Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Small Trip

Last weekend we randomly were able to go to Denver to see Aaron's fam!

How it happened: State Cross-Country was supposed to be the week before. Although Aaron had REALLY wanted to go, he had tests the following week, so playing in Denver was definitely not an option! What happened? Denver got like 18" of snow so they pushed it to the next weekend, right after all his tests would be over! What are the odds!!!??

We flew out Friday night and his fam picked us up. The whole thing was a surprise for his little bro who was running in the meet. The meet was Sat morn in a big field. They all ran for 5K. Ryan ended up coming in in the 30's out of over 100 peeps and shaved a minute off of last years time. Not too shabby. I (surprisingly!) didn't take many pics at all.

Here is the beginning of the race. I really liked the bunting (is that what it's called) that lined the path. So festive. :)

And there is Ryan! We were able to find a spot where we could see him like five different times during the race.

Other than that we ate, we chatted, and we played games. It's always great to be with fam and it always goes so quickly.

I do have a small, gross story to share. :) On the flight there, we were on a tiny, tiny plane. We got over the mountains and hit MAJOR turbulence for quite a few minutes. And I got to use a barf bag. :) One thing off my bucket list!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Project #1

I was told by a few people who have graduated from the Accounting Program to expect constant homework once Aaron started school. I chose to believe them and I'm glad I did because it's true! I began making a list of stuff I wanted to do... such as finishing the wedding scrapbook, going through magazines (church-related and not) and keeping the good stuff, sewing, food storage, and cooking. Aaron often sees me in a mess and says, "Oh, you're working on another one of your projects, aren't you?" So now they're called my projects. :)

Here is "Project #1". (I'm fore-seeing a series...)
I have been trying to be all cool and get into food storage and have found these three fabulous websites:
I found this page about building your own rotating can racks ( and seriously freaked out. They are so genius and cheap! I used their instructions and sizes for the most part, but did add a little bit of space in case I messed up. My first one was hot-glued and duct-taped but I decided they'd be stronger if I cut slits in the side to slide the cardboard into and then hot-glued them. I made the rest that way and think they'll last longer.

Here is what they looked like before I spray-painted them. (You definitely can leave them un-painted, but mine are out in the open so I felt slightly ghetto.)

And here is the finished product!

Cost? cardboard from dumpster diving :), duct tape, hot glue, a .96 cent can of spray paint, and a bit of time.

I'm totally asking for canned goods for Christmas... I can't wait to have these bad boys filled up! :)