Monday, June 23, 2008


A week ago we went to a Quinceanera. A Quinceanera is a birthday party for a 15-year-old Mexican girl. It symbolizes her change from a girl to a woman. I was invited by a previous coworker because it was her daughter Bianca's Quinceanera. It was a ton of fun, but REALLY intense!

We started out with some delicious food which Aaron ate with style. He served his mission in Mexico so he felt quite at home! We were entertained for a couple hours by the Mariachi band and just soaked up old Mexico! There were 100's of people there, about 3/4 of them Mexican. Aaron was my translator.

The decorations were so fun and really made me want to go to Mexico! Below is the table Bianca and her "line" sat at. A Quinceanera is very similar to a wedding reception, minus a groom! See those pink frilly things on the table? Those are tortilla holders! Who knew!?

Below are her cakes. They were so beautiful and tasted dang good. By the end of the night every piece was gone!! Those Mexicans know how to eat!!

After dinner was over, there was a huge presentation. Professional Mexican dancers came in their gorgeous dresses and danced. Some men came and did the traditional hat dance too. I was very impressed. (Sorry for the dark pictures, but it was dark in there!)

After the dancers came the official presentation of the Quinceanera. It starts out with her parents walking around with a baby...

Then a young girl...

And then the daddy and daughter dance...

Once that finished, there was a small ceremony with the presentation of a doll from her Godparents and a change of shoes symbolizing her growing up.

After that, Bianca took her favorite doll from her childhood and tossed it to any of the girls there who were under 15.

After that, Bianca's "line" (about 20 girls and 10 guys her age) performed a dance that they have been working on for months. I loved to see the guys in the black suits with the white trim!

After that the loud music and dancing started. The music was SO loud, but everyone had a great time. We danced a few songs and then went outside so we could hear ourselves think. :)

I had so much fun watching these two kids. They started out having never met before and ended up as dancing partners all night long! The video is sideways, but it's SO cute to watch him put his arms around her waist!

We went in and out of the dance for a couple hours. It was fantastic to be there; I was thrilled to be invited!


Aliese Fry said...

Ooh, how fun!

Colby and Meredith said...

What an awesome experience! I love that they had two cakes- they sure know how to throw a party!

clay and jordan said...

How cool! I've never heard of a Quinceanera before...but it seems like a great excuse to party!!

Rachel Theurer said...

Looks like a fun time. The Lagoon photos are fun know I used to work there.