Friday, June 20, 2008

Off to the North

We spent the morning doing whatever we wanted around Jerusalem which consisted of shopping! My most exciting purchases were a wrap-around skirt and some "J.C.'s." (Jerusalem Cruisers) or Jesus Sandals. You'll see them in a later picture. I love to wear them and think of how dang cool I am... or something like that. :)

Those of us who wanted to walked through Hezekiah's Tunnel. This tunnel is so old it's not even funny! It's in the bible and everything... who knew!? King Hezekiah built it to get fresh water into the city. Jerusalem has no water source of its own and he recognized that if Jerusalem was attacked and the enemy were to do something to the water supply they would be in trouble... so he had peeps did a tunnel underground from the Pool of Siloam. We walked through the whole thing in ankle deep to knee deep water. The picture of me is in the tall part, but half of it is so short you have to crouch the whole way. It was dark and very cool.

And then we took off towards the north. We stopped in Jericho, the land flowing with milk and honey! See how green it is??!!

Also, you'll have to notice my hair for the rest of the trip (and actually a couple days previous). While using our electricity transformers on our hair driers on our first day in Jerusalem we practically exploded the hotel... as in smoke was coming out of the sockets and everything! It ruined all our appliances and we had to go with wet hair for the rest of the trip. Good times.


The Biggers said...

curly hair is beautiful! :)though I know how uncomfortable wet hair can be!
I am just jealous with this whole trip, I want to go!

WX Ences said...

You're so cute! What great memories!!!

Angie said...

You're hot. And did I mention we look alike?