Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Week Off

So we were on vacation last week. And since I seem to be really good at overloading my posts with pictures, I'll just go ahead and do it again. :)

On the 4th we drove down to Pagosa. I've always wanted to put in a picture of the Spanish Fork Windmills and am finally doing it. Aaron hates them and I love them. :)

We even saw some Castro fans!?

We made the best time we ever have. I guess everyone being at parades + no one working on construction because it was a holiday + who knows what made the drive about an hour less! We had dinner and watched fireworks that night.

Sunday we went to church and then walked around at a craft fair thing downtown. (Perfect day to go since there would be no temptation to buy anything!) Then we suffered through Fast Sunday. :)

Monday we packed up to go to Aaron's Mom's Family Reunion. (Good title, eh?! And I'm not so sure about those apostrophes...) We got there in the afternoon. It was between the cities of South Fork and Creede, Colorado. We stayed in this place called Cottonwood Cove that is right on the Rio Grande River. The cabins are slightly ghetto but really fun.

Nothing inside matches at all. In fact it almost looks like they went to a zillion garage sales and just got whatever they could and threw it in the cabins! It was completely comfortable though and really fun. The only thing I had to wonder about were the bathroom floors... what an interesting paint job!

We got settled in and the boys went fly fishing. It was fun to watch him and to soak in the scenery.

I got to play with Tylon, Aaron's cousin's son. He was a drool monster!! His hair is SO adorable. People were telling Aaron that Tylon could be his son... I hope we get a curly-headed baby some day!

Tuesday we went into Creede, a mining town. I was intrigued by it. I want to learn more about mines. Here is an old, cool, wooden thing. :) I guess donkies used to pull the carts on them. Sometimes they would break and the donkies would die. :(

And the fire department! They mined a little hole for themselves!

We hiked to the top of a mountain where an old mine was. His dad said it was a very easy hike and not even a mile... he got quite a bit of flack for that one. It was almost 100% uphill and definitely over a mile. :) Most of us really enjoyed it though.

Near the end of the hike all the cliffs were like this. Supposedly donkies came on this too. Their feet were wrapped in rags so that all the clanging of the rocks wouldn't scare them.

Of course we got there and it was all blocked off. Lame! But I got as close as I could.
I poked around in the blocked-off hole and found these. Pretty sure they're artifacts. :)
We waited for quite awhile until everyone who wanted to finish had made it there.
Ryan got to carry Baby Hannah up. She's a doll.

His grandma (in the yellow) finished! She was quite the trooper.

Hikes are always great for enjoying scenery.

We got back and a few of us went on a horse ride! Yee-hah! I've only been one other time years ago and my horse was horrible. My horse this time was no exception! He was part Arabian so he liked to lag behind everyone else and then take off running to catch up. By the end of the ride I wasn't scared anymore so I guess I mastered that. :) The ride was beautiful. We rode past 'Wagonwheel Gap' which I think was a Pony Express stop.

Then we went rafting on the Rio Grande! (picture of other family members as I was wise to not take my camera with me.)

We went for about two miles and during that first mile we were still all trying to figure out how to steer and work together. Of course that first mile is where the rapids are! Within a few minutes of starting we hit a big rock and I flew out of the raft and went completely under! It was funny. I lost one of my flip-flops during the encounter. Then a few minutes later we hit a rock and I went flying out again! It was way fun.
That evening was the Gag Gift Exchange. I had saved a couple wedding gifts especially for it. :) The looks were hilarious. This puppet was the most coveted item of the night. The back of his cape says "EneMan". WHO MAKES THOSE!?

Aaron ended up with a rubber chicken and me with a candle. Not too shabby.

Wednesday I packed everything up while Aaron fished again. He went to the other side of the river and had success this time and caught two fish-- one was 18 inches! He tossed them back.

