Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Little BYU Lovin'

Getting married caused Aaron to forfeit one of his favorite things... BYU season tickets.

We did go to the last home game though. We played San Diego and won by quite a bit. Nice fro, eh?

We met up with Alan and Alicia and had a jolly time. We also took Brad with us. It was just a week or so before he left on his mission so it was fun to spend time with him.

I think one of my favorite things about BYU getting a touchdown is that these "George Q. Cannon Crew" peeps go out and do pushups for every point we have at that moment.

And here is our last family picture taken a couple days before Brad left. He's going to the Connecticut Hartford Mission. Tongan speaking. I think he actually flies out there today! P.S. just kidding about the Tongan part.

My family is pretty great; I can't lie.


Ryan and Jessica said...

I know I've never met your hubby, but from the pics I've seen, he reminds me of Josh Groban.

The Bigger Family said...

i was really surprised to hear Tongan speaking for Connecticut! ha.
why does aaron have to give up the games because you got married?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure he'll get his games back in coming years, but this year we had wedding stuff on three of the weeks and it would have been a lot of driving since we're up in Salt Lake!

Love Becky

Sarah said...

Yep your family IS great and GO BYU!

About the passport thing... it costs $75 (+ postage) to renew,.. which is a little less than getting a brand new one. I figured it was worth it because Jeff just got one for the first time and it's easier if ours renew together. Plus it's good for 10 years. Since my name is now legally Layton... my thinking is that my name should show the same in all my documentation. I'd hate to have to deal with any kind of foreign problems... that gets REALLY messy. So all in all forking out 75 bucks is worth it to me. Hope that helps :)

Suzanne said...

Who is that tiny girl in the middle? I think she forgot to wear her 4 inch heels that day! We love you Alicia, even if you are short compared to the rest of us.

Cami and Mitch said...

Your family looks awesome, glad to see you and Aaron so happy.