Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter! (and the cure-alls)

I hope you had a wonderful Easter! And that you had a visit from the Easter Bunny!(I got the hat from a baby shower and couldn't think of a more appropriate day to have her wear it!)
My mom got Eliza the sweetest dress.

(mmm... tulip!) You may have noticed the string cheese in her hand. String cheese and Desatin are her cure-alls. 95% of the time letting her hold one of those two items will calm her down. :) She goes wild over them. She just loves to suck and suck and suck on the outsides. Kinda weird. I love it. :)(Adorable capris, huh!?!) And notice her new car! We use our Discover Card for every purchase and then pay it off each month. They pay us awesome cash back! Besides getting gift cards or cash with the cash back, you can also get stuff from their 'merchandise center'. And this sweet car was on it! It is a 4-in-1. It has glides to put under the tires so it is like a rocking horse, it has a handle in the back so the child can walk and push it, it has a tall handle so the parent can push it like a stroller, and then you can remove everything and have it be a car that they can push with their feet! I'm really impressed with it; it's so easy to change out the different parts and so far, she loves it! We'll probably just call it her birthday present. :) Hooray for 'free' stuff.

We went on our family vacation last weekend... it was wonderful! Post to come!


Jessie said...

I love her dress, she looks adorable, Becky. Love her. Also the picture of her eating the tulip. Classic. And that sounds like an awesome toy--the parent push thing is a great feature. I wish we had a