Thursday, June 24, 2010


I knew we needed a dresser for the baby and would have liked to have had a bookshelf and changing table, but decided the dresser was all we would end up getting because of our lack of space. One day I was checking out and saw this beauty come up. I couldn’t believe it. A changing table, dresser, and bookshelf all in one!!! And the price was ridiculously good. And it is in near-perfect shape. We feel super lucky and really like it. So here is our baby spaced all nested and ready to go! I've washed the newborn clothes and they are anxiously sitting in the drawer awaiting a little girl to wear them!

Also, you'll see a couple more of my sewing projects in there. I had a little pad that I decided to make into changing table pad so I made a little cover for it with a monkey pattern on it. And I wanted a boppy but couldn't bring myself to pay for one so I asked for one on freecycle (thank you Evelyn for teaching me about it!) and a woman offered hers. It looked like the below picture (it was quite dirty) but I washed it and made a new cover for it too. (not animals though, surprisingly!)

Obviously our baby didn't come last Sunday like I told her she could but it's fine; she can come on her own time! We'll see if she listens to Aaron... he told her to come next Monday. We haven't hit the "angry at the world" stage yet, we're just ready to have her safely and hold her and see what she looks like!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Growing, growing, growing!

Here I am at 37 weeks!  Yesterday I had the brilliant idea to wear a skirt to work.  Why in the world has this not occurred to me before!?  I was the most comfortable I've been in a long time! 
The good news is that I don't feel as big as I look.  :)  All-in-all I am feeling pretty good.  Of course there are many uncomfortable moments, but I keep telling myself it's all in my head of how miserable I want to make myself feel.  And miserable doesn't sound fun, so hopefully I can keep convincing myself I'm fine.  :)  
The first 20 weeks were really long, but since then time has gone quite quickly.  Aaron finishes his semester this week and I have told her that she can come on Sunday.  We'll see how obedient she is...  ha!

Hello, June!

My walk to work is quite pleasant these days with all the flowers!
Future lilies... maybe this week!
Hooray for a beautiful earth!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Proj 2 Continued: More Sewing

Adding on to my other sewing post, here are a couple other things I've been working on.

In the past monthish we have been been incredibly blessed with hand-me-downs! My cousin gave us this bassinet.

Really there was nothing wrong with it, but I have this weird thing that makes me want to make hand-me-downs "ours". For most items all it takes if for me to give it a good washing and we're good, but for this one I wanted to change it a little bit more than that. I used the original fabric as my pattern and made this cover.

I like it. It's plain and gender neutral. And animals. This seems to have been the pregnancy of the animals... I am really into them! I had just enough fabric to make a sheet too. The fabric was just too perfect--the animals are both ways so the fabric is upside down and right side up everywhere!

I also mentioned that I wanted to make a doll. I got an email from "You Can Make This" and saw this doll on it.

And I thought to myself, "yes, I can make this!" I drew a picture on a post-it and went home and made my own pattern and made one. (It was a longer process than that, but it's all good!)
Here is what mine looks like.

I think she's pretty cute and she is 100% scraps I already had.
So that's my sewing update for the day. And no, I'm not done sewing. :) I almost finished a car seat cover last night and I am still working on a blanket and also a changing pad. Sewing = nesting = :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


We were able to spend Memorial Weekend with my family as Moabites!

We drove down Friday night. Saturday morning the boys left early-ish to go bike "slick rock". None of them wanted to take a camera therefore there are no pictures, but they all said it was really hard but really cool. We girls drove into Arches National Park and explored while they were out.
Here is Sheep Rock:

And the Windows:

And Balanced Rock:

We walked around Balanced Rock and saw a Sego Lily and large lizard who we named Spotty.

Alicia decided to carry the rock. She's buff.

We then decided to "hike" to Landscape Arch. It was about a mile walk and very do-able. Check out these beautiful cactus!

And here are all the girls minus my mom under Landscape Arch! An entire football field can fit under it!

We all met up back at the hotel (Aarchway Inn--HIGHLY recommend it) and some went swimming.... and had best-looking leg contests. :)

That afternoon the younger, more-able bunch hiked to Delicate Arch. I would have loved to do it again but there will always be a next time! Aaron took these pictures.

While they were climbing, the rest of us hiked to a viewpoint of Delicate Arch instead. We met back up after they finished and all went together to one of the Window Arches.

These are all views from the hike. This one is Double Arch... SO cool!

Sunday we went to church and even talked about the actual Moabites. How fitting. :)
After church we had a bbq at the hotel and then took off to see Canyonlands National Park.
We went to a few viewpoints including "Island in the Sky".

This is called "Upheaval Dome". It was so different from anything else we saw. They think either it was caused by a meteorite crash or some old salt sea earthquake. Or something like that. :)

I liked our last viewpoint best. It was fun to see the jeeping trails and watch the sun setting. It was so beautiful!

Monday morning the boys took another bike ride and we girls went around town. Our first stop was "Lin Ottinger's Rock Shop". This guy, in my opinion, is a bit weird. He was selling dinosaur gizzards for $10 and huge pieces of petrified wood for hundreds of dollars and chunks of a dinosaur bone for $1. I just wonder if he really has the legality to do that!? Or if any of it is real...
Just in case you're interested in saving your money for something special...
Or are in need of a neanderthal skull...
We also went to a local museum. Around noon we met up and packed everything up and started heading home. We did get stuck in quite a bit of traffic in the canyon but that meant we got to see this beautiful barn which makes us think of Anne of Green Gables. (We're all pretty into her right now...)
We had Brick Oven Pizza for dinner on our way home. Delish!

It was such a fun trip and a perfect getaway. I just love Utah and the uniqueness we have so close. Also, the weather was perfect and not too hot. And of course the company was the best!