Tuesday, January 27, 2009


How does this happen!?!

These have been in the metered parking in front of my work for about a week now. It's totally awkward and I don't even want to know, but I can't lie... I have gotten a few chuckles out of it. :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Ghetto Fabulous

Welcome to our little apartment!

As you walk in the door, you look to your right and you will see the office. We have a sofa in there but we've only sat on it like once. The main item in there is a desk for Aaron to do his homework on. We named it the office so he feels more professional while doing it. :)

Now turn back straight and you will walk through our kitchen. It's a one-waller.

See those few feet of counter space there? Yup, that's it! And those are the only cupboards... there are NO closets in the whole apartment. On the opposite wall of our kitchen wall is the bathroom.

There are no electrical outlets so I do my hair in our bedroom. The sink is not attached to the base. That mirror gives us a good view of our neck and shoulders. :)

Now go back to looking straight through the kitchen and you'll see straight through to our dining room.

Other than our table and chairs, we have a small rolling island that we bought for a couple more feet of counter space. We also have many plastic tubs full of stuff and a lot of our clothes in the other half of the room... I figured that didn't need to be pictured. :)

Right after our kitchen wall to the right and right before the dining room is our bedroom. This room is actually supposed to be the dining room and living room but since we don't have a tv and never sit on our sofa we figured we'd make use of the space and make it our bedroom. We definitely love the huge room and may never have a room this size again!

Looking in:

Notice the white pipes and heater hanging from the ceiling. Our heater is such a joy. We don't have a thermostat except for one down the hall that controls the whole building. It's all run by water so when it turns on it sounds like a leaky faucet for about 10 minutes, then pops and cracks, and the last five minutes are a scattered banging that sounds like a hammer being pounded against the pipe. :) It's awesome. It used to wake us up at the first drip, but now we can sleep through everything but the bangs. This happens whenever it feels like turning on. 12:30 am, 4 am, or 6 am. But a month ago we were blessed with a new sound that goes on for hours. A squealing water rush. It kinda sounds like marbles rushing through the pipes. It's horrible. :) Hopefully it will be fixed some day. The pipes that connect in the kitchen are the warmest. In fact we can pull frozen veggies out of the freezer, put them on top and have them completely defrosted in minutes! The kitchen gets VERY hot when you're cooking.

And of course notice our beautiful cement window view through the windows.

Looking out:

That's us! And honestly, we pretty much love it except for the heater which we occasionally throw things at. It's so fun to have our own place! Anyone want to come stay the night? :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


It took us almost four months, but we went on our honeymoon! We had wanted something exotic like San Antonio or Tucson, but practicality and finances settled on St. George! It ended up being great!

We drove down on Tuesday the 30th and our first stop was at the temple. It was so cool to be able to go inside! I've always dreamed of going on vacations and attending temples and now it's possible!

We came out in the dark and it was fun to see all the lights! They had a manger scene too! That night we went to dinner at Chili's and then got together with one of my fave girls from Interior Design, Hayley and her hubby Ben! We had a great time chatting it up and meeting each other's hubbies and all that good stuff.

The next morning we went to the Tabernacle. It totally looks like a church in Boston to me.

We had a great tour and learned about this freestanding spiral staircase that could be removed from the building and stand straight up in the street! The Nauvoo Temple has one that is like 5 stories high though that we got to walk down after being sealed... I think it beats it. :)

Isn't the inside BEAUTIFUL? I loved to see all the Christmas decor! The wooden balcony chairs are originally from the Salt Lake Temple! Too cool.

Here is a close up of the chandelier. It's made exactly like the original. Can you spot the S at very top and the G under the lamps? S G for St. George. Way cool.
We then walked up to Brigham Young's Winter home. We saw Brigham on the way up so I thought I'd catch up on world news with him.

We took a tour of his home. (I love this house. It's awesome in the first place, but with the garland and ribbons, it just melts me! I'm a sucker, what can I say!)

Here is his original bed and cane!

Then we went back to the temple and saw a few really awesome movies that I would highly suggest to those who have the opportunity. Then we went to Jacob Hamblin's, Mr. Indian Friend, home.
He was a very prayerful man so they arranged the chairs around the dinner table to show that they would always kneel and pray before meals.
Again, my obsession with the Christmas decor everywhere... isn't this tree adorable!? I love the Indian dolls at the bottom. Some historical Christmas display person rocks.
We met up with Hayley again that night and she showed us around some homes she's decorated. Only $1.4 mil, $2 mil, and $4 mil!!
The backyard of one of the houses looked like this:

Do you recognize it from any movie? The High School Musical fans will recognize that it's exactly where #2 was filmed.
In honor, Aaron did a "Bet On It" pose and slapped his reflection in the water. I hope some of you think this is funny... we sure did.
This was the Master bed in the $2 mil house. I love the colors and want to make something with them.
We rung in the New Year with Hayley and Ben and a couple of their friends and then left at like 12:05 to hit the sack... we were tired!
The next morning we got up and went on our shopping spree! We went to the mall and outlets and got Aaron a couple pairs of Christmas shoes and exchanged a few Christmas items and stuff. We did very well and were super happy with our luck. After eating at In 'N Out (Aaron's request) we headed to Snow Canyon State Park. It was BEAUTIFUL. We took a couple of hikes. Check out the beauty.

We climbed a "Cinder Cone" which is like an old volcano or something. We couldn't find any signage so we just picked the tallest volcanoish thing and climbed it. :)
This picture below is after we got down, but the volcanoish thing behind is what we climbed. It looks small but it's not. And we just blazed our own trail through like eight inches of snow. It was intense and long and cold.

I'm not sure that it was worth it, but it's all good. :) We can still say we were idiots and did it! Here is us climbing/sliding back down. You can see how dirty and wet I was in after it was over in the above picture.

We probably should have taken a hint from how muddy it was when we left the car at the side of the road, but a bit of mud, snow, and lava rocks won't slow us down!
And a couple gorgeous sunset pictures from the way out...

For some reason we thought places would be open on New Years but we were wrong. EVERYthing was closed. Except Subway and we got in there at 7:25 and it closed at 7:30! Since everything was closed after that we just chilled and watched "Emperor's New Groove." CLASSIC!
The next morning we drove down to Las Vegas! We ate at a place that had been recommended to us called "Bahama Breeze". It was AMAZING. Check out the display of the food! It was dried banana chips in cinnamon potatoes. Seriously probably the best restaurant food I've ever had.

Then we went to the Las Vegas Temple!

It's SO beautiful and so much better than the strip. :) If any of you have the chance to go there, go!... the Celestial Room is AMAZING.
We went to the Outlets after that and got a couple more amazing deals. We found that we came with seven pairs of shoes and came back with twelve! Funny thing... only one of the five was mine! But hey, that was Aaron's Christmas present from his family so we were stoked we found such awesome deals so he could get so many! And then we checked out the whole strip. I can't believe how SLOW that city is. The traffic lights and freeways are seriously horrible... they need the Olympics to get a new freeway or something! Anyway, we pretty much liked everything but the slowness and smoke and the nastiness. We really enjoyed the architecture.
I loved the Venetian architecture...
and the Christmas decor in the hotels. These presents were in the Bellagio and are made of 1/2" glass squares. Intense!
Our absolute favorite was the Bellagio fountains. We saw four songs but I wish we could have just had them go constantly all night!

We got back into St. George really late or early depending on how you look at it! On Saturday we slept in, did a couple more shopping errands and then drove home. It was a great trip and went all too fast, but it was so nice to finally go on a honeymoon and spend 24-7 together. Hooray for vacations!

A huge thank you to those who blessed us on our little trip and saved us SO much money through lodging and food... mainly Mom, Aliese, and Hayley. THANKS.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Belated Christmas!

To be honest, our holidays were fabulous!

Here are our little trees! It was so much fun to decorate our apartment for the holidays and enjoy our first one together. I owned all the decorations previously except for the balls on the Christmas tree and the stockings. Thank goodness for Dollar General. :)

We spent Christmas Eve night at my families home. We had our traditional delicious turkey dinner and read the Christmas story. We got up on Christmas and opened presents and just had a wonderful time. Aaron gave me a new set of scriptures and I gave him a shirt, a belt, and some food. My parents spoiled us with Hale Centre Theatre tickets which we love and his parents spoiled him with money for new shoes and me a book about the temple! It was a fabulous, fabulous day. I love spending time with the fam and watching us all open gifts. Best ever!
A very special gift I/we received was from Aaron's grandma. His extended family chooses names and she got mine. She made this for us:

She had a note on it that said, "May your red umbrella shelter you from all life's woes." It was SO sweet and really touched us. She is not even a member of the church! She just asked Aaron's mom for a picture of the temple and quilted it on there. What a sweet, memorable gift!

Then we went out and played in the snow!!! It just kept coming and coming and it was totally a Christmas miracle! Snow on Christmas! We made about seven snowman... the largest one being 12ish feet! He toppled though right as I finally went and got my camera!

This is a picture of Grill who sits in our window well. He sure liked the snow too. Look at that smile!

(Side Note: His eyes remind me of Bugsie's (sp?) from 'Bedtime Stories'. Aaron's work gave him tickets for Christmas so we went and saw it this weekend. We thought it was HILARIOUS!)

As for the last of the festive decorations, here is our wall of mail awesomeness! Thank you to those of you who filled my heart with joy as I opened our little mailbox. MAIL ROCKS! We got a couple more after I took the picture so it grew by a couple pieces. :) Gotta love ghetto fabulous decor. :)

New Years and more apartment pictures coming soon...