Monday, February 14, 2011

It Takes Two to Tango!

We celebrated Valentine's in style! Here are my two loves Tangoing the night away!

And here is our fun game of chase!

We dressed up all festive for the day. :)

(ignore my freaky smile) :)

I hope you had a wonderful day too!


Kim said...

So stinkin cute! I adore your freaky smile :-)

Brenda said...

So fun. Happy Valentines Day!!!

Don & Sarah said...

you are adorable!!! glad you had a great day :)

Aloha_Misty said...

Oh Cuteness! How fun!

Julie said...

You guys are such a cute family! I still can't believe you have a baby! She is a doll!

I accidentally pushed enter and it posted before I wrote anything!