well, and so it goes.

Julie Lewis said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun, and I am so glad I got to meet Aaron last night, he seems like a cool guy!

M said...

oh yeah the rexburg post! love the pics and especially love that you took my word on getting a huckleberry shake....mmmm i'm craving one right now!!!!