Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Project: Onesie Extender

I have a long child.
As a result, many onesies don't fit her. See below.

(yes, I let my child play with garbage.) (often, in fact.)

So I created a ONESIE EXTENDER! (insert trumpet sounds here!)

I made it from a onesie that was pretty badly stained up the back so I didn't feel bad cutting it up. :) It is DEFINITELY not the pretties thing and I was actually quite amazed at its ugliness, but it works and it doesn't show once she's fully dressed so it is just perfect!

Hooray for no scrunched body!!!

And here she is. All dressed and pressed and ready to go. (can any of you name where that is from?)
And one last pic of her goofy mouth! She is constantly playing with her mouth and tongue!

Monday, February 14, 2011

It Takes Two to Tango!

We celebrated Valentine's in style! Here are my two loves Tangoing the night away!

And here is our fun game of chase!

We dressed up all festive for the day. :)

(ignore my freaky smile) :)

I hope you had a wonderful day too!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I asked Aaron to take me to The Living Planet Aquarium for my Christmas present. So we headed there a couple weeks ago.
Our friends called a few minutes before we were leaving and asked if we could tend their son and we said sure and took him along!

The Aquarium was... okay. There were some really cool fishies, but it is WAY overpriced. Luckily if you mention Facebook you get $2 off so that made me feel better about it.
To be honest though, I'm spoiled. I've been to real aquariums in much bigger cities. As in like tanks as big as rooms that you walk through the middle of. So for Utah, it was as good aquarium and it was fun to see, but it IS really small for the price.

Anyway! The kids were perfect and just looked around. Here is Little E saying, "Gosh piranhas are the lamest."
Here I am touching the sting rays. The only reason I did it was because I saw a sink nearby. I went to wash my hand and found out there was no soap. In other words, I would not have put my hand in the cesspool of germs because who wants to touch babies after touching sting rays?! Gross!
We were really surprised to see that we had walked through the whole thing in like 30 min.... so we went back and did it all over again to make sure we got our money's worth. :)
Here is the biggest tank with the turtle who survived a fabulous shark attack!
And then a shark went behind them too so I had to get a pic of that too!
It was a fun little outing! We were happy to take Ethan along!