Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Home Improvement

I used to love that show back in the day!

Anyway, we've had a couple exciting improvements at our little abode that have made me pretty giddy!

1. Thonet Bentwood Rocker.

I found this beauty at a garage sale for $10 a couple months back and couldn't resist. The only problem with it is that it creaked with every rock. After about an hour of adjusting screws, it doesn't creak anymore! I was stoked! I still find myself going over to sit in it every day just to check and make sure I am not imagining that it doesn't creak. :)

2. Wall Hooks

Our apartment has no closets, no shelves, no storage whatsoever. We've dealt with it well enough but when we were up in Logan I saw some some hooks on a wall and I was inspired. It's kinda lame always having jackets draped all over stuff, so I found these little hooks and installed them just inside our doorway. I love them!

3. Armoire
Like I said, we have no storage. Therefore, this is what my 'craft spot' looked like.

And then a previous roomie announced she was moving and selling some of her furniture. I jumped at the offer and was able to get an armoire at a ridiculously good price. It did require a bit of fixing but I was so up for that!

And here is the craft area now! Oh so clean and friendly. Love it!

Small things like this make me pretty excited. It's so fun to have small things that make such a huge improvement!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Our State Fair is a Great State Fair!

First off, thank you all so much for your comments on our anniversary... they seriously mean the world to me. I love friends.

So I went to the State Fair on the opening night! It was $2 which was affordable. :) I wouldn't have gone except that my sister invited me to go because she had entered a couple things!! So first things first! Her entries!

She made this dress for Halloween! And it won 2nd place!!!

And just because I'm obsessed with it because it's amazing, here are a couple other pictures.

Seriously look at the detail... gorgeous! Amazing!

And the other one is the musical quilt all folded up here. We were a bit sad to see that it wasn't displayed very nicely at all. :( First off, it was upside down!! Second, the quilting pattern she did (treble cleffs, half notes, musical notes, etc) is what really set it apart... and you couldn't even tell! Anyway, great job to her; I think it's awesome she made them. And even awesomer she entered. And even awesomest she won for her dress!

And now other random stuff in case you care. :) I really enjoyed the "Home Arts" tent because of all the ideas I could get! Here are a few pics of things I was quite impressed by.
How cute is this Halloween quilt!? The legs dangle off the quilt. Way cute.

This is an incredible sampler!

And this is just insane. Can you imagine CROSS-STITCHING this? There are only like three colors there!!!

I just thought this was adorable. I love the border. So unique.

Out of the Home Arts. And into the Square Dancing! I took this pic because of the girl in the SpongeBob dress! Ha!

And onto the animals! I look lame in the picture because every time I'd smile, the sheep would move its head and I thought it was going to bite me. :) They're pretty big but they didn't bite.

HUGE cows. Massive udders.

This goat cracked me up. He was checking how things looked from a rung higher. :)

This is the hairiest bunny I've ever seen! (Not quite Truffle, Aliese!)

And onto the floral part. So pretty!

I loved these "Bells of Ireland". I'm all sorts of tender when it comes to things being named like that for some reason.

HUGE zinnia? (Perhaps Mandy can verify?)

Freaking adorable house. If you look close, there is a playground, all sorts of chairs and other stuff. Talent!

And just for randomness... Mona Goat?

It was fun to go with my sister and I think I'd be a fan of going on another $2 day. :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

First Anniversary!

It was exciting to celebrate our First Anniversary! Time has FLOWN!

I asked Aaron over a month ago to plan something because I knew he'd get caught up in school! He kept it completely secret from everyone and definitely surprised me.

We started in the afternoon (after homework was done!) and he took me to the Nauvoo Cafe in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. It's totally one of my faves and it was fun to look at all the pictures of Nauvoo there. Plus that, it's delish.

And then we took off driving. When we got past Ogden he asked if I knew where we were going and I said Logan. I was right!
We got there and went to the temple and were able to do sealings. TOTALLY awesome and special.

And then we checked into an adorable Bed and Breakfast he'd booked. It's a 110 year old home.

And then food! The guy who owns the B&B suggested Firehouse and oh man it was so good!! I requested that we get take-out so we could sit on the porch of the B&B and just soak in the evening. It was marvelous.

We had ice cream that night (we pretty much never splurge, so it was so fun to do it so many times in one day!) and then watched our wedding video and mushy stuff like that. Ha.
This is the room. I just loved how homey it was... so not hotel-ish.

