Monday, December 7, 2009

a bit o' Christmas

Seriously, Lloyd Newell has got it going on!

This was part of a MoTab broadcast and I loved it:

"As we look forward to Christmas this year, let's look back to Christmases past and appreciate what makes a holiday memorable. Some memories may involve less-than perfect circumstances--and that's all right. Few real-life celebrations resemble the slick ads and scenes in holiday movies.
In fact, sometimes the most cherished Christmases take place in conditions that are not quite ideal. Of course, it's easy to feel discouraged when things don't go according to our plans. But in time, families often look back and laugh about the mishaps: the year the tree fell over, the time they forgot to turn on the oven, the school program when everyone forgot their lines.
Other times, families weep when they remember more serious hardships: the year when someone was in the hospital, the year there were no presents because times were tight, the first Christmas after a loved one passed away.
As such memories fill our hearts, we would do well to recall that original Christmas night. It was not without difficulty. Mary and Joseph were far from home. No room could be found in the inn. Few comforts were available. And yet, love was born. Heavenly choirs sang. A new star lit the sky, and shepherds came to worship.
Unrealistic expectations for a picture-perfect Christmas may be misleading and actually keep us from appreciating the holiday's more subtle yet more satisfying blessings. Everything does not have to be just right for wonderful things to happen.
No matter the circumstances for Christmas this year, cherished moments are within reach. Hold a child in your arms. Pause to look at the night sky. Welcome friends and family into your home, and listen to heavenly choirs. Give the love that only you can give, and you will have a memorable Christmas: a Christmas that recalls that first holy night when, in the lowliest of circumstances, a King was born."

I just love this because life is rarely perfect. We often think of what we wish we had instead of being thrilled with what we do have. But Christmas isn't about that. It's about spending time together and loving each other and focusing on our blessings. Aaron and I were so lucky to go see "A Christmas Carol" at Hale Theatre this past weekend. I don't think I can ever tire of that story; I get something new from it every time I see or read it. The story really is all about how the Atonement can change our lives, if we let it. Really, our less-than-perfect lives don't matter that much. It's such a blessing to be alive, to have someone to love, to have supportive families, to have Christ in our lives. There's so much to be thankful for.


*Liese said...

Umm...LOVE this...I may have to copy it.

Cat Zimmer said...

GREAT broadcast. Can I just say, the first sentence of this posted cracked me up. Thanks for the laugh and the spiritual thought.

Cat Zimmer said...

post, not posted. Geez.

Colby and Meredith said...

Thank you Becky! I really like this post...a lot.

*Liese said...

@ Becky--

It totally is!!! My mom mounted it on construction paper and laminated it. We seriously have used it every year since. We also used one from the Friend a few years later which was one where you decorated a tree with ornaments and it had a little act of service on each ornament.

Lee and Marie said...

AMEN! You're amazing Becky :) Thanks for sharing!

Sarah said...

Thanks for posting!!! I can always use a reminder like that.

Rachel said...


This was perfect. Thanks for sharing.

I also really love the Masonic temple post. I've always wondered what it looked like inside. How great that you got to go in.

Merry Christmas!

Emily said...

I am proud to say my life is less then perfect! And I dont care... I am so happy and greatful for what I do have... I appreciate you sharing that, I love the Christmas Carol as well. And I think less then perfect lives have so much more spice to them anyways!

Merry Christmas!