Monday, January 19, 2009

Ghetto Fabulous

Welcome to our little apartment!

As you walk in the door, you look to your right and you will see the office. We have a sofa in there but we've only sat on it like once. The main item in there is a desk for Aaron to do his homework on. We named it the office so he feels more professional while doing it. :)

Now turn back straight and you will walk through our kitchen. It's a one-waller.

See those few feet of counter space there? Yup, that's it! And those are the only cupboards... there are NO closets in the whole apartment. On the opposite wall of our kitchen wall is the bathroom.

There are no electrical outlets so I do my hair in our bedroom. The sink is not attached to the base. That mirror gives us a good view of our neck and shoulders. :)

Now go back to looking straight through the kitchen and you'll see straight through to our dining room.

Other than our table and chairs, we have a small rolling island that we bought for a couple more feet of counter space. We also have many plastic tubs full of stuff and a lot of our clothes in the other half of the room... I figured that didn't need to be pictured. :)

Right after our kitchen wall to the right and right before the dining room is our bedroom. This room is actually supposed to be the dining room and living room but since we don't have a tv and never sit on our sofa we figured we'd make use of the space and make it our bedroom. We definitely love the huge room and may never have a room this size again!

Looking in:

Notice the white pipes and heater hanging from the ceiling. Our heater is such a joy. We don't have a thermostat except for one down the hall that controls the whole building. It's all run by water so when it turns on it sounds like a leaky faucet for about 10 minutes, then pops and cracks, and the last five minutes are a scattered banging that sounds like a hammer being pounded against the pipe. :) It's awesome. It used to wake us up at the first drip, but now we can sleep through everything but the bangs. This happens whenever it feels like turning on. 12:30 am, 4 am, or 6 am. But a month ago we were blessed with a new sound that goes on for hours. A squealing water rush. It kinda sounds like marbles rushing through the pipes. It's horrible. :) Hopefully it will be fixed some day. The pipes that connect in the kitchen are the warmest. In fact we can pull frozen veggies out of the freezer, put them on top and have them completely defrosted in minutes! The kitchen gets VERY hot when you're cooking.

And of course notice our beautiful cement window view through the windows.

Looking out:

That's us! And honestly, we pretty much love it except for the heater which we occasionally throw things at. It's so fun to have our own place! Anyone want to come stay the night? :)


Christiansen's said...

Seriously being newlyweds are the best because you have great stories to tell your children about "how we use to live" while trying to survive through school. You guys have done great things with it. I love your kitchen cabnets, those are real cute! I also couldn't stop laughing imagining all the fun noises you guys hear in the middle of the night. It sure is different from what we heard when we lived in a apartment, the guy underneath us LOVED brining new girls home with him, and we got to hear it all :o Good luck sleeping!

Ryan and Jessica said...

It looks like a really cozy, comfortable place. :) That sucks about the sounds of the heater, but I love how positive you are about it. Do you live in SLC?

Sarah said...

We love your place!! Do you live in SLC? We'll have to come visit some time or you guys can co me to us. Do a game night or something. :)

Angie said...

That reminds me so much of our first apartment in Walla Walla, except we didn't even have a bedroom- it was a studio! I am grateful to say that pretty much every time we've moved, we've also upgraded! And I loved the mirror comment- so true! Except now we get to hang our own mirrors, so others complain they can only see the top of their heads when they come over!

Jessie said...

I love it! and this looks so much better than our first place... we had a kitchen, a hallway (with 2 closets) a big bedroom, and a tiny bathroom... someday maybe I"ll post pictures of all the places we've lived. Really, though, being a newly-wed--the place doesn't even matter--everything about learning to live together is such an adventure of it's own--enjoy it!

Matthew and Hillary said...

Haha, this so reminded me of being a newly married couple. Our apartment was like 515 square feet. We didn't move until Sam was 2 months old. Once Sam's stuff arrived (and then Sam himself), we knew there was no way we could stay, but couldn't moved for another 3 months. Way to turn the living room into your bedroom! Ingenious!! I have SUCH fond memories in that first tiny little place, and I'm sure you will, too. Too bad about the no storage, that's the worst. We never sat on our couches until we moved into a bigger place unless we had company over. Enjoy it while it lasts, and it will definitely make you appreciate it when you do get an upgraded place someday. :)

Tannie Datwyler said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog Becky! I LOVE staying home now with my kids. The first year and a half with Claire I did work though, so I'm not sure what it is like to stay home with a baby only. . .I'm glad you left a comment because now I'll follow your blog too. :) I didn't realize you had one.

Deann Hadley said...

Thanks for the tour! Our kitchen is like that, but about 4 feet longer. LOL Someone once told me it's called a Gala kitchen or something... makes it sound much nicer when I'm frustrated with not enough room to make dinner.

clay and jordan said...

First apartments as newlyweds are the best. When Clay and I lived in Taylorsville, I HATED our apartment with a passion, but now I miss it so much. It was and always will be our very first home. Enjoy your first home for as long as you can! It's so cute and homey!

Cami and Mitch said...

Hey I am so glad that you are going to come, and that is great that you got ahold of Shanda. I tried to get ahold of her but it just didnt work out. Is she coming/