Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Last night we hadn’t had time to prepare a lesson for FHE so we pulled out a wedding gift that has fun and random FHE ideas in it. We decided we would do whatever the first thing we opened to.

It ended up being a scavenger hunt. It listed these categories:
1. You
2. Your Spouse
3. Your Dating Experiences
4. Your Engagement
5. Your Wedding
6. Your Honeymoon
7. Your Married Life
8. Your Home
9. Your Greatest Strength as a Couple
10. Your Future Together.

Both of us had to find objects around the house that represented these times for us. It gave some examples like a clock for your engagement to show how slowly time passed or a key for the wedding to show that it opened a new door in your life.

So we grabbed some pillowcases and dashed around the house secretly for a few minutes finding the items. We were both a bit skeptical at first, but after we had found a few items we started to get excited to share our finds. When we were done we pulled out our finds one by one and explained why we’d chosen it. It was super fun! Some of my favorites were that we both grabbed some cheese from the fridge to describe me (I have an unhealthy cheese obsession…), Aaron found a red ribbon for our engagement representing hitting every Wal-mart in the valley to get enough ribbon for the invites!, I chose a napkin for our Honeymoon representing a great BBQ place we went to in Springfield the day after we were married, he chose a golf ball and spool of thread for our Greatest Strength showing how different we are but how the balance of them is so great, and I picked Zebra for our Future Together… representing that hopefully we’ll have real children and not just stuffed animals. :)

It only took us like 15 minutes and was really fun to smile and laff at each other’s memories and the objects we’d picked. I’d suggest you force your hubbies to do it with you!

In other news, sorry that I’m a lame blogger and don’t post too often. Our lives are great and exciting, but probably quite boring to the outside world! Our lives are a lot of school and a lot of work and a bit of cooking, cleaning, and playing. We’re grateful for the blessing we have especially with the economic distress happening all around.

The only other thing I think I should share is that our ward celebrated its 160th birthday this weekend! Our ward was one of the first nineteen created by Brigham Young on Feb. 22, 1849. Yeah, we’re pretty cool! We had a ward party last weekend and learned some of the history. My favorite thing I learned was that one of the more recent bishops always had a gun in his top drawer in his office. Whatever you have to do to get people to pay their tithing?!? :)


Sarah said...

That is AWESOME! That sounds way fun. I think we have the same FHE book.. and we've flipped through it once, but we should actually try it out. Kudos to you for geting into the habit so early. Last night Jeff and I went running together for the first time. Hopefully we can make that a habit. Oh, and as for the mashed potatoes...lol.. I guess I'm used to potatoes from scratch.. my mom always made them that way. We still think it's a ploy cuz it's all about the meat there, right? Do it - use the 2 for 1 and enjoy!

Josh and Megs said...

that's an awesome fhe! i will have to get Josh to do that with me!

The Ivie's said...

What is the FHE book? It sounds like a great one! I think I am going to use the one that you shared for a date with Peter!

*Liese said...

I LOVE the Newlywed FHE book! I'm so glad someone gave it to the two of you. We've thoroughly enjoyed ours and are still using it. :)

Colby and Meredith said...

I love that FHE idea! Colby and I definitely struggle with that concept. I may have to find me a copy of that book.

Mandy Torgrimson said...

Sounds like a fun FHE. We'll have to try it out. So, when are you and Aaron going to come and visit again? We can find out who's the best at Ticket to Ride!

Gage said...

That is a great FHE idea? Kudos to you.

Mike and Lisa said...

Thanks for the FHE idea! Honestly, Mike and I have been trying to do better at having FHE, but getting ideas for just the two of us (that can participate) is tough! We'll have to do this one!

Charlynn said...

Hey Cute Girl!

I'm glad you enjoy my blog. When are you coming over so we can play games or something? I don't have your email address, so Facebook book me or email me at sweetsapphiredragon@yahoo.com.

Emily said...

I would always pay my tithing! FOR SHO!

WX Ences said...

Sounds like fun...my kids might go crazy listening to us for that long though!

I love the Chia pet...although, you should know he has hair growing out of his ears...that's gross. You should be sure and clip those before they get unsightly. Just thought you should know.

Hope to see you soon.

Deann said...

sounds like a great book!! how fun :) the cheese thing... YUM!! I think my family depends entirely too much on cheese. LOL