Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Reba & Kelly

We had a pretty sweet date night a weekend ago. Free tickets to Reba & Kelly! I am loving that people give us free tickets since they know we live in SLC and will go! (Thanks Lea!)

We were pretty surprised at how much we liked it. They did the whole concert together so every upbeat song of Kelly's had a bit of Reba's twang to it and every country song of Reba's had a bit of Kelly's jump to it!

They make a pretty sweet and unique pair on stage! They did seem to have the "we hate men" attitude in all their songs, but it's all good. :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Our Two-Day Honeymoon!

Aaron never told me where we were going for our honeymoon day until we were driving there after our night in Carthage. He had planned a day in Springfield, Illinois!

Our first stop was at the State Capitol. It was a beautiful building!

The funny thing... it wasn't until the last room of the tour that we realized we'd been there on a tour when we were students in Nauvoo!
Aaron took some style lessons from Douglas.

We went to a Civil War Museum (wouldn't reccommend it...) :) and we went to the State Museum. It told all about the prehistoric history of Illinois. I don't know that I'd want to live in Illinois with these kinds of creatures running around...
This was in the gift shop. I thought it was funny.
He also surprised me with a fabulously huge room!
...with a jacuzzi!!!!!
Sunday morning we found a ward and went to church and then drove back to St. Louis to fly home.
We stopped at the St. Louis Temple and walked around for a bit.

As we were passing through airport security with the dress, one of the guards said to us, "You guys headin' to Vegas?!" Aaron thought it was hilarious!
The flight home was a bit crazy. We flew home on Southwest and our numbers on our tickets required us to be the last people in line to board. This was not good as we had two large carry-ons and a dress. We finally got in and of course there was no room. In fact, there was only one seat for the two of us! After many minutes of trying to figure out who wasn't supposed to be on the plane they kicked off three people!? What!?! But because of that we were luckily able to sit together but there still was no room for our stuff. They wouldn't let us hold it and had me stuff the dress in a three foot space. There were at least eight women who had petrified looks on their faces as they watched the stuffing episode! Luckily the dress survived. When we landed in Salt Lake the flight attendants announced over the intercom: "And we'd like to congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton on their marriage and wish them the best! We have a gift for them at the door!" And when we got there, lucky us... a bottle of Champagne!!! EXTRA DRY!!! We had a good laff over it.

Good times! And hopefully someday you'll get to see wedding pics and reception pics. We STILL haven't gotten them...

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Day Before

Here's a rundown of how the two days before the wedding went!

We flew out to St. Louis two days prior. This picture shows how you transport a wedding dress through an airport! The flight there with the dress was not bad at all luckily... people were so nice and gave me a whole overhead compartment for it! The ride home was a much different story...

We got to St. Louis and got our rental car. The guy at Enterprise was AWESOME. Not only did he give us a free size upgrade, but he didn't charge us for the underage drivers "as our wedding gift"! It was a Kia Rondo.
We drove the fourish hours up to Nauvoo. It was a gorgeous and very fun drive. So many cornfields! We loved being able to see the temple. It is so beautiful.
On Thursday we had one thing on our to-do list: get a marriage license! We drove to Carthage to get it. Carthage is about 20 minutes away. On the way is... HAMILTON!! We wanted to stay there on our wedding night but the only hotel there closed down. :( I really wanted to get a picture of us in front of the Hamilton Water Tower in our wedding garb, but didn't think it would happen so we made sure to get one as we drove through.
When we received our papers from the temple they told us we "had to get a marriage license in the Carthage Courthouse. There is no street address. It is the largest building in Carthage." And it was!
It was a really beautiful building and celebrated its 99th birthday this year!
Here we are signing the papers! Notice the fake nails. This is the ONLY time in my life I have ever gotten them and I'm pretty sure it will be the last. It was the worst 2.5 hours of my life.
After our task was completed we stopped for a tour of the Carthage Jail where the Prophet Joseph Smith was martyred.
As we were leaving we ran into one of the families from my ward who had come out for the wedding!
On our way back to Nauvoo we stopped at a couple of places. David's Chamber...
Along the Mississippi...
And then we hung out down on the 'flats'...
We then were able to do a session in the temple. It was so beautiful and it was so wonderful to enter. I did hundreds of baptisms there, but now I was able to enter into the rest!
On the way back I had to catch a picture of this clinic. The "Eternal Family Healthcare Clinic". I thought that was pretty funny!
That night we went to 'Rendezvous'. One of the old ladies made us stand up and announced that we were getting married and everyone cheered for us. It was a lot of fun. A lot of memories came back listening to the songs. "Taught to pray, taught to pray..." "Because we want to... because we have to!" "And so Nauvoo I bid farewell to you..." Good times.

Friday, October 3, 2008


My lovely friend Mitch did my bridals. I decided I wanted to choose places that really held a special place for me. I chose the LDS Business College Mansion and the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. We had a really good time. Aaron never saw my dress until we were in the temple... I loved keeping that tradition. Seeing his face when he saw me in it made my heart melt.

The BizCo...

On Temple Square...

Inside the JSMB...

These were the ones I displayed at the receptions.

Thanks M!