We all said our goodbyes and most people left and then we rafted down the river one more time. Just over a mile into the trip I said, "Hey! We haven't been looking for my flip flop!" Seriously less than 10 seconds later I saw something on the side of the river and screamed, "IS THAT IT!!??" So we pulled over to the side and it was it! (Or someone else's who just happened to lose the same size, same color, and same foot!) What are the odds!?! It was quite fabulous.
We decided to take the long way back to Pagosa and go visit his other grandma. She lives on a farm and Aaron's cousins were there working so they gave me a grand tour. I was super giddy about being on a farm and they were loving that someone was so excited to be on a farm!
I got to touch the baby cows they're growing for meat,

milk their cow,

see their massive amounts of potatoes,

go on a tour of their fields,

and shoot a gun! And I hit the target! All of their mouths hit the floor... it was hilarious. I was moving the gun so much that they couldn't believe it hit it. Neither could I but that's beside the point. :) It was good times.

We had dinner with them and then drove back to Pagosa.

Thursday we piled into his dad's Jeep and went on a 4x4 trail up to "Treasure Mountain."

We got to the base and climbed to the top.

It was a straight-up climb and I totally felt like we were in 'The Sound of Music' "climb(ing) every mountain"... And yes, I did break out in song.

It was an incredible 360 degree view from the top!

Supposedly the French came here years ago and buried their gold in it. (Hence the name Treasure Mountain...) There are holes all over the top where you can see where people have tried to find it! We found this part of the mountain that looked different from the rest and kicked around in it a bit but didn't find any gold.

Then we went back home and got everything ready for Ryan's Eagle Court of Honor. We had it at the church and it turned out really nice. Aaron gave him the Eagle Charge and Ryan gave him the mentor pin.

The sky was fab.

And this is how I decided the cake should be transported home. :)

Friday we left Pagosa about 8 am and starting driving towards Manti. We got there at 3 and met up with two other couples from our ward and did a session. The temple is GORGEOUS and SO unique! I highly suggest it.

Craig the Lamanite!

Then we headed to our campsite that we had reserved. According to googlemaps it was a very short drive. Except that googlemaps is clueless. :) The road was for 4-wheelers! We stopped to get directions and found out that to get there via normal roads would take over 1.5 hours!!! We started driving towards it, gave up after a bit, and just pulled off the side of the road in the Manti LaSal forest and camped. It was a great site.

The only bad thing was that we had to make our own toilet, but we survived because we're hardcore like that. (fyi, this is us girls 'building' it; nothing more)

We had a fire and cooked hot dogs and hash browns. While in Pagosa I had asked to see Aaron's old toys. We found Rafael (sp?) and decided he should come home with us. He really liked the campfire. (Yes, we're freaks.)

Saturday we got up and had eggs and bacon and pancakes for breakfast. Then we tried to find a hiking trail for awhile....

...but we couldn't really find one and the others in the group were really hot so we quit and drove to Ephraim and got a pizza. We also went to a penny candy store there! Except that it was 2 cents, but it was still fun.

Then we drove to Provo to run an errand, got back on the road and a tire starting going flat! Luckily we were a block away from Discount Tire so we went there and they took the nail out and fixed it. A flat tire is never convenient, but we were so grateful it happened there instead of elsewhere! We stopped at my parents house to say hi and wash the car that was covered in dust from the dirt roads, and then went home and unpacked everything and re-organized our room. Our apartment had flooded again the week before we left (it wasn't funny the second time) so we had stacked everything onto the bed and into other rooms and our landlord fixed the wall while we were gone.
And then we dropped into bed!
Vacations always go to fast for me and I've never been on a vacation where I've wanted to go home. Reality is good, but being away from reality is so wonderful. :)


mike and jenn said...

You guys seem to have so much fun! I love that you are very out-doorsy-wish we did more hiking, etc. I was wondering the other day how my girls would do camping-not sure I'm ready to try it but someday! Sounds like a great vacation!

Aloha_Misty said...

