Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Reunited. And it feels so good!

Saturday night was a Nauvoo Roomie Reunion!!! This was the first time in three years that we've been together. And we seemed to have doubled in numbers! We gorged ourselves on Brick Oven Pizza and then watched a slideshow of the old times and laffed our heads off.
It's crazy how time has changed! Two have left and come back from missions, two have gotten married, one is having a baby in a month...
Nina, Kris, Bec, and Angie. Gee, we're good-looking!
This candid picture cracks me up. It's so perfect!

I love you girls! Thanks for the good times!


Aliese Fry said...

How fun! I love gettin' together with old friends.

Vinho said...

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jkmoss3 said...

Hey I look so big in these pics!! HOLY COW... pun intended. Have you ever heard of the program picassa? It is a really neat program for storing and orginizing your pictures, That is how I made the collages. You can download it for free from google. it is a google program. Let me knwo if you have heard of it, and then i will tell you how to make the collage.

Thanks again for everything.


ps can I have your address?

M said...

i'm so glad you got to go and have that experience...the best part, the lifelong friendships.

Jeff and Shanna said...

Oh I wish I could have been there. I miss our Nauvoo days, can we plan a fatty reunion for October, near conference...PLLLEEEEAAAASSSEEE!!!