Friday, December 10, 2010

project: scrapbook

A few years ago, my friend Jordan showed me her scrapbooks. I was so impressed. They were beautiful. They were wonderful memories. They were just plain cool!
I had never scrapbooked before. But when we got married I decided that I was going to make one. And I did. And it took two years to finish... And I'll never make another one. :)

Yes, I am really glad I did this one because it will be a fun memory of all the details, but I decided scrapbooking just really isn't my thing. I am a photo book person. All the paper and cutting and stickers and ribbons and stuff are cute, but just too much for me.

So in case anyone cares, I took pictures of some random pages. (Sorry the photo's aren't cropped... call me stupid, but I don't know how to crop them!)

(each of our versions of the engagement & the announcements)
(engagement photos)
(details and pictures of the bridal showers)
(some of my favorite cards from the showers)
(picking the dress & bridals)
(making the skirts & receiving my endowment)
(heading to nauvoo & getting the marriage license)
(first husband & wife photos)
(random wedding party pics)
(more faves)
(heading out to take pics around the flats)
(around the flats)
(wedding dinner)
(reception prep & colorado reception)
(utah reception & "signing book")
(our first apartment)

So yeah, another project done. I hope that if nothing else, our kids will enjoy looking through it and seeing mom and dad as young bucks. :)


Josh.Meagan.Abigail said...

awesome job!! it looks adorable. i love scrapbooking, but after doing digital scrapbooking, it's hard to get myself to go back. :) it's a lot of work, and hard to find time when you're a busy mom!!

mh. lovely by me said...

beck they look awesome! so so great. but i do agree the paper cutting and frill is way too much for me and i can't keep up with it. so if you're interested, you can borrow my online scrapbooking cd's to burn to your computer. it is SO much easier and more doable. i think you should keep it up though, they're fun to have.

Anonymous said...

wow becky!! great job!! i am the same way--i don't really do the whole scrapbooking thing although my mother has been in the creative memories photo album business for several years. (call me a rebel.heehee) it is a lot of work and the supplies cost so much $! well... actually my mom paid for a whole digital scrapbooking package for me and.... i haven't really started yet. (sorry, mom!) at least i'm starting to blog more, that counts right?? hehe.

Brenda said...

I love how you did your scrapbook. Some people add too much fluff. It is supposed to be about the photos not the embellishments. You got skills girlfriend.

Matthew and Hillary said...

Very cute! I don't have the patience for scrapbooking, so a blog book is as close as I will get

Sarah said...

Nice work!! I'm not much of a scrapbooker either. But good family history! Juli's "Dear santa" letter was more toward her grandparents ;)... right now we just have one thing for her.. a jacket(that we bought for her back in sept). We aren't spending much on her, cuz she doesn't know! Let the grandparents spoil:)

Mike and Lisa said...

I looooove it! I always wanted to do a wedding scrapbook for Mike and I, but I never did. You will love it years down the road.

Angela and Jason said...

For not being your thing you're pretty good at it!! It looks SO cute!! I'm a memory mixer girl myself and I would definitely recommend that!!

country girl chronicles said...

I'm so impressed! You've got skills, girl!! I've definitely slacked off on my scrapbooks lately but already Hallie loves looking at the ones I've done in the past. Such a great way to keep memories!

Jenny said...

Great job. I got tired of buying all the supplies for scrapbooking, so I went digitial. SO much cheeper and I can print as many copies of it as I want.

Christiansen's said...

way to go, that looks great. Travis made one for me as a surprise for my first birthday after we were married, but it was only of us dating. One of these days I tell myself I am going to get to it.

Trina Knudsen said...

Great job!

Yeah, so I love to photograph but never completed a single cut 'n' glue scrapbook page (although I love the look of them)... digital layouts are my preference for sure.

~Wyatt~Brittney~Brecken~ said...

how fun! Scrapbooks are a lot of work! I do digital and I still get behind!

Deann said...

you are pretty good at it though! Scrapbooking is too expensive and time consuming but I am determined to do it. Need to try digital I guess. I think I agree though, I'm more of a picture book person, all my scrapbooks are filled with pictures and not much scrapbooking!

Mary said...

You are an inspiration! I am in awe of people with scrap-booking skills as I lack them.

LeBaron Family said...

Awesome Becky! I still have YET to get ours done . . . . I'm realizing I would much rather do it online and pay the money for a book than make it myself too!

Cami and Mitch said...

You really need to try digital scrapbooking...SOOO much easier. I love your scrapbook through. It's never been my thing. too much work and too expensive. Eliza is growing up so fast! I can't believe she is sitting up already! What an advanced little girl! :)

JDELL'S said...

Becky I love your scrapbook it looks SO good! I hope you all have a fun Christmas together!

Emily said...

Way stinking cute!! I am supposed to be doing my own scrapbooking as well, but I think if I keep holding out my mom will do it for me for a while longer. :)

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

LOVE this. I need to get on top of it!