Friday, May 30, 2008


I would highly suggest Squaw Peak for a bit of sunset viewing.

And you might have a friendly visitor like we did, too.

First Ride

I had looked forward to a really long Memorial Day ride with Bike, but the morning greeted me with rain. I was still determined to go, but waited until it cleared up. My dad, Ronski, and I took off on the Jordan River Parkway Trail. We went over 3 miles and then my dad suggested we turn around since it looked like it was going to rain again.

You can see the dark clouds coming in...
And they're getting darker...

We got back just a few minutes after it started to pour so it was good timing. It wasn't as long of a ride as I had hoped for (only seven miles), but it was GREAT! I love Bike!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Stimulate This!

When I first heard the news about the Economic Stimulus Plan, I just figured I would save it. But the more I thought about it, I realized that was totally not what I should do. I needed to spend it and do as President Bush has asked. If it doesn't work, oh well... it was pretty much free money anyway and I did my part to try to help out! (And I encourage all of you to do likewise, if possible!) I kept thinking and thinking of what I should get with it and finally decided that all my wildest dreams would come true if I went to LAGOON!!! I'm REALLY stoked about it and hopefully we'll go soon and have the time of our lives! And I'm sure that as a reader, the thought of Lagoon is not exciting at all. Well pretty much everyone I've told has acted that same way. But, no worries, I will be going to Lagoon, and gosh darn it, I will have fun!
Anyway, a few weeks later I came up with something else I wanted to get with my stimulus. When I told my family, they were much more excited about my spending choice! So, the stimulus came, and I am now a proud owner of a Diamondback Outlook Bike!

Please say hello to..... Bike! (It took me three days to come up with that name...)

Thus far, Bike and I have gone on a ride pretty much every night. I'm really hoping for a long ride on a trail this weekend. I haven't had my own bike since I was really young, so I'm pretty stoked about it. Hopefully Bike and I will ride into the sunset together for many years to come!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

work and weekend

Last week at work we completely emptied our showroom and redid it with a new line we have called MALIK. They are a reproduction company for many classics. Some of you may not care, but I'm pretty sure anyone who went into interior design with me will like these. Some of my faves that we brought in are the Tulip and Mackintosh chairs...

The Smile and the BRNO...

The Florence Knoll and the Mies Pavillion...

And the best for last... this Corbu Lounge is my absolute favorite. You can move the frame back and forth so you can be in any position. It is genius and oh so comfortable.

Changing out the showroom was awesome, but also a lot of work. Friday was a TERRIBLE day at work. Everything went wrong and at 4:00 things were looking bleak. I still had two huge projects to do, but I wanted to go home! As I sat paying bills on the verge of tears, a call came in. The person announced themselves as someone I've previously worked with, but told an unbelievable story that sent me into an awkward silence. It sounded like Aaron, but I didn't dare say anything. He's never called my work, nor has he ever been to my work so I kept debating back and forth if I trusted my ears that it was him. After a long silence I finally said, "Are you serious?" He said yes and I was silent again and then Aaron walked through the door! My day changed totally around and he helped me finish my projects. It was SO awesome of him to surprise me. We spent that evening walking all around Salt Lake and eating Greek food. It was a perfect evening. Saturday we climbed Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon and fixed his bike tire. Sunday I showed up to church, sat by my family, and then Aaron came and sat by me! Two surprises in one weekend!?! It was marvelous. We spent the day eating, playing games, reading, napping, and going for a drive. It was such a great weekend.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Go Grandpa!

Last week my grandpa gracefully hit 90! We decided to hold a surprise party for both him and my grandma. Every year their three children and spouses go out to eat for their birthdays (they are only a couple days apart, but my grandma is only 79 so she didn't get her own cake...). We got everything set up at a church building and then the adults went to pick them up for dinner. My uncle told them that they had decided a "nearby steak center" sounded like a good place to go... little did they know that it was a Stake Center. When they pulled up and we all came out yelling surprise, you could just see such joy on their faces. We just spent the evening chatting with cousins, eating, and whatever else you do at family parties! My grandpa did give a speech and even cried (a sight neither of my parents had ever seen) so it was really special.

A little bit about my grandpa. He grew up in Brooklyn, New York. He served as a medic in WW2 and when he came back he decided to go see the Grand Canyon. He drove cross country but encountered bad weather in Colorado and was urged to go to Salt Lake City. He drove into the city and thought, "This is the place for me" having never heard of the Mormons nor ever knowing that Brigham Young said something very similar 100ish years earlier. He met my grandma down in Provo, joined the church, they were married over 50 years ago, and lived happily ever after. I have nothing but happy memories with my grandparents. They both have very vivid memories and love to share them. If they start telling a story, you can expect to be sitting there for a couple hours! Random personality traits: my grandma loves to sell AVON and my grandpa loves trains.

Okay so enough reminiscing, but I do love my grandparents and I'm so glad that we were able to surprise them! I asked them to kiss for this picture and they both started laffing too hard! Yet another great trait of my grandma... she laffs until she cries quite often! Good times with the fam.

Oh and I need to send a shout-out to my brother Alan. He got engaged last week! He met Miss Alicia Hatch down at BYU as they worked together over the past semester. She is back in Boise for the summer so he drove up and surprised her. They are planning the wedding for August 22nd in Boise. What a fun time for our family.