Friday, November 14, 2008

Wedding Pictures!

It only took two months, but we finally have pictures! Sorry for the insane amount of pictures...

We're getting sealed in the top section right under the bell tower in this picture!

I made all the skirts for the girls!

The Hansen Family from my home ward.

The Cook Family from my home ward.

Then we headed down to the flats for some fabulous pictures.

And the dinner at the Motel Nauvoo. It's a buffet and there were tons of other people there but they did give us our own room! We came in wearing sombreros!Our Wal-mart cake. :)

We thought it was delicious though the picture doesn't show it... :)Kevin and Chloe. The garter and bouquet winners!
Leaving through the bubbles!
Last look...

We had the best wedding ever and we're so thankful for the family and friends who supported us in it. Looking through all these pictures warms my heart and makes me smile. It was such a great day. Nauvoo is the best place to get married in the world. :)