Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Some Deets

Thank you for all of your comments and excitement for me. I am overwhelmed with how much support and love we've been shown.

Here are some answers to some questions you may have:

*About the cow. We all know the story of Johnny Lingo and how he gave cows to marry Mahana (you ugly!). When my dad asked my grandpa if he could marry my mom he took over a set of plastic cows. I asked Aaron if he would be okay with keeping the tradition going. He liked the idea but wanted to give a whole farm instead of just a cow (Mexican farmhands included!). He searched and at the moment it appears that stores are not selling plastic farm animals! He did find the stuffed cow though and dropped it off at my dad’s work. I think it's adorable!

*Receptions. We are having two receptions, one in Utah and one in Colorado. The one in Utah will be on Friday, September 26th; mark the date!

*The ring. We had looked at styles in Murray and I showed him what I liked and then because of time he ended up getting one in Provo that looked very similar. I actually like the channel diamonds on this ring better than the ones we found at the other places!

*The Nauvoo Temple. We decided on the Nauvoo Temple since that is where we met. Neither of us have been back for over three years from when we lived there and we are SO excited to go back!


The Biggers said...

yes I love your ring, he did a great job!
I'm kind of sad because we might be having a baby during your UT reception, haha. Hopefully we can come!!!! Please accept our exuse of Abi coming if we are not able to make it, haha.

Christiansen's said...

What a funny idea about the cows, you guys are funny.

Sarah said...

you guys are so funny! we probably won't be able to make it, but good luck you guys!

WX Ences said...

You should have splurged and got your father the Little People farm set. It comes complete with barn, two farmers, tractor, trailer, chicken, horse, water pump, corn stalk, scarecrow, windmill, hay, box-o-apples and a COW!!! (We have two of them, I would have shared)!

I do think the stuffed cow is pretty funny though, nice tradition, glad to hear you kept that one going!

Colby and Meredith said...

That's an awesome tradition! I think that is so neat you are getting married in Nauvoo- especially since that is where you first met. Awww...tenderness.

Angie said...

I guess I didn't look close enough at the cow- I thought it was the oh-so-famous zebra!