Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Monticello and a Wedding!

Last weekend we took a little trip that we've known about for over a year and a half. We went to Aaron's hometown for his best friend from high school's wedding.
Aaron finals ended on Thursday (YAY!!) and we took off south after that.
You never know who you're going to be stuck behind...

After I took the picture I told him we needed to pass this dude asap since it was my birthday and I didn't want to throw up. :) The weather was pretty normal clear but we did go through some storms and saw some cool skies!

Previously we've always made the 8 hour drive to his parent's home only stopping for gas, but I decided that since it was my birthday I didn't want to do that! Aaron has done pretty much nothing but homework since the end of April because he took two really hard pre-reqs so I wanted to relax and spend time with him and no homework! I asked my parent's for a hotel room in Monticello as a bday present. I've always wanted to stop in Monticello and hang out in the town and go to the temple. So we did. :) Thanks to my parentals for the hotel room. We got there and went to Taco Time for dinner and then walked around the town. We got in trouble and had to hang out in the jail...

Gosh jails can get lame. :)

We checked out "Pioneer Park". This is the original church or a replica of it. I thought it was pretty.

Cool lantern hanging by the door...

I love pioneers so this metal-work made me happy...

We found at TRACTOR for Aaron to hop onto...

We discussed the fishy gas prices...

And went to bed. There's not a huge nightlife in Monticello. :)

The next morning we ate the continental breakfast (woot!) and then headed off around the town again until 10 when the first temple session was. Behind Monticello is Horsehead Mountain. Can you see the horse head made of trees?

The drive was really pretty. We saw a sign that said, "14 day camping limit." I guess they don't want people taking up residence! We went to "Monticello Lake"...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's a pond. :) But it was pretty!

We kept going and came to a fabulous view of Canyonlands in the distance!

We still had a few minutes so we went to the San Juan Museum! It was free and just full of all sorts of random stuff. These two were my favorites. A baby scale from the hospital!... (I have no idea why this is underlined and can't get it to go away...)

And the most adorable toy I've ever seen! I want one. :)

They also had a gift shop with *adorable* finger puppets... WHO BUYS THAT!?

And then off to the temple. It's cool. And another one to add to our list!

After that I made him stop at one last place I wanted to go to. "Cindy's Second-Hand Thrift Store." It smelled nasty and was kinda like D.I. but I found a Wysocki puzzle that she sold me for 50 cents. So that was my big bday gift! And then off to Pagosa Springs. We had the rehearsal dinner that night and walked around the main part of town while waiting. So here's some pics of the touristness of Pagosa! There are warm sulfur pools that the hotels have access to that are also 'healing'.
Looking down:

Looking back up:

Colored minerals are cool! This is a premier adult-only section.

This is a new hotel that I think is so pretty. You can't really see the colors, but the combo of yellow, green, and brown is just so natural and I really love it!

Cool pool with the sulfur water changing the color of the rocks:

After the dinner, we went to the location of the wedding for the rehearsal. When we arrived I was thrilled to find out that the decorations were causing major stress! This meant I got to do something!! While they practiced for quite awhile I got to staple and decorate and enjoy myself. (Pics later.)

Saturday morning it started raining so we decided to take a hike. :) It took about 30 min to get there on a dirt road. The hike was maybe a mile tops. It was wet. Very wet.

I thought it was so cool to see these trees growing out of rocks!

Here we are at Piedra Falls... there really isn't a great way to view it. There are huge rocks everywhere.

You can't tell how big these rocks are but they're at least 12' round. Aaron said none of those were here last time he came. It appears rocks falling is pretty common...

...because we were right next to the cliff when all the sudden a rock (much smaller than the others, thank goodness!) skimmed Aaron's shoulder and landed on his foot. He yelped pretty loud. Thank goodness it missed his head.
We hiked/limped back to the car and checked out his toe.

