Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Palgamoria Weekend

Aaron finished finals last Wednesday so we headed down to Pagosa Springs (or Palgamoria as my friend who can't remember the name of the city calls it... which I think is a pretty awesome name...!) to watch Aaron's little brother Ryan run in a home track meet and it also happened to be their prom.
As we drove down through Moab on Friday afternoon we hit a car show! There were 100's of old cars and I caught a few pics as we drove through.
We went to the track meet around 9 on Saturday morning. We helped as timers at the finish line.
Ryan competed in four events. Here he is getting and passing 'the bar thing'.

And here he is running the mile. He finished fourth at 5:04. Wowza.

The only track stuff I've watched has been on the Olympics so it was cool to see a meet in person. Ryan didn't do the hurdles, but it was my favorite event so I'm posting a picture. :)

We were out there until it ended around 4. The whole day was cold and VERY windy and almost completely overcast.
I took this picture from the track... just had to show how beautiful his mountainous town is. (It's also really ghetto in parts but that's beside the point.)
Despite the lack of sun, Aaron somehow caught A LOT of rays. He kept getting more red as the night went on.
We had a couple hours before the promies would be coming for dinner so we went on a hike up a nearby hill. We found this cool carved log and had to represent.

It was a fun, quick, pretty hike.

And then it was PromTime! We got the boys looking all snazzy before they took off. Here is my raccoon making the perfect tie knot... and also matching the tie quite well.
We cooked a mad good dinner for them.
Appetizer: Incredible Dip with lots of dipping yummies
2nd Appetizer: Salad with all the fixins
Main Course: Prime Rib, Green Beans, Twice-Baked Potatoes
Dessert: Brownie Ice-Cream Roll with Chocolate Drizzle Sauce.
Seriously, delish.
I decorated a table upstairs and they ate by candlelight.
Aaron did a lot of the serving. He started out in jeans and a t-shirt, then moved to a suit, then to...
and then the oxygen tank... ?!

And the finale. :) Yes, we're freaks. And yes it was hilarious.

We even went and showed up at the prom and made him wear the last outfit. Good times. :)

We drove back Sunday afternoon. We saw some really pretty bright green leaves poking out against the red rocks.

And then we hit snow. The colors of the bright spring green and the white were really interesting.

We stopped at my fam's house on the way back up and had dinner and spent a couple hours with them. We are really blessed with such fabulous families.
We pulled into the parking lot and found this on my car.

No note, nothing. Ugh. We did have someone come down yesterday and say they witnessed who did it and saw them drive off. Now we just have to find that person. Seriously though-- ethics??!!
And a couple other pictures... We took a walk on Monday night and I just thrived in the beauty of the flowers.

And a couple fab shots of us.

I could almost see the future.
Good times.
Aaron started Spring Semester today so it's back to the grind...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring Break Lovin'!

Last weekend we were able to join my family for a wonderful Spring Break! We left Friday afternoon and drove down to Capitol Reef National Park. Just a warning... this is definitely a picture-heavy post. :)

Our adventure started with the guy below. Know how you are going 65 mph and then you come to a small town and slow down to 35 mph for like 10 seconds while you pass through? We did it and came around the corner to a cop car. Even though I was totally okay on the speed limit I always know coppers are out to get me so I froze up. I made sure to not make eye contact as we passed and then Aaron and my bro Dan busted out laffing. "He was the ugliest ever!!... Did you see his stash?!... He was fake!!" I couldn't believe it and we turned around and pulled up next to him and took a picture. Thank goodness he was fake... how awkward would that have been? "Uhhhhhhh... hi sir.... uhhh... you're really ugly... I mean... where is the closest... uhhh... gas station?..."

That evening and next morning we drove through the park enjoying the beauty.

Check out this funky tree!

Fabulous petroglyphs...

Atypical signs...

Shiny, happy people...

Aaron, Dan, Jen, and I went a six-mile, pretty easy hike to Calf Creek Falls.

Besides the neat views, there were some sweet rock formations to check out.
Swiss cheese rocks.

Streaks formed by manganese and iron.
The end view. Not too shabby! We didn't stay long though because it was cold!

My ears were burning with the cold so I took the hood off my coat and wore it. Yes, I do realize I looked ridiculous and found joy in hearing the foreigners laff at me. Aaron called me his astronaut. :)

Now let's take a drive!

Then we came to a Scenic Byway. I don't know that it has a specific name but it was on the way to Escalante State Park. It was INCREDIBLE. HUGE dropoffs on both sides of the road. It was gorgeous and so inspiring. I especially love how you can see the trees winding with the river in the picture below. I bet it looks way cool in the summer.

We went to some Anasazi ruins...

In the town of Escalante we saw this hottie...
I'm thinking about hooking her and the cop up. Rar!

And this was in some dude's front yard...
There's nothing like a homemade cannon!

We went into Escalante State Park and took a hike. It started sleeting (snow pellets not flakes, so I'll call it sleeting) and it was interesting to watch the storms come in!

On the hike you go past lots of petrified wood! It's SO interesting and colorful! I'm sitting on the largest piece they've found.

This tree is too cool. The first view is the side view... like a couple feet wide. The next picture is from the side... only like a couple inches! I wonder how it happened!

Sunday we went to church in a little town called Tropic. Then we read the story of the Ressurection and waited anxiously for the Easter Bunny to come! Once he did we all acted very mature... :) We spent the rest of day in the hotel playing games and just enjoying being together.

Monday morning we took off for Bryce Canyon. We enjoyed the scenery.

If you look closely, you can see trees on the top... sweet!

We took a hike down into the "hoodoos". These switchbacks are called Wall Street.

This is what it looks like when you're at the bottom of the hoodoos!

I loved this tree. Look how tall its grown to have light. Just like us... we need to seek for light.

We walked around down at the bottom for a little bit.

And then back up different switchbacks! (Take note of the skinny rock sticking straight up. I call him Moroni. He'll be in a later picture.)

Looking down the switchbacks...
And some views nearing the end of the trail...

This is Thor's Hammer. Not sure who Thor is, but the lucky guy got this.

On the right is the Pinaccle (my Moroni)... so unique and incredible.

And as a last little treat...
Here is a picture of me posing in the way that I saw so many foreigners doing. I thought I should follow. :)

We took off for home after that. It was such a wonderful weekend. A needed break from work and school. Being with family. Soaking in nature. If you've ever heard the old country song "God Blessed Texas," I'd have to change it and say that God Blessed Utah!