Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Last night we hadn’t had time to prepare a lesson for FHE so we pulled out a wedding gift that has fun and random FHE ideas in it. We decided we would do whatever the first thing we opened to.

It ended up being a scavenger hunt. It listed these categories:
1. You
2. Your Spouse
3. Your Dating Experiences
4. Your Engagement
5. Your Wedding
6. Your Honeymoon
7. Your Married Life
8. Your Home
9. Your Greatest Strength as a Couple
10. Your Future Together.

Both of us had to find objects around the house that represented these times for us. It gave some examples like a clock for your engagement to show how slowly time passed or a key for the wedding to show that it opened a new door in your life.

So we grabbed some pillowcases and dashed around the house secretly for a few minutes finding the items. We were both a bit skeptical at first, but after we had found a few items we started to get excited to share our finds. When we were done we pulled out our finds one by one and explained why we’d chosen it. It was super fun! Some of my favorites were that we both grabbed some cheese from the fridge to describe me (I have an unhealthy cheese obsession…), Aaron found a red ribbon for our engagement representing hitting every Wal-mart in the valley to get enough ribbon for the invites!, I chose a napkin for our Honeymoon representing a great BBQ place we went to in Springfield the day after we were married, he chose a golf ball and spool of thread for our Greatest Strength showing how different we are but how the balance of them is so great, and I picked Zebra for our Future Together… representing that hopefully we’ll have real children and not just stuffed animals. :)

It only took us like 15 minutes and was really fun to smile and laff at each other’s memories and the objects we’d picked. I’d suggest you force your hubbies to do it with you!

In other news, sorry that I’m a lame blogger and don’t post too often. Our lives are great and exciting, but probably quite boring to the outside world! Our lives are a lot of school and a lot of work and a bit of cooking, cleaning, and playing. We’re grateful for the blessing we have especially with the economic distress happening all around.

The only other thing I think I should share is that our ward celebrated its 160th birthday this weekend! Our ward was one of the first nineteen created by Brigham Young on Feb. 22, 1849. Yeah, we’re pretty cool! We had a ward party last weekend and learned some of the history. My favorite thing I learned was that one of the more recent bishops always had a gun in his top drawer in his office. Whatever you have to do to get people to pay their tithing?!? :)

Friday, February 13, 2009


Let me tell you my joy when I opened a Christmas present from my mom and there was a CHIA PET!!! I've always wanted one of these and couldn't believe one was really in my hands!!

I was given the "Chia Head" version and we named him Mr. Potato Head. It was super fun to grow.

For those of you who are likewise intrigued by Chia Pets, let me show you how it all goes down...

First you take some of the seeds and let them soak in water for an hour. A paste magically forms by doing this and then you give your ChiaHead a massage and fill the seeds into all the cracks. For the next couple of days you are supposed to keep him wet all the time and under tons of sunlight. Our apartment doesn't really get natural light so I just kept a lamp on him and it worked just fabulous!

Just two days later I noticed we had sproutage happening! Enthusiasm ensues.

Next day: GREEN is showing!!!

Next day, this boy is gaining hair right and left!

Three days later he's got a full head of hair!

A week later he's still the joy of your life.

Look at this smile... have you ever seen a happier ChiaMan?

And this picture was about a week before it died off. I'm showing with my finger that his hair was about two inches tall.

I hope you're all super jealous. I'm definitely a fan of the ChiaPet and it was all I had dreamed it would be over all these years! We've got some seeds left and we're thinking mullet and mohawk for some other dos!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Randomness About Me

So quite a few of you did this like five months ago and I was adequately inspired and wanted to do it too. It took me forever, but just as I was getting ready to post it someone goes on Facebook and totally steals my thunder! Anyway, I’m posting them and hope you enjoy learning random facts about me! (The first 25 are the ones I posted on Facebook so you can skip them if you don’t feel like reading them twice.)

