Friday, December 10, 2010

project: scrapbook

A few years ago, my friend Jordan showed me her scrapbooks. I was so impressed. They were beautiful. They were wonderful memories. They were just plain cool!
I had never scrapbooked before. But when we got married I decided that I was going to make one. And I did. And it took two years to finish... And I'll never make another one. :)

Yes, I am really glad I did this one because it will be a fun memory of all the details, but I decided scrapbooking just really isn't my thing. I am a photo book person. All the paper and cutting and stickers and ribbons and stuff are cute, but just too much for me.

So in case anyone cares, I took pictures of some random pages. (Sorry the photo's aren't cropped... call me stupid, but I don't know how to crop them!)

(each of our versions of the engagement & the announcements)
(engagement photos)
(details and pictures of the bridal showers)
(some of my favorite cards from the showers)
(picking the dress & bridals)
(making the skirts & receiving my endowment)
(heading to nauvoo & getting the marriage license)
(first husband & wife photos)
(random wedding party pics)
(more faves)
(heading out to take pics around the flats)
(around the flats)
(wedding dinner)
(reception prep & colorado reception)
(utah reception & "signing book")
(our first apartment)

So yeah, another project done. I hope that if nothing else, our kids will enjoy looking through it and seeing mom and dad as young bucks. :)

Friday, December 3, 2010

sitting pretty

Practically overnight, she became a full-time sitter at 4.5 months!!!!