Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bear Lake

Last weekend we had The First Official Jansquez Family Reunion. Okay so really it wasn't really official but we'll pretend. :) My fam all met up at Bear Lake for a few days of camping and good times.

We got up there Thursday night and were excited to see the beautiful lake. Aaron has never seen it before so it was fun to show him around.

All good camping trips involve cooking. Here is my dad expertly cooking Roosti. (Secret family recipe so don't even think of asking...)

It was delish. I'm holding a picture of Flat Brad so we could feel of his presence while he's on his mission.

Friday brought a variety of activities. Wadds spent some time enjoying "Anne" books,

all of us went on a bike ride and Dan chose to indulge in awkward spandex moments,

and we all went hiking to the Limber Pine later that afternoon. My family tries our hardest to get awkward pictures and I think we do quite well. Here's Sheshe and Jen,

all us girls (some riding a random tree),

and my peeps standing on a "tree hotel" representing SelectHealth quite well. (Some of my family did a ride for diabeties last year and were given a plethora of riding attire.)

There was pretty stuff along the trail like SEGO LILIES!!! (I only think I've seen one other in my life!)

and quite a few beautiful butterflies. (The only way I got a picture of this one is because it was dead...)

The trail ends at the largest limber pine... five trees that grew together! One sign said it was 2000 years old and one said 250 so I won't say how old it is. I do know that it's big though!

And of course awkward fake engagement pics were a must...

Saturday we went to a place called Tony's Grove. We had read that the wildflowers there are incredible... and they sure were!

We went on a bike ride around the lake and got about halfway and found out that it really wasn't a bike trail... there were lots of rocks and we ended up walking our bikes probably a fourth of the way. It was fine though... it was so beautiful! These pictures don't even do the flowers justice!

That afternoon Aaron and I went on our own bike ride that we'd heard about. It's called Round Valley and is supposedly where some of the earliest settlers of Bear Lake lived. We were told there was a ghost town schoolhouse, mansion, and a cemetary that we would see. We must be blind because we're pretty sure we missed them!
This is a view of the valley. The road was pretty much right up against all the mountains on each side. It was really fun and really beautiful. And really windy. :)

This was the only thing I saw that I thought could maybe be one of the old remnants...

This garage cracked me up. I love the fake brick siding in desperate need of repair... and the ESCALADE inside it. :)

Oh, this was in someone's backyard and it looked old, but I don't know if it was one of the originals? But it still looked cool. I have a place in my heart for old things for some reason.

And you can sure bet we didn't park here. !!???!!

We finished the ride and went down to the lake to play for a bit.

I was really obsessed with how pretty the shells and colors looked together. Good ol' Mother Nature is pretty fab with interior design.

We met up with my fam at the beach and of course had to go get a raspberry shake. Yum yum yum!
Sunday we went to church down in Garden City. It could be compared to insanity. There were hundreds of people there and it took over 20 people to pass the sacrament! We spent the afternoon eating and playing games and then some of us had to head back to reality.

It was such a blast. We laffed so hard and had such a good time.


seanandnataliekowallis said...

I love Tony's Grove! Sean and I took a picnic up there once and watched the sunset. It's beautiful.

Josh and Megs said...

LUCKY! I"m so jealous. I've been wanting Josh and I to go to Bear Lake forever! Maybe once we get to SLC we can finally go so we can let Abigail play in the pretty water.

Julie said...

Now this just looks fun! Can I change my last name to Janssen?

Matthew and Hillary said...

Wow, how picturesque! Sounds like you had tons of fun. I love your pictures.

Angie said...

I love the pic of Dan in his spandex. When the heck did that kid grow up? I have to admit, I love seeing all these tall beautiful people in your pictures. Isn't tall the best?

*Liese said...

It's trips like this which make me wish I were married to you! LoL Umm...question...if you're not going to share the recipe for this Roosti stuff, can I get an explanation as to what it actually is?! The photo's rather ambiguous. I pretty much love your wildflower photos as well as the awkward photos-those are always the most fun, that's for sure. Good job at finding a Sego Lily! Pretty sure I've never seen one in real life; now I'm even more jealous.

Meg said...

Your trip sounded so fun and looked beautiful! I've never been to Bear Lake but I've heard so much about it. I'll have to go sometime!

Sarah said...

Looks like way too much fun! And SO beautiful. I love the lily! I'm glad you and your family take advantage of nature so often!

Cami and Mitch said...

Becky-you have done a lot of updates! Looks like you guys have been having fun. Congrats to Aaron on getting into the business school! (And to you too!)

Emily said...

Looks like scads of fun~ Espcially the awkward picts! Good Times!

Emily said...

Love the skirt with the tennis shoes! :)

~Wyatt~Brittney~Brecken~ said...

looks like your camping adventures went much better than ours!