Wow Beck! Who would have thought. Your milking cows and shooting guns! Crazy days. Your vacations look so fun. They really make me miss beautiful Utah! I love love love windmills and oil pumps :) Greg teases me because I am constantly searching for them when we travel.

Kristen Moss said...

That sounds absolutly exhausting. You did so much. But it sounds like a blast. I wanna do all those things. Rafting is one of my favs.

Great pics by the way. Love the one of the weird log thing on your hike.


Tannie Datwyler said...

That vacation sounds AMAZING! I don't know... I think you could have squeezed in a few more things. :) That is so fun that you got to ride horses. I was in 4H when I was in Junior High, but I haven't ridden horses for a long time. I'm sure I've forgotten it all. The rafting adventure sounds fun too, but I coudln't do that... I'm just a little bit aquaphopic since I almost drown when I was 4.

Lots of hikes *sigh* I miss when we could do that. Claire is too big for a kid carrier (and we only have one besides) and she can't walk too far before being too tired so hikes are limited and short.

I have never felt like I wanted to come home from vacation before either... until this last trip. 12 days on vacation with a 2 1/2 year old and a 9 month old... just wait until you reach that point - THEN you will want to come home. :) Kids make travel hard.

*Liese said...

Good ol' Fidel...I'm glad there's a Utahn who's decided to memorialize him on their license plate! I mean let's be fair...How often does that happen? I guess it also mean that when Fidel decides to take his great pilgrimage to Utah, he won't be able to get vanity plates; I wonder how well that'll go over?

Your pictures, as always, are wonderful! And I can't even believe you actually found your rafting flip flop; that's completely crazy! I love stories like that though. :) I remember playing in waterfalls in PA once (where you can be sure I was the only Mormon) and my friend lost his keys in the water. I told him we should pray, I was laughed at a bit, but WHO FOUND THE KEYS NOT FIVE MINUTES LATER?!?! Yup, that would be me. :) Who's laughin' now?! That was when I was deemed the Mormon Miracle. I decided it'd be best to not let Manti catch wind of it because then they'd probably feel the need to change the contents of their pageant and you and I both know I'm FAR too humble to have a pageant made about me. ;)

Emily said...

Did you spell "donkeys" wrong on purpose? I think you did it just to bug me. :) Yay for vacations!

Sarah said...

Looks like so much fun esp the river rafting!!! No fair. What a nice vaca taking in nature. We'll miss you guys next Thurs, but have a rockin 24th!

Angie said...

You're such a crazy travellin' girl! I love that you spelled donkeys, "donkies!" Hilar!

And I sure will miss hiking in the mountains. Although Mex city is over 7000 feet high and stuck between several mountain ranges, if you hike here you find things and then the people growing them find you! I don't ever want to be in that situation.

Suzanne said...

Great vacation picts. I am still laughing over the Fleet Eneman! It brings back such great memories of surgeries and colonoscopies and other similar things. Probably why it was so coveted! :)

HillsRus said...

Just so you know you can see the SF windmills from our house! You should come by sometime.... :)

ps- looks like you had a fun trip!

Lisa and Mike said...

haha...oh Becky I love your posts. You have the best commentary and always notice the little things along the way! Rafael by the fire gave me a good laugh!

Kimber said...

*Bathroom floor of ghetto cabin = nasty.
* The picture of the train tracks is fab. You know how I love 'em
* You should get an award for your artifact find.
* Becky on a horse... Hmmmmmm....
* I laughed when reading about you falling out of the raft. I hope it didn't hurt.
* Finding your flip-flop (or as The Mom calls it, thong) is like a one in a million chance. you pretty much won the lottery :-)
* Baby cows = food. :-(
* Good job hitting the can.. WOW!!
* I love your self made toilet.
Great pics Beck!

Matthew and Hillary said...

Wow, tons of crazy adventures! I think my favorite part was the ninja turtle. You guys are hillarious!