Sunday morning we got up and they fed us our breakfast. It was apple pancakes with bacon and fruit... it was delicious! Then Aaron told me that we weren't going to church until three so we had all morning to just hang out. We went over to the dam and watched the ducks and geese. There were like four fathers and sons in over the hour that we were there and we just loved watching them and laffing with them and watching their faces. The geese are HUGE (like six times the size of the ducks!) and they were sure greedy! It was fun to watch all the ducks leave when the bread was gone and then the second someone new threw a piece in, TONS came over immediately!

I kept asking why we couldn't go to church earlier and finally he told me that we were going to a Nursing Home. WHAT!? I kept thinking and thinking about it and about 1:00 I figured it out... our teachers and dear friends who we met in Nauvoo, the Huffs, must be involved with that. I had really wanted to see them from the second I figured out we were going to Logan but hadn't mentioned it not wanting to take away from Aaron's plans. He had called them a month ago and set things up with them! Brother Huff is the Branch President at a Nursing Home so we went there with them (and had some good laffs at the random outbursts of the old people! "Wow, that guy is huge!" and in the middle of a story, "OH WELL.") and then had dinner with them afterwards. We chatted for hours and it was SO wonderful to see them.

It was such a great anniversary. It was wonderful to spend hours together without homework or stress. Aaron planned a perfect trip for us and it made me so happy. Hopefully we'll share many, many more!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Antelope Island

We wanted to take the best advantage we could of the last Summer Saturday because we understand that with the starting of school, we may not see each other anymore! We decided to check out Antelope Island. We started off the trip with a ginormous Monster Energy Drink! (We found it on the ground... I hope Aaron doesn't quit entertaining me by doing whatever pose I tell him!)

We decided the path we wanted to take and headed out. It was a 15 mile loop. So off we went. It was okay for a bit, but the trail turned to sand every few hundred feet and it was so hard to get through.

It was insane the amounts of lizards there were. There were 100's running along with our bike tires. It kinda freaked me out!

We finally saw a TREE!! I seriously think this tree deserves an award for being such a great tree and one of the only ones on the island!

We almost got to the tree... and Aaron got a flat. :(

But it was okay because I didn't really consider what we were doing a biking trail anyway! I was hiking 1/3 of the time anyway! So it was a welcome break. We were about 5 miles in at this point. We wanted to keep going so we hiked for a bit. It was wonderful and overcast and we were enjoying ourselves greatly. We came to this horse corral. According to the sign (seriously the only one on the island) it is unknown who built it and how long ago, etc. Cool.

And here we are with the Elephant Head!

Another pic of the Elephant Head. The cute little elephant wants to get some water!

We rounded the mid-point and came to the Split Rock which the trail is named after.

And then the sun came out. 93 and hot. And we began to run out of water. And absolutely no shade. We walked/dragged ourselves that whole thing.

We finally made it back to that tree and I rested hoping to not die of heat exhaustion. My face was bright red; you can kind of see it in the pic.

And then we had the five miles to go back to the car to our other water supply. (FYI, we're not complete idiots-- we had TONS more than needed for the bike ride... and things were fine until the sun came out and we climbed uphill for couple miles.) We were out of water by that time so I sent Aaron back on my bike to get the water and I walked his. The path is kinda pleasant with the sunflowers, but that sand is NOT your friend!)

Anyway, we survived to tell the tale but we were hot and headacheish and thirsty! All's well that end's well!
We went back to the Visitor's Center to wash off and cool off and found this adorable little keepsake. I've ALWAYS wanted to keep a buffalo in my purse! Who wouldn't?! Didn't purchase, unfortunately.

We went down to the south end of the island where the Garr Ranch is. Mr. Garr was sent there by Brigham Young. His ranch was AWESOME. The family has kept it up really well and it was fun to go around and see all the stuff. And Aaron got to lasso some cattle. :)

Cool silo.

Then we headed back to watch the sunset. We got to see some fabulous wildlife on the way.

We came to a herd of 80ish buffalo crossing the road! They were SO fun to watch. Buffalo are quite possibly my current favorite animal. We're considering making a section of our budget for me to purchase a buffalo as a pet. :) Anyway, I was so excited to see so many buffalo!

This big guy had quite the itch... and just couldn't quite get it! They're such HUGE animals!!

This one is totally a fave.

And the sun began to set. Yay!

We decided to run down to the water's edge and play a bit. Yes, it stunk quite a bit, but it was fun. :) When we took of our shoes we realized how DIRTY we were!

These shots were so fun and cool!

We were proud of ourselves for completely wearing out our legs and were glad to have spent the day together. All-in-all, I think Antelope Island has my approval. The first half of the day I was kinda lamed-out, but it got better. :) I am really unimpressed by the lack of signs on the island and trails and how incorrect the maps were... we ended up in the wrong place way too many times, but the variety of stuff was fun.