Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tour de Colorado

Last week we took a VACATION! It was marvelous and much-needed!

We started on Tuesday and drove down to Pagosa Springs. We got there pretty late so we ate and dropped in bed.

Wednesday morning started with a bike ride on Jackson Mountain near his home. We went with brother Ryan and Ryan's girlfriend Hillary. We had his mom drop us off at the trailhead and then we rode home. In the picture on the right you can see Aaron and Ryan in the truckbed (the girls rode in the cab and the boys were in the bed)... and then a cop was spotted (following us in the picture). They fine you for riding in a truckbed in Colorado so they were hiding as best as they could. Luckily they did hide well enough that we didn't get caught even though the cop followed us for a few miles. We girls just tried not to laff at their awkward positions. :)

The ride was okay... a bit too rocky to be totally enjoyable (in my opinion anyway, the boys loved it). It was a bit muddy and there were streams to go through.

It was an incredible view though.

That night we drove a couple hours east and stayed with his grandparents near Alamosa.

Thursday morning we drove north for like four hours until we came to Denver.

We met up with the rest of his fam for some food and then a Rockies game! I'd never been to a real baseball game (sorry but the Bee's don't count) and it was awesome! I was floored at the size of the stadium and how many people came! It was a really, really fun environment and the Rockies gave us a good game. Rockies ended up winning by one point in the bottom of the TWELFTH inning!

We got a bit rained on, but nothing bad. I made friends with seven-year-old Anna who is Aaron's cousin's step-sister (if you followed that...?!). She was SO much fun and we were best friends for two days. She was such a happy girl and a hungry girl too! She ate a whole pizza, Dippin' Dots, candy, five packs of fruit snacks, a banana, and she still wanted a hamburger!! She cracked Aaron and I up. We liked her lots.

And here's the fam:

Top row is Uncle P, Sister Tiff, and Cousin Megan
Bottom row is Mama Penne, Brother Ryan, and Papa David

After the game ended a couple sections were allowed to go sit on the field. It took almost over an hour for them to all get out there and I couldn't believe how many people were just in a COUPLE sections!!

And then came the FIREWORKS!!! It was the best show I've ever seen. Probably because they were exploding like 200 yards away from us and we had debris falling on us!

We stayed that night at Uncle P's in Fort Collins (another hour north). Friday morning Aaron and I went on a bike ride for a few hours, then checked out a local park with some bands and such, then had a family dinner and watched some Fort Collins fireworks.

Saturday we shopped (yahoo!), had lunch with the fam, and then biked with his siblings. We found some bike parks and BMX parks that we played in too. In the picture on the left he's waving to mommy like any good child would do. :)

Sunday we hit up a bit of church and then drove all through Wyoming on our way home. It was quite windy and rainy but we're still alive.

I had to put this last pic of us in so you could check out the 'goat' look. A week away from BYU's standards gives the boy too many ideas. :)

So yeah. Good times. :)


The Biggers said...

haha. i love the story about hiding from the cop. good times.
and what is it with boys and their desires to grow facial hair when it's not against the rules!? haha.

Aliese Fry said...

Hiding from the cop: favorite thing ever. Glad to see a piece of me (or them) has rubbed off! Your pictures are so great! I'm jealous that you got to go to a major league baseball game; I wanna go so bad!

Sarah said...

looks like a BLAST!! you even got to meet the folks... :)

M said...

you two are practically married ;o)

Andrea J said...

That bike ride sounds great. My bike is in storage and I miss her.

DaNae said...

JSA sweatshirts represent!! I love how you guys are always doing outdoorsy things. It makes me miss pretty mountains and trees, since I am on the sun pretty much!

clay and jordan said...

Sounds like a fun, fun, fun vacation! You guys are too cute (and adventurous!) to handle!

WX Ences said...

You went on vacation in Colorado and I went on vacation to Colorado....I just love you Becky!

Julie Lewis said...

Fun times! Every time I look at your blog, I want to go and hop on my bike. So was it a family reunion? The fireworks and game sound really cool too! We are finally back so maybe we will start coming to church again.