Friday, June 13, 2008


The Karnak Temple was my absolute favorite in Egypt. Behind me in the picture on the right is a bunch of ram sphinx things. They originally stretched for two miles to another temple called Luxor! This temple covers about 200 acres. The most incredible part to me was the columns. There are 150ish columns perfectly aligned. Our guide told us that to build them, they would bring in one block for each column and put it on top of the base, then fill the whole area with sand up to the level of the stone, then bring the next block in, fill it with sand again, etc! This temple was built and added onto for over 1300 years! I loved the washing lake, a scarab you walk around for good luck, and many sacred symbols that are similar to our temples. It really was a very special experience to go there.

This is my favorite picture of the whole trip. The angle is incredible and I just remember how incredibly small I felt.


Dawn said...

It sounds incredible!! Thanks for sharing with us!! Your pictures are beautiful

Sarah said...

awesome! thanks for the reply, by they way. :) i love that picture of you on the column too. such a great shot - really shows how huge they are.

Christiansense said...

Those are some awesome pictures, how lucky for you to have been able to go. Thanks for the update on your man :). You can tell that you guys have a lot of fun together.