Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Long Weekend Amazingness

Yeah so Memorial Day Weekend was great.
Saturday started off with a trip to Provo to see my previous roomie Nicole get sealed to her husband and their newborn baby Jonathan. It was such a sweet experience! It was so great to see a few previous roomies. Afterward we did a session so that I could add another temple to my list!

Sunday night all of us got together at my parent's house for some good eats and a campout! We had a little surprise party for Wadds (no that's not her real name, but close enough) and Aaron who have birthdays next week.

We are all very good-looking, flattering people.

Yeah, they're in love.

And then the campout!! Wellll it was raining pretty hard. But we REALLY wanted to give our camping gear a try! Soooo, we set up our tent in our parent's basement. :)

We blew up our air mattress which BARELY fits! We also used our fabulous down blanket we received... yep that's all the camping gear we've got--what more could we need?!

We invited all to join us inside!

You better believe we slept in our tent. And it was the best night of sleep I've ever slept while "camping".
Thank goodness Monday's weather was great. I'd been dying for a long bike ride and was thrilled the weather didn't let me down. Here we are ready to head to the trail!

Good times!

We randomly ran into Dawn who so awesomely took our picture.

After the ride we set up the volleyball net in the backyard and started playing. I received permission to cut off some branches of this massive pine tree back there so that we could have a bit more of an unobstructed court. Then we received permission to take down as much as we wanted. We had a way good time... as you'll see...

Saftey first?

Yeah, this is our finished product. :) It's a new type of palm tree. :) We like it. We're classy like that.

Hope y'all had a fab weekend too. :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Templo Square

So templo is pretty much the only Espanol word I know. Therefore, I use it loud and proud.

So last Friday night I told that husband of mine I'd had enough with his homework and we were going on an outing. (That's slightly made up, but it makes for a good story.) :) Anyway, we biked to Templo Square because I was dying to see the flowers and amazingness. We were not disappointed.

If I understand my genealogy correctly, my third great-grandpa made these doors!

We sat there on the lawn, enjoyed the sun, and ate some chips and salsa. We're pretty classy. Yummy warm weather.