1. I love Wal-mart.
2. I love country. Whether that be music, the thought of the slow life, etc.
3. The only CD I’ve ever purchased is Rascal Flatts.
4. We don’t have TV. But if we’d did, I’d watch the news and the MoTab broadcast.
5. I’ve never watched an episode of Gilmore Girls, Friends, Gray’s Anatomy, the Office, Lost, etc. And I’m totally okay with that.
6. I love drinking water. It's delish.
7. I was never asked to a boy choice dance in high school. It was sad.
8. I own an abacus. I saw it at D.I. and couldn’t think of any good reason why I shouldn’t own it so I got it.
9. I love to cook but can only cook from cookbooks.
10. I enjoy shopping 99% of the time. For clothes, food, anything.
11. I love to sneeze... it's so refreshing.
12. I hate it when people 'stiffle' their sneezes and make that ridiculous squeak sound.
13. I love opening gifts. I'm pretty sure I opened every single one of our wedding gifts. :)
14. Provo gives me anxiety.
15. I love journals. I wrote in one daily for years. I've slowed down to weeklyish now, but I have like 20 journals!
16. I don't like my name. I wish my name was Katie.
17. I feel that police are out to get me. They are never there to help me.
18. I am the jumpiest driver ever. I'm positive everyone can't see me.
19. I have been rear-ended four times. (I think this explains me being very jumpy.)
20. I have an incredibly jacked up neck because of the whiplash from being rear-ended.
21. I have a desire to graffiti a train car. I have no idea what I'd write or draw, but I've always wanted to.
22. I make my bed every day. I hate seeing beds all messy.
23. I enjoy cleaning for the most part.
24. I would be embarrassed to drive a PT Cruiser.
25. I remove shrink wrap and other packaging materials immediately from items. I hate to see extra junk lying around. Same with envelopes... I toss them immediately and just keep the insides.
26. I love to pay the bills at my work. I love writing the checks. (I’m sure it also has something to do with writing checks but not having it be my money!)
27. I love aprons. Right now I have a Christmas and Halloween one and regular ones. I pretty much always wear one when I cook. I feel more culinary with it on. :)
28. All dogs are male to me. For some reason I can't call them female.
29. I have a toolbox with lots of tools in it.
30. I love to use my tools. I love to put things together.
31. I have rode in a limo once on a business trip.
32. I think confrontation is so lame. Can't we all just get along?
33. I love coupons. I try to never buy anything at JoAnn's without one.
34. We'll try any restaurant if we have a coupon for it.
35. I hate paying for parking. I will walk a few blocks if it means not paying for parking.
36. I think Volkswagon Beetle's are gross.
37. I love Laura Ingalls Wilder and have read all the books a few times.
38. I believe jetlag is in all in your head and you cannot have it if you choose not to.
39. I discovered amazon.com for books a couple years ago and love it. I could spend a lot of money on there.
40. I would love to have a room that is just a library someday.
41. I love books and I try to collect a book from places I go as a souvenir.
42. I think Michael Jackson’s music is bumpin’.
43. Last year I had a ct scan of my neck, x-rays of my chest, and blood work done.
44. After those tests last year I was diagnosed with mono. :)
45. I pretty much only breathe through my nose.
46. I love open windows and the fresh air that comes through them.
47. I love to be outside. If it's something I can reasonably do outside, I try to.
48. I cry a lot and I cry very easily and I hate it with a passion.
49. I love, love, love people watching.
50. I think laugh should be spelled laff.
51. I love giving gifts, wrapping gifts, and receiving gifts. Gifts are happy.
52. The smell of cigarettes absolutely disgusts me and causes my throat to close up.
53. I love the PowerPoint program. I made a PowerPoint about Samuel the Laminate with my brother once. Complete with graphs. It rocked.
54. A goal of mine is to be known as someone who was chill in all situations.
55. One reason I like winter is because I get to change wardrobes.
56. I try not to judge people. For example, once a woman who knew way better wore an immodest shirt when she sang a solo in church and I made up all these stories about what if... she got locked out of her house in beach clothing and couldn't get back in to change but decided to come to church anyway, what if she gave her sleeves to someone in need, what if....
57. I have an imagination. Obviously. :)
58. I hate winding the vacuum cord... it just seems like such a waste because you have to unwind it in a couple days.
59. I hate seeing a vacuum cord not wound... it looks so messy. Obviously vacuum cords are a lose/lose situation for me. :)
60. I always hold my breath as I walk pass the coffee aisle in a store. Coffee reaks.
61. I used to be really good at knee-driving.
62. If my husband had a good job, I wouldn't mind ironing a shirt for him every day.
63. I wash all my clothes inside/out and I never turn an article of clothing right side out until I wear it.
64. A roomie in college pointed out that I left cupboard doors open and now it drives me crazy when they are open.
65. After my roomie pointed it out to me, I did it just to bug her. :)
66. Due to all of my obsessive compulsiveness, I wonder what kind of mother I'll be.
67. I like old people and want them to tell me stories.
68. Acutally, I want everyone to tell me stories. I love stories.
69. I love Blueberry Morning, Kix, and Crispix, but only buy them if they are on sale.
70. I also love Marshmellow Mateys.
71. I really enjoy Charles Wysocki puzzles.
72. I generally don't like bangs.
73. Choosing what to wear is one of the hardest choices I make all day. :)
74. Almost all my clothes come from Old Navy.
75. I love wearing myself out.
76. I think it would rock to be able to forecast storms “in my bones”.
77. I like to have my toenails painted silver.

Well there you have it. 77 randoms! Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy Groundhog's Day!

February 2nd a.k.a. Groundhog's Day is one of those unrespected holidays. I feel it should be a national holiday with work off and flags flown and everything.

A proper way to celebrate is with Groundhog's Day Brownies.

See how those little 'groundhogs' are out there looking on the 'dirt' for their shadows?

For those of you rolling your eyes, hey I'm all about any way to celebrate the small stuff!