Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Gift Ideas

The wedding reception pictures are coming very soon, but in the meantime I thought I'd share some of the wedding gifts we received that we just couldn't have expected nor could we have been happier about.

Do enjoy... but please keep jealousy to a minimum.
These towels just radiate their beauty in that comforting gold and rust that flood you with memories of your Grandma's house. The different color weave on each side adds the needed versatility every bathroom needs. Spring or fall, they conform to whichever mood you're in. These are musts for all homes.

And here:
The perfect glasses for all occasions. That summer party. That craving for pink strawberry milk. Or just that needed cheer-up on a cold day. They're bound to be the needed spruce-up on any table.

And last:
These sassy kitties are bound to make doing the dishes more fun. Just seeing the cute little kitty all dressed up in her various outfits will put you in a good mood. Is it prim-n-proper day, a walk-in-the-park day, or cute-and-shy day? Your dishes and mood will sparkle as you use these.

Let's hear about your awesome gifts!


Valery said...

I don't remember what was in the box but someone gave us a box wrapped in a towel. The towel was secured by tiny little pins that were almost invisible. We hurt ourselves a lot before we realized what they had done.
Ever heard of tape??

seanandnataliekowallis said...

HAHAHA! Aren't wedding presents fun?!?! We got some creative stuff too... like a TON of pyrex. The best thing we got was also a towel collection- the same rust color as yours, but it has pinecones and pine boughs appliqued on the big towel and the hand towel. We only got one, so we can't really use them (bummer). They really go with our decor too ;).

Aloha_Misty said...

My uncle gave us a can opener that he got at his wedding and never used (I swear it was a pre-1950's opener). We got such a kick out of it. We also got a hefty check with it, but the can opener was the best part.

Mike and Lisa said...

Thats a towel? It totally looks like a rug...