Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Recap

Christmastime is always wonderful. I love seeing festivities and I love being with family.
December went by more quickly this year than I ever recall which made me pretty sad, but such is life!
This is post with pictures galore, but it tells our December story.

We went and saw the lights with my family. The pic isn't great, but you can see Eliza's head. Aaron wore the wrap and then zipped his jacket over it. We got quite a few aww's so we were pretty pleased with ourselves. :)
Eliza met Santa! I was pretty sure she'd be fine with him since she hasn't hit the stranger freak out stage yet, and she was! She just gave his beard quite a tug! Santa was trying to hold it on!
I had some fun with her while I decorated our little trees. I gave her the garland to play with and she didn't put it down for over an hour so I just left it off and put it in her toy basket for the month!
(those cheeks just kill me!)

My cousin gave me some awesome hand-me-downs which included these slippers. They make me happy. :)
My mom gave her a dress as a gift. What a pretty little doll!
I love this tights pic. :)
Uncle Doug came from China for a visit!
We headed down to Pagosa for Christmas on Wednesday. The drive went pretty well, but she didn't sleep more than a couple hours any of the nights we were there which was really hard. But oh well! It's good to be with family!
Eliza got plenty of love!
We went on a walk so we stuck her in a hoodie. I just love the little hat! Pretty dang cute. :)
And then came the presents! We thought it would be fun to stack up all the presents and put her on the top. And it was. :)
She thought it was pretty fun to be up there and got giggly which was a fun treat for Aaron's family. (We tried numerous times the rest of the break for my family, but without luck.)

She had the most presents of everyone. :) I guess it's obvious who is the favorite!

Aunt Tiff helped her out.
After a few, she was way overtired so we put her to sleep and had her finish the next morning. She got some pjs and toys which is exactly what she needed!
On Christmas Day, some of Aaron's extended family came over. We spent the day talking, eating, and playing games.
We left that night to make the trip back up for my brother's mission homecoming which had unfortunately been rescheduled to that next day. We went 5 hours that night and stayed in Green River.

We watched the sunrise the next morning which was beautiful.
Here's the little one in the big bed. :)
And here she is in her prison cell! I laffed out loud when they brought it up... I had no idea it would look like that. Crazy thing is that she slept better in her cell than any of the previous nights! Oh well!
We finished up the last 3 hours and were entertained by these on the way...
Monday morning we had our own little family Christmas. My cousin who handed me down some stuff also gave us what is wrapped here. Are we cheapskates or what not getting our kid a present?! Oh well. :)
I gave Aaron this backpack carrier. I watched the ksl classifieds for quite awhile and found this one.
We took it for a walk that afternoon. (love the tongue!)
It was a lot of fun. Hopefully we'll put some good miles on it this summer!
Aaron gave me a promise for a date to the Living Planet Aquarium and got my rings re-plated.

My brother and sis-in-law came into town late Tuesday from Minnesota. Since my family knew we would all be together then, we postponed Christmas a few days and had it when they came.
By this time, Little E was a champ at opening presents! (She was in clothes but it was really hot in the room so we took them off. Opening presents in the buff is always more fun, right?!)

Here is my brother Brad. He decided to wear everything he received as gifts... :)
See that mouse in his pocket? I have this weird tradition of wrapping up random things and giving them to people. That mouse is a Christmas decoration my mom has so I wrapped it up and gave it to him. I also like to wrap things up that obviously belong to someone and give them to someone else. Good times. :)

It was really great to see Alan and Alicia. They haven't seen Eliza since she was a few weeks old. They loved playing with her.
They gave her this Minnesota beanie. Every time Alan would say "GO GOPHERS!" she would smile or squeal.
It was a marvelous week and a half. We're glad we got to see both families. We're glad we have Little E. We're pretty dang lucky.
I hope your holidays were fabulous as well!