Monday, August 25, 2008


We got our engagement pictures back! My dear friend Pattyanne did them. We really like them!

Make sure to check out our tans in the picture below.... :)

I didn't include the one we're sending out with the announcements. You'll just have to wait and see. :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Mt. Timp

We took a much-needed break from Club Wed plans and decided to hike Mount Timpanogus!

We started around 5 am and watched a little bit of the sunrise.

It's a GORGEOUS hike. SO many waterfalls...

And random fields of lush flowers past your knees... Or maybe that was because we got off the path by accident... :)

After a few hours, we reached the base of the summit. What a pleasant lodge to greet us!

And then the long, hard part began... walking across broken rocks for a couple hours.
You climb from the left side of the picture across the rocks and snow all the way to the right side right side of the picture, then go across the lower 'saddle part' then ascend up the next section and then up to the top!

We were lucky enough to have some mountain goats to hang out with!
After braving the saddle, we started up to the top of the top through pleasant switchbacks made of broken pieces of rock.
See that little cone thing? The top is finally in view! Too bad it's still like an hour away!!!
Once we got there though, the view was FANTASTIC!!!

After enjoying the view for about an hour it hit me that now I had to hike down. Unhappy thoughts for sure. Aaron really wanted to slide down the glacier and although I didn't want to go down the glacier, I REALLY didn't want to go back the way we had come. So I consented. It may look short, but trust me, it is NOT short.
My main reason for not wanting to go down was because I could tell someone was hurt. I had been watching them for about an hour and noticed that they were still not moving any farther down the glacier. Aaron was trying to think positive thoughts like that maybe they were making a snowman or something. :) (I made that up... but to put it simply, he wasn't nearly as worried as me!) Right as we started to slide down we heard a really loud noise, looked up and saw Life Flight! At that point I was very unhappy about sliding down the glacier. It did make for some dang cool shots though... :) So here is the copter lowering the MedicMan in red down to the group.
Almost there! (Note: we are obviously getting closer and closer to these people while he's coming down. Maybe I should have asked for their email address to send them the pics... I'm sure they'd want to make a scrapbook page about this later!)

It turns out the dude had a broken leg with a compound fracture. I felt so bad for him. I was sliding past him as they re-broke it to stabilize him and he screamed so loud. I can't even imagine what pain he must have been in.

We made it to the end of the snow after awhile. I'm glad I did it, but I was SO miserable. My hands were numb after being on it for a minute and we were on it for WAY too long in my opinion. They had finished stabilizing him we heard the copter coming back. They strapped the hurt dude across MedicMan's lap and then flew him over us to the meadow where the shelter from a previous picture was.

To the left is where the copter was. I'm not sure why I didn't take a picture with it in...
Gorgeous though, eh? CRYSTAL clear water.

And then came another four or so hours of walking back down. At least it was gorgeous.
I'm SO glad I did that hike; I've wanted to do it for years. It is a hike and a half though. I think we were on the mountain for about 10 hours! 12 miles baby! It was so wonderful to take some time off and just do something completely us!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Twin Falls

The weekend after the 24th, parts of my fam headed up to Twin Falls to see the Temple Open House.

In the morning we went to the Shoshone Ice Caves. It was a slightly ghetto tourist trap, but it was still cool. We learned all about lava tubes and the crazy volcanic history of Idaho! In the picture below is a collapsed lava tube.

Here are some freaky friends we met on our walk out to the cave.

One of the lava tubes is an ice cave! It was insane to walk from 100 degree weather into 26 degree chill! Some of the ice under our feet was like 18 feet thick!

The 'sculptures' outside were quite phenomenal... :)
You can do anything in Idaho! Even ride dinos!
Then we headed to the Open House. It's so cool to be able to go inside a temple and see it all. It was so beautiful.
We also happened to be there the same weekend as the Blue Angels. The pilots even stayed in our same hotel! Thousands of people paid $20 a person to see them, but we watched them for free from the temple! They are dang cool and I think I would have even paid to see them.
We spent a little bit of time at some of the parks there afterwards before heading home. I thought this bridge was really beautiful!
And here is Shoshone Falls. Gorgeous!

So that was totally the choppiest post ever known to mankind but my brain is wedding-fried and I can't do anything but insert pictures and push post!