Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Belly Pic

First off, thank you all so much for your kind words and prayers for us with the appendicitis deal. We feel so watched over and the recovery seems to have gone really well and our little girl is being so tough. Every time I feel her move I thank Heavenly Father for protecting her (and me).

And now here is a belly pic of 'us' at 21 weeks! I've been meaning to put one up for a couple weeks but stuff kept happening (appendicitis or throwing up) and I wanted a true picture. :)

Go ahead and think "Wow, she's showing a lot more than I thought she would".... because we think the same thing. :) We find it absolutely incredible that bodies can do this!

Monday, February 15, 2010

A Few Ounces Lighter...

Last week turned out quite unexpectedly!

I didn’t feel that great on Monday before and after our ultrasound off and on but assumed it was indigestion. I hurt pretty badly in my abdomen late Monday night but was able to sleep for the most part. I woke up Tuesday with a pain again but went to work still thinking nothing but indigestion. I didn’t feel well and threw up but that didn’t take my pain away. My lower abdomen was throbbing and growing harder and hurting more and more.

Aaron was at work until 11 and then would head down to Provo. I texted him and asked him to stop by quickly before driving down and give me a blessing to help it pass. He stopped by and after a few seconds of seeing me said, “We’re going to the doctor.” I told him no and that I was fine and that it was just indigestion. Thinking back, I looked ridiculous as I was bawling, writhing in pain, barely able to move, and telling him I was fine!

Luckily my doc is very close to my work. We drove there and I had Aaron run in and ask what they thought. I thought for sure they would say to wait it out. He came back out and said my doc was not there but that another nurse could see me. I hobbled in and they took me back. The pain came hard and then would relax and then would come again. The nurse came in off and on giving me blankets for warmth and water for dehydration and told me my doc who had just delivered a baby at the hospital would be back soon. She kept talking back and forth with my doc and came in again and felt my stomach and abdomen and then stuck her hand into my right side. I flinched like crazy. She left and came back and said that I was to go to the hospital, show up at Labor and Delivery, and they would be waiting for me. They were testing me for appendicitis.

We drove to the hospital, got to Labor and Delivery, and they gave me a wristband and a room. They came in and told me they would come get me for an ultrasound soon. My dad showed up soon and was there with us for the day which was wonderful.

The ultrasound people came and took me. They had me lay on a table and took the device many times along my right side jamming it in (ouch!) trying to find my appendix for about 15 min. I went back to my room and the surgeon’s assistant came after a bit and said they were unable to locate my appendix via ultrasound so a MRI had been ordered.

A bit later the MRI people came and took me there. That was a loud experience. :) They did give a cd of the images as a ‘keepsake’. Ha. It was mainly painless besides having to lay flat and still for so long.

A few hours later the surgeon and my doctor came and said the MRI showed my appendix was fine and that they refused to perform surgery because I was pregnant unless I threw up and got worse. They said they’d be back in a couple hours. I hadn't been allowed to eat or drink because I had surgery pending so they put an IV in. I was so dehydrated that they had three people try unsuccessfully to get it in. Finally they numbed my arm and then poked away as they wished!

Within a half hour I threw up! When they came back and heard that, the surgeon said, “I’m kind of mad at you right now!” He carefully reviewed the MRI results again and saw that they had found my appendix next to my colon and said that when the appendix is in that location in pregnant women that all the typical signs don’t show. (Like I could move my legs and that is not typical.) Right then everything changed and he said, “We’re taking you in for surgery in two hours. You and your baby are safer going in for surgery now than waiting to see what happens.”

We were scared and nervous and prayed like crazy for the Spirit to be with us and the surgeon.

At 1 a.m. they came and got me for surgery. I’ve never been in the operating room and it was scary to see all the prep and I just kept praying they’d put me out so I wouldn’t see it! But overall I felt very calm. Next thing I knew they were telling me to wake up and breathe. They had just pulled the breathing tube out and put the oxygen on my face and I couldn’t get air. I tried to be calm but I really couldn’t breathe and started throwing up. They put some anti-nausea stuff in the iv but it took a few minutes to get into me. I struggled for air and kept convulsing and finally the anti-nausea medicine got to me and I was able to breathe. I stayed in recovery for a bit and then went back to my room around 3 a.m. The next few hours they had to monitor me for contractions (the biggest fear). I did have some but luckily they subsided.

My mom came and stayed with us that morning and around noon we were allowed to go home. Of course I have incision pain (I have three of them; let me know if you want to see them!) :) , my throat hurt very badly for a day (I ate like 100 popsicles!), and my back and neck are very sore from all the hunching to compensate for the pain but all-in-all the recovery has gone remarkably well.

We were so well taken care of. Yes there was pain and fear, but overall, there was so much calm. The doctor’s office didn’t send me home and the hospital staff immediately took care of me. I felt so well-treated by almost everyone and genuinely felt cared for by people who had never seen me before.

More than anything, as I’ve reflected on the experience, I am overwhelmed by the tender mercies we’ve felt. I am a daughter of God and He was watching out for me, Aaron, and our little girl the entire time. He sent the right people and signs and also made sure we were cared for via calls, visits, and meals afterwards. We are so blessed.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Results Are In....

We had our ultrasound yesterday! It was so cool to see our baby and see that it has arms and legs and everything. I had a dream that it was a dog so thank goodness it is HUMAN!

I had wanted to post pictures of its profile and all that stuff... but we seriously didn't get any really good pictures. It had its arms and legs in front of its face pretty much the entire time. The most adorable thing though... it grabbed its foot with its hand while we were watching so that was super fun.

What did we think it was? A boy. 100% boy. Though about a week and a half ago it dawned on me that it might not be. And that is when we started trying to call it it, instead of he. We didn't do well!

According to our poll, we had about 60 for boy and 30 for girl.

So what is it?

A girl. :)

I'm definitely throwing "mother's intuition" out the window. :) We're thrilled and quite surprised and hope she forgives us for calling her a he!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Poll Time!

Thank you all SO much for your sweet comments. I'm so lucky to know you.

We have our ultrasound scheduled for next week! Take the poll on the left and make your guess!

Life is good for us. We're daily amazed and feel so blessed to have been given this opportunity to see the miracle of a baby growing. Other than that, Aaron is back doing constant school and I've gotten back to working on some of 'my projects' now that some energy is coming back!