Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bobbing Along

We spent our first day in Israel driving north discussing Lehi and his family leaving Jerusalem, having church on the bus (where they made me speak... punks!) , and then making our first stop at Masada.
Masada was one of Herod's Palaces. It's a tall plateau and you ride a gondola to the top. The story of Masada is an interesting one. The Romans wanted to take it over and built a ramp for over two years to reach the top. The people on top were able to live up there just fine for that long because they had storerooms full of food. The night before the Romans took over, the people decided that instead of being slaves they would all die. They cast lots and those who 'won' had to kill everyone else. The next morning when the Romans 'conquered' the city, everyone was dead. One of the famous parts of Masada is the sauna rooms. The way they had the floor sitting on raised stones and carved out tubes in the walls so that the water would create a sauna effect was incredible to me. I did have to wonder why the heck they would want a sauna when it was already 100+ degrees outside though!

That day, we spent a lot of time getting to know our Israeli Bus Driver, Eddy. He was the kindest man. He insisted on getting out of the bus first so that he could offer his hand to help us ladies out. He loved to talk to Jen and I and was just such a sweet guy. He took out the picture below and said, "Do you recognize this man?" We looked at it and said, "That's President Hinckley!" He said, "Yep. I was his bus driver last time he was here!" We felt safe in Eddy's hands!

Our next stop was at the Dead Sea! I was totally skeptical about really floating, but it is IMPOSSIBLE to put your feet on the bottom! Believe it or not, this picture took some serious talent.

I thought we'd be here for a long time, but it was a ten minute experience and we were done. The water tasted TERRIBLE and your skin is very slimy afterwards. I would totally do it again though.

After that we headed to Qumran where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. I'm pointing to the hole they were found them. Originally sand had filled up the whole area up and the sand was flat with the top of the 'hill'. It makes me wonder what else we could find if we dug down a bit elsewhere!

Then we were off to see Jerusalem for the first time! Words can't describe the feelings you get in your heart when you see such a city for the first time. I was overcome with emotion of how important this city was, how old it was, and how much had happened here.

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The Biggers said...

I would love to just float in water like that! did the salt burn at all after you got out?