Monday, September 22, 2008

Club Wed

September 12, 2008
3:00 p.m.
Nauvoo, Illinois

We did it! We had a wonderful time in Nauvoo and can't believe it went so quickly.

Aaron, my mom, my aunt, and I flew out on Wednesday and drove up to Nauvoo. I was so excited to see the temple. It's been three and a half years since I lived across the street from it and I've missed it. My heart soared when it came into view... oh how I've missed it! It was so surreal to be looking at the real temple and not just at pictures.

I'll post more about Thursday (the day before the wedding) later, but I wanted to upload the few pictures we do currently have of the wedding.

On Friday, we woke up to POURING rain... definitely not what I have ever dreamed of on my wedding day, but we decided to make the best we could of it. We hoped it would clear up but ran to Wal-mart and brought a red umbrella to make part of our attire just in case it didn't. We also bought two dozen roses and a small sheet cake there. Keokuk Wal-mart was totally our wedding superstore!

That morning, other than going to Wal-mart, I also made my bouquet (because weddings are so rare out there, people were going to charge me over $100 for a small bouquet and I thought that was ridiculous! I ended up being perfectly happy with my 'homemade' one), and got my hair done at the salon in the hotel. I had really, really hoped to have it down and curly but it was still raining and the humidity was insane that it was obvious it would be a very bad idea. He started on an up-do but didn't have me facing the mirror. He turned me around as he was finishing and I HATED it. In fact, I started bawling in front of him! I felt like I had wings on the front and top of my head and that it looked like a rat's nest in the back. (Do rat's even have nests?!) Anyway, this totally caused a huge breakdown thirty minutes before I needed to be in the temple. Alicia helped me pull the front tight against my face to get rid of the wing look and it really did look just fine... I just wasn't what I had been planning on! Nonetheless, I tried SO hard to stop crying but couldn't. About 20 min before the ceremony started many prayers were answered and the floodgates quit! Phew!

Being in the temple was incredible. We were sealed on the very top floor... right under the bell tower in the small rectangle part higher than the rest of the temple. The sealing was incredible and it was fantastic to be surrounded by family and friends. That temple is so beautiful.

After the sealing we went outside and took a bunch of pictures in the covered cove by the doors.

The picture above is us and the girls. (Don't ask me why they put Aaron on the step below... yuck!) My sisters Laurie and Jenny, sister-in-law Alicia, and Chloe and Sadie (my flower girls) who are from a family in my ward. (Two families in my home ward drove out to see the wedding! It was awesome!) I made all of the skirts they are wearing.

After a bunch of group pictures Aaron and I went with the photographer and got some other ones. It never stopped raining the whole day so we were so glad we got that umbrella! For some reason that umbrella made me okay with the rain... it's weird how something that simple made it all okay. Because of the pouring rain, no one followed us with their digital cameras so we don't have too many pictures. His dad caught these ones though.

We had set up a horse-drawn buggy to pick us up from the temple and take us on a ride around the flats (where all the shops are), but they never showed. I guess they didn't like the rain! It was okay though because Aaron's family and my family followed us all around the flats getting all the pictures I requested.

In the groves...
Main Street...
Joseph Smith's Mansion House...

The Old Stone Arch...

And down Parley Street on the banks of the Mississippi...

We were SO wet by the time we were done. My dress weighed pounds more from all the water and it was caked in mud! No worries though, it cleaned up just fine.
We had a dinner with everyone at a downtown buffet and I'll post about that later too. I just had to share a few of the pictures I currently have. (My brother-in-law posted them on Facebook so I finally got some!) I did get all the pictures from his dad this weekend so I can look through them now and decide on my favorites and post them. And of course I'll post the ones from the photographer when we get them.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Alan + Alicia


My brother and sister-in-law got married a couple weekends ago. It was a marvelous sealing and day. Go Boise!

Looks like it's my turn now!