Friday, December 12, 2008

Stocking Event

I heard about an event in the Interior Design Community called "The Stocking Event". Main idea: you make and stuff a stocking and it is given to a kid at Primary Children's Hospital. I thought it was an awesome cause and thought I'd give it a try. I can't take credit for the front because I saw an idea like it online and made my own. I rarely ever have ideas come to me... but if I see something I like I come up with how to make it myself.

So here's the front:

FYI--it's an ELF. I thought he was pretty cute but NO ONE guessed what it was which was slightly dis-heartening. (sp!?)

I thought I'd do something a little more simple on the back, but I found that sewing all the stars on was a little more work than I thought. :)

And this is what I stuffed in it. I hope whoever receives it likes it and it takes their thoughts off of the treatment and pain they are in, even if only for a moment.
The actual event was incredible. There were like 200 stockings and mine was like the lamest... everyone had done INCREDIBLE designs, but it was so cool to be there. A cancer patient spoke as well as a mother who's son passed away just a few weeks after receiving a stocking last year. It was a cool event and I hope I can help brighten someones Christmas just a little.


The Bigger Family said...

what an awesome event! way to go! your stocking is cute!
i am making ours and STILL working on them...i thought I was doing something simple, but i am a newby with the sewing business.

jkmoss3 said...

wow, Becky that is really neat.

I love your stocking, it looks awesome.

you are so compassionate!

Angie said...

Way to "give back," Beck! Ata girl! Hey- you better come see us at Christmas!

Jennifer said...
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Andrea J said...

I forgot about this great cause, way to be a part of something so positive. I think your stocking is cheery!

*Liese said...

What an awesome idea! You're so sweet to have done that.

seanandnataliekowallis said...

How did no one see that's an elf? I totally see it. Way cute!

Aloha_Misty said...

I love the stocking! I hope you enjoy your first Christmas as a couple! There is nothing better until you have a kid to share it with. (No I am not giving you a hint. Enjoy your time as a couple.)