Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Antelope Island

We wanted to take the best advantage we could of the last Summer Saturday because we understand that with the starting of school, we may not see each other anymore! We decided to check out Antelope Island. We started off the trip with a ginormous Monster Energy Drink! (We found it on the ground... I hope Aaron doesn't quit entertaining me by doing whatever pose I tell him!)

We decided the path we wanted to take and headed out. It was a 15 mile loop. So off we went. It was okay for a bit, but the trail turned to sand every few hundred feet and it was so hard to get through.

It was insane the amounts of lizards there were. There were 100's running along with our bike tires. It kinda freaked me out!

We finally saw a TREE!! I seriously think this tree deserves an award for being such a great tree and one of the only ones on the island!

We almost got to the tree... and Aaron got a flat. :(

But it was okay because I didn't really consider what we were doing a biking trail anyway! I was hiking 1/3 of the time anyway! So it was a welcome break. We were about 5 miles in at this point. We wanted to keep going so we hiked for a bit. It was wonderful and overcast and we were enjoying ourselves greatly. We came to this horse corral. According to the sign (seriously the only one on the island) it is unknown who built it and how long ago, etc. Cool.

And here we are with the Elephant Head!

Another pic of the Elephant Head. The cute little elephant wants to get some water!

We rounded the mid-point and came to the Split Rock which the trail is named after.

And then the sun came out. 93 and hot. And we began to run out of water. And absolutely no shade. We walked/dragged ourselves that whole thing.

We finally made it back to that tree and I rested hoping to not die of heat exhaustion. My face was bright red; you can kind of see it in the pic.

And then we had the five miles to go back to the car to our other water supply. (FYI, we're not complete idiots-- we had TONS more than needed for the bike ride... and things were fine until the sun came out and we climbed uphill for couple miles.) We were out of water by that time so I sent Aaron back on my bike to get the water and I walked his. The path is kinda pleasant with the sunflowers, but that sand is NOT your friend!)

Anyway, we survived to tell the tale but we were hot and headacheish and thirsty! All's well that end's well!
We went back to the Visitor's Center to wash off and cool off and found this adorable little keepsake. I've ALWAYS wanted to keep a buffalo in my purse! Who wouldn't?! Didn't purchase, unfortunately.

We went down to the south end of the island where the Garr Ranch is. Mr. Garr was sent there by Brigham Young. His ranch was AWESOME. The family has kept it up really well and it was fun to go around and see all the stuff. And Aaron got to lasso some cattle. :)

Cool silo.

Then we headed back to watch the sunset. We got to see some fabulous wildlife on the way.

We came to a herd of 80ish buffalo crossing the road! They were SO fun to watch. Buffalo are quite possibly my current favorite animal. We're considering making a section of our budget for me to purchase a buffalo as a pet. :) Anyway, I was so excited to see so many buffalo!

This big guy had quite the itch... and just couldn't quite get it! They're such HUGE animals!!

This one is totally a fave.

And the sun began to set. Yay!

We decided to run down to the water's edge and play a bit. Yes, it stunk quite a bit, but it was fun. :) When we took of our shoes we realized how DIRTY we were!

These shots were so fun and cool!

We were proud of ourselves for completely wearing out our legs and were glad to have spent the day together. All-in-all, I think Antelope Island has my approval. The first half of the day I was kinda lamed-out, but it got better. :) I am really unimpressed by the lack of signs on the island and trails and how incorrect the maps were... we ended up in the wrong place way too many times, but the variety of stuff was fun.


Matthew and Hillary said...

Cool hike! Too bad I don't live closer or I would insist on accompaning you on some of your adventures!

Our family said...

I really love the picture of you two with the sunset behind you. You look beautiful. It's obvious that you two are seriously happy! I love how out-doors-y you are and hope one day a camping trip/hike/etc. will make it into our lives (and then onto our blog...)

Suz said...

So----did you get to see the deer and the antelope play?????

Lissa said...

The picture of the sunset right before the pictures of you guys in the water is pretty impresive.

Kristen Moss said...


Love the reflection shots. you should frame those!

Emily said...

Good times! It's been a while since I've been to Antelope Island - maybe I should go for the hot air balloon/kite thing? :)

Tannie Datwyler said...

It seems like you guys are always doing something fun (I know I've said that already, but it's true). I love the pictures you take too - so pretty some crazy - PERFECT~!

Cortney said...

What a fun adventure so close to home! I love it. Looks like you guys had a blast.

I promise not to shave my head!!

The Barlows said...

What a fun day! So sad that summer has to come to an end. :( I'm glad you guys got to spend some time together! Happy back to school soon!

Aloha_Misty said...

You get to do so many fun things! How exciting. Your posts make me really miss Utah...except for the big lizard. That was crazy big!!!

Aloha_Misty said...

:) Okay...looking back at the picture I see it is small...I have BIG on my mind lately as I have seen so many BIG BIG bugs lately...I just assume everything is really big :)