Saturday, September 11, 2010

Two Months

At two months, Eliza....

*is finally really smiling and melting us with each one
*has a crush on Uncle Dan and smiles more for him than anyone
*sleeps four hours at night
*is VERY alert
*has her tongue out of her mouth probably 75% of the time
*takes cat naps
*is nearly always pleasant as long as she's fed the exact amount she wants (yes even an ounce makes all the difference)
*hates being burped
*LOVES her binky
*will put herself to sleep about once a day
*was blessed last weekend (pictures to come)
*got her first shots yesterday
*weighs 11 lbs, 11 ozs (67%ile) and is 23.5" (85%ile)


Josh.Meagan.Abigail said...

Of course she is tall!! :)
What a cute picture!

Deann said...

And she's just as cute as ever!! Yay for 2 months and congrats on 2 years :)

WX Ences said...

Look at how much she has filled out! Ya!!!! She is adorable, I love it. My favorite is when they start smiling, there is something so very rewarding about it, isn't there?!?!

Dawn said...

What a beautiful little girl! I can't believe she's already two months old though. I can't wait to meet her :)

Matthew and Hillary said...

Darling darling darling. I can't tell who she looks more like. They grow up too fast! My baby is almost 6 months old already.

Sarah said...

She is soooo CUTE. We need to get our girls to be buds! She is so big and almost as big as Juli (maybe even as big since this was 2 weeks+ ago). It'd be fun to see them together.

Erin said...

She is adorable! She is catching Abbie! At least on height!

Angela & Jason said...

I can't believe she's 2 months already! She looks so grown up, what a cutie :)