Monday, January 12, 2009

Belated Christmas!

To be honest, our holidays were fabulous!

Here are our little trees! It was so much fun to decorate our apartment for the holidays and enjoy our first one together. I owned all the decorations previously except for the balls on the Christmas tree and the stockings. Thank goodness for Dollar General. :)

We spent Christmas Eve night at my families home. We had our traditional delicious turkey dinner and read the Christmas story. We got up on Christmas and opened presents and just had a wonderful time. Aaron gave me a new set of scriptures and I gave him a shirt, a belt, and some food. My parents spoiled us with Hale Centre Theatre tickets which we love and his parents spoiled him with money for new shoes and me a book about the temple! It was a fabulous, fabulous day. I love spending time with the fam and watching us all open gifts. Best ever!
A very special gift I/we received was from Aaron's grandma. His extended family chooses names and she got mine. She made this for us:

She had a note on it that said, "May your red umbrella shelter you from all life's woes." It was SO sweet and really touched us. She is not even a member of the church! She just asked Aaron's mom for a picture of the temple and quilted it on there. What a sweet, memorable gift!

Then we went out and played in the snow!!! It just kept coming and coming and it was totally a Christmas miracle! Snow on Christmas! We made about seven snowman... the largest one being 12ish feet! He toppled though right as I finally went and got my camera!

This is a picture of Grill who sits in our window well. He sure liked the snow too. Look at that smile!

(Side Note: His eyes remind me of Bugsie's (sp?) from 'Bedtime Stories'. Aaron's work gave him tickets for Christmas so we went and saw it this weekend. We thought it was HILARIOUS!)

As for the last of the festive decorations, here is our wall of mail awesomeness! Thank you to those of you who filled my heart with joy as I opened our little mailbox. MAIL ROCKS! We got a couple more after I took the picture so it grew by a couple pieces. :) Gotta love ghetto fabulous decor. :)

New Years and more apartment pictures coming soon...


*Liese said...

Hey, I see us! :) I'm glad your Christmas was great; it sounds as though it was. And pretty sure Aaron's grandmother's gift is my favorite; it's gorgeous! What an awesome memento for the two of you. Pretty impressive that she did it all from a photo as well.

Matthew and Hillary said...

What a fun first Christmas. I LOVE the quilt. So sweet!!

Julie Lewis said...

I never did say how I appreciated those snowmen--and how many comments we have gotten on them! (Tons!) And, this brought back a good memory--for our first Christmas, Jeff got me a new pair of scriptures too! I'm glad you guys had a nice Christmas!

clay and jordan said...

How fun. I sure would have loved to see your 12-foot snowman!

LeBaron Family said...

Hey! I see my little family!
Sounds like you had fun fun fun!