Ouch! It kept getting blacker and blacker all night. We're pretty sure it's broken but everyone kept telling us not to go to the doctor because they'll charge you to tell you they can't do anything. On Sunday we splinted it and gave him crutches though so hopefully it will heal fine and just be incredibly painful for a short while!
After the hike we came back, watched the skies clear up and had our birthday bbq. He's Aaron with some awesome spoils.

And meet Alladre Sue! You might recognize these *pretty* towels from a post I did about some funny wedding gifts we got. Well we gave them to his sister as a joke with other bath stuff for her bday a few months ago. And look what I got back! :) We laffed realllllllllllllllly hard.

It took a few hours to come up with her name but I decided on her name after a remembering a funny conversation with his sister on the hike. She told us as a kid she always wanted her name to be Alladre. (It's said kinda like allergy but with a d) :) We have NO idea where she would get that name from but we decided it was fitting. I call her Alli because I can't remember her name sometimes. :)
Then off to the wedding! The rain started up again HARD two hours before the wedding. Aaron's dad and I headed over 30 min early to move all the chairs inside assuming we had no choice... but the rain cleared right then!!! We wiped the chairs off and they had the wedding as planned. Lucky ducks!
Here's the site. So pretty!

And here's what I did the night before. I wrapped the poles, hung the organza from the eaves, and hung some of the flowers from the top. (This 'gazebo' hadn't been painted in a LONG time and was peeling all over and looked really bad. They had stapled up tree branches to cover the wood the afternoon before and they had all died by the time of the rehearsal. This was the alternate we came up with with supplies they already had. The bride's mother was thrilled.)

And the wedding. Aaron's on the very right. His tux shoe was really tight but he did really well at not limping while walking up the aisle. Aaron's dad performed the ceremony. It was short and sweet.

And then they went off to take pictures. The bride had secretly given Aaron's dad handcuffs and he handcuffed them at the end of the ceremony! (The groom is a police officer.) I thought it was pretty dang cute.

After pictures we all waited and waited and waited. The couple finally showed up over two hours later... we had been given our salads over an hour earlier and had just sat there waiting. It did let us sit together and chat for a bit so that was good. Here's the fam. I'm pretty proud of our coordinating outfits.

They finally showed up and we were served. Aaron is on the right again. He only had one shoe on the whole time we were inside (even through the escorting) but I don't think anyone noticed!

Funny thing about the food: the caterers were VERY displeased that the bride and groom were taking so long because "the meat was jerky by now and the other stuff was burnt since they were supposed to serve two hours earlier". Well, the meat looked like this. :) It's pretty safe to say that I didn't see anyone in the room eat it! After awhile they did some dances and toasts. We left around 10:30. I hope the couple enjoyed their day.

We went to church with his fam on Sunday morning and then headed back home. It was pretty typcial. Alladre was a good girl and didn't fuss a bit; thank goodness. :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

3 Awesome's

This is a pretty random post, but it's three recent awesome things.

First, Cinnamon WonderBread. The first time I had this was the day before our wedding. We drove to Wal-mart in Keokuk and got food to eat since we had a kitchen in the motel room. This was something we purchased on a whim. And it is DELICIOUS! So when I saw it a couple weeks ago for a couple bucks I had to purchase it for the memory. Aaron was thrilled as well.

Yum yum deliciousness.

And just a random tidbit... the day before we got married I was eating some of this toasted goodness and a raisin fell out and burned me! Proof in this picture.

Can you see the red mark near my elbow? RAISIN BURN. I'm hardcore. :)

I love lilies. As in they're my favorite. And I get to see these every day as I ride Bike to work! They're so pretty. They make me happy.

And last. But DEFINITELY not least.
I visit teach an 85-year-old woman named Stella. She's awesome. And last night she gave us these as a treat.

That's an old (clean) yogurt cup filled with Hershey's kisses with a baggie around it and tied with a twist-tie. Can't lie; I smiled for a couple hours about it.