Monday, December 22, 2008

Reception Pics

Are you sick of wedding pics yet?! This is the last one to endure so stay calm!
Pagosa Springs, Colorado Reception

We woke up to find out the yearly balloon festival was that morning. What a treat! I've never seen one!

For such a small town, Pagosa holds some pretty cool events!

Then we went and watched his brother Ryan run in his cross-country race.

Before the reception, we had a photographer come and take some pictures. I loved the rainy day pictures but it was nice to have perfect weather too and get some different shots! It was nice to have Aaron's family come from all over Colorado to celebrate with us.

I loved the bouquet. It was so gorgeous. (Definitely a perk of a three week wedding! Three bouquets, three times to get all dressed up, etc!)

I love the picture below!


This little one is Aaron's cousin. She was funny. :) You can tell she wanted to be the center of attention! I love this picture of her... it totally shows how she acted all night!

Aaron's aunt catered meatballs and smokies and cheesecake. Aaron loved the cheesecake! This is what we call a 'groomal' pose. (Same idea as a bridal...) :)

A lady in Aaron's home ward made this cake. It was beautiful.

And it was DELISH!

West Jordan, Utah Reception

Photography done by Pattyanne. (

Typical flower picture. :)

For those who didn't make it, but wanted to... a personal walk-through. :)


Enter the doors and watch the fabulous wedding video. Aaron used the stuff off our parent's camcorders and made a fantastic video. Fantastic price too. :)

Now leave us a little note and your name!

Look at the pictures...

And then join the line.

Maybe you'll stand next to someone fun like the Jenkins!

Meet my parents. Doesn't my mom look super pretty?

Give us a hug. (This is the best I look in any of the pictures... yikes!)

Meet my gorgeous bush. :)

Meet Aaron's parents.

And his Grandma Vera. She was such a trooper. She came to all three events!

Gaze at the cake. We totolly forgot to cut it until after it was over. We're still eating it... :)

Now the reason you came: the food!

Which kind of pie would you like? Talk about delish.

I love this pic of the girls.

And a little treat to take home! They were good too... Swedish fish, cinnamon bears, Twizzlers, chocolates, and peppermints.

Enjoyed by the young...
and not so young! :)
Now that you've got your food, why don't you sit down?
Enjoy the centerpieces... (these were the worst for me; they fell through like seven times)

And once I finally got them to work, this is what they looked like the day before the Utah reception! AHH! Obviously new flowers were a must! Luckily Home Depot refunded my money for the first batch.
Back to the reception! While you're eating, enjoy some nice tunes from Megaroni.

And enjoy some nice company!
Here's Kroten J.

And Baby Kate.
And Kristin!
And my grandparetns. I love this picture... totally shows their personalities!

Thanks for coming! Hope you enjoyed yourself!

As for us, we're off to drop into bed after three weeks of wonderful insanity! With a quadratic equation on the front window. :)


*Liese said...

Pretty sure I could NEVER get bored of looking at people's wedding photos!

Jessie said...

I agree with Aliese. I love these! Especially your narration. :)

I don't remember if I told you this or not, but I think the girls/women at the pie tables thought I was just stealing pie... it was so funny! I just ran in to see you while Cory stayed in the car with our two sleeping girls, and then stopped at the pie table to grab a treat for each of us. When I realized it was a million different kinds of pie, I had to call Cory to find out which kind he wanted. The woman who was serving me thought I was totally crazy, I'm sure. When I asked her for a second piece to take outside, she gave me a hard time about it, until I explained why Cory hadn't come in in the first place. It was so funny. Maybe you had to be there?

Ryan and Jessica said...

Beautiful pics, thanks for posting them!! I won't get tired of seeing your wedding pics - they are gorgeous!

Mike and Lisa said...

Haha- great run down of the reception! So sad I couldn't of been there, those treats look yummy. Your grandpa looks like a crack up with that big smile of his.

jkmoss3 said...

Fun stuff. You look so awsome in all these pics. I love love love your cake. The one with red was gorgeous. I love the pic of you in the top post the one of just you at the colorado reception. GORGEOUS. AWSOMENESS.

Scott and Courtney said...

Great pictures!! You look beautiful as always!! When are we going to get together and hang?!?! I still need to get to know this guy better!! :)

The Bigger Family said...

you look gorgeous becky. i love your hair straight! the bouquet is beautiful.

Christiansen's said...

Your reception looked beautiful. I am still so sad that I missed it. You look so beautiful. I love the picture of the two of you on the grass and it is your side profile, your dress looks beautiful in it. Congrats!

Matthew and Hillary said...

Yeah...I'm pretty sure I'll never get tired of wedding pictures. I really love the one of you guys in the grass (just the two of you). You're hot! Congrats for the millionth time. Hope you guys are having a fabulous first Christmas!!

Gary and Alycia said...

What a beautiful wedding!! How are you liking married life so far? You are probably so relieved to have all of this wedding stuff finally over with. Getting married can really wear you out! I hope all is well

Cami and Mitch said...

Becky-you are the most beautiful bride ever! Gorgeous pictures. One question, I know I am a slacker, but did you ever get a tent? :)

Julie Lewis said...

I really enjoyed that tour through the wedding days! And what a special treat to see Kate featured! Man, if I had only known there were Swedish Fish--yum!!! You guys really know how to throw a good party! I will post Christmas pictures soon, I have been LAZY!!!

Julie Lewis said...

I forgot, I had a couple more comments, you are such a pretty bride! You looked just great and I loved your dress! Also, I loved those earrings you had the bridesmaids there, they are so cute!

Mandy Torgrimson said...

Hey Becky! I missed your earlier comment on our blog, or I would have got back to you sooner. Wes and I would have loved to go hiking with you guys! Some other time... We'll definitely have to get together in the new year!

*Liese said...

@ Becky--

No worries, there WAS water, it just apparently was dying. Not your fault. Pretty sure I'm glad you decided to snoop at the wedding pictures--that IS what they're there for! Heaven knows someone should look at them. :) We did the St. George temple pics the day I received my endowment (one week before); I went through the St. George Temple. As far as Charity and her boyfriend go--I haven't heard if they're engaged or not--I would assume they're still together though. I haven't heard anything different...Hmm...Maybe I should call her... ;)

And yes, our little "heads together" photo is just something we do. Whenever we have a disagreement or something, it's generally solved with what we refer to as a "Forehead Fight." Basically, you press your foreheads together (they must remain touching) and the first to tackle the other person is the winner; or if someone's head slips or they pull away, they loose. It makes disagreements MUCH more entertaining! LoL

Meg said...

Yeah both Kipp and I made it on your blog! Your pictures are so pretty...Congrats again and hope you are enjoying married life!

Cortney said...

YAY!! I love these. I was so sad I couln't make it to the big day. I wish I would have had a 3 event wedding. One day just wasn't long enough!