Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Peacegiver: How Christ Offers to Heal our Hearts and Homes

This book by James Ferrell was given to me by Clint (THANK YOU!) as a follow-up to the book I read called The Anatomy of Peace. It furthers the fact that if there ever is to be peace on earth, we first must find it in our hearts and homes. The way to this peace is through the atonement. Through a story about a couple having a hard time with their marriage and stories from the scriptures, these are the points that touched me the most:

* We can receive the happiness, healing, and peace from the Lord’s mercy only to the extent that we offer it to others. If we withhold forgiveness from others, we are in effect saying that the atonement was insufficient to pay for that sin and finding fault in the atonement. Being mistreated is the most important condition of mortality because eternity depends on how we view those who mistreat us. We must repent of our own sins of failing to forgive, not wait for others to ask for forgiveness. The atonement is as much for the benefit of the ‘victim of sin’ as it is for the sinner. If we choose to dwell on the things others have done to us, we begin to see the world in ways that excuse our indiscretions and in reality offer Satan our heart. Our peace should be determined by if we come to Christ ourselves for only we can keep ourselves from Him.

* What is required is not just a cessation of sinful acts, but a mighty change in our hearts. We can have a new heart every time we come to Him repentantly, in faith, believing that we will receive. We need the gift of a new heart every day. When we repent of failing to extend mercy, the Lord supplies us with everything we need and more—His love, His companionship, His understanding, His support. The difficulty of life is a blessing for it initiates a desire within us to come to the Lord.

* In reality, we are each sinners who are entitled to nothing but hell. We are completely dependent upon the mercies of the Lord. If we are truly righteous, we will really realize how unrighteous we are and that we deserve salvation no more than anyone else. Because of this, we will have a deeper commitment to be better. What we truly deserve is to go to hell. We don’t want what we deserve. Our only hope is to receive what we don’t deserve.

I learned so much from this book and have SO far to go. This stuff is so deep!


Jessie said...

Sounds like some really good books... I'll have to check them out sometime.

clint-o-bean said...

I think the author of this book deserves some kind of an award.