Thursday, September 24, 2009

Our State Fair is a Great State Fair!

First off, thank you all so much for your comments on our anniversary... they seriously mean the world to me. I love friends.

So I went to the State Fair on the opening night! It was $2 which was affordable. :) I wouldn't have gone except that my sister invited me to go because she had entered a couple things!! So first things first! Her entries!

She made this dress for Halloween! And it won 2nd place!!!

And just because I'm obsessed with it because it's amazing, here are a couple other pictures.

Seriously look at the detail... gorgeous! Amazing!

And the other one is the musical quilt all folded up here. We were a bit sad to see that it wasn't displayed very nicely at all. :( First off, it was upside down!! Second, the quilting pattern she did (treble cleffs, half notes, musical notes, etc) is what really set it apart... and you couldn't even tell! Anyway, great job to her; I think it's awesome she made them. And even awesomer she entered. And even awesomest she won for her dress!

And now other random stuff in case you care. :) I really enjoyed the "Home Arts" tent because of all the ideas I could get! Here are a few pics of things I was quite impressed by.
How cute is this Halloween quilt!? The legs dangle off the quilt. Way cute.

This is an incredible sampler!

And this is just insane. Can you imagine CROSS-STITCHING this? There are only like three colors there!!!

I just thought this was adorable. I love the border. So unique.

Out of the Home Arts. And into the Square Dancing! I took this pic because of the girl in the SpongeBob dress! Ha!

And onto the animals! I look lame in the picture because every time I'd smile, the sheep would move its head and I thought it was going to bite me. :) They're pretty big but they didn't bite.

HUGE cows. Massive udders.

This goat cracked me up. He was checking how things looked from a rung higher. :)

This is the hairiest bunny I've ever seen! (Not quite Truffle, Aliese!)

And onto the floral part. So pretty!

I loved these "Bells of Ireland". I'm all sorts of tender when it comes to things being named like that for some reason.

HUGE zinnia? (Perhaps Mandy can verify?)

Freaking adorable house. If you look close, there is a playground, all sorts of chairs and other stuff. Talent!

And just for randomness... Mona Goat?

It was fun to go with my sister and I think I'd be a fan of going on another $2 day. :)


Aloha_Misty said...

Laurie did a great job. I love the coloring on her quilt. Thank you for sharing that! did you by chance eat any grasshoppers at the fair? That is where I ate my first fried grasshopper. Always tasty :)

clay and jordan said...

Hello! How awesome is that dress?! Your sister is a studette, and I'm pretty sure you set the example for her. Am I right or am I right? Beckster I miss you so much! Looks like the fair was a lot of fun!

*Liese said...

Um...Yeah, that bunny's got some LONG fur! So cute though. :) I love the Truffle shout-out.

Matthew and Hillary said...

Mona goat. Hahaha Those were so awesome! That's about my favorite part of the fair, too. I think that class in Nauvoo really made me appreciate quilts a lot more.I'm always amazed at what people can come up with!

Angie said...

Who knew state fairs could be so entertaining! And way to go, Laurie... what a talented gal. I hope she plans on wearing that AMAZING dress this halloween!

Gary and Alycia said...

Wow your sister is amazing, what talent she has!! I am sad I missed the state fair now. I had forgotten how fun it was.

Brenda said...

I am so glad you posted pics of the dress. I have been wanting to see it since hearing about it at the party. Thanks for sharing all the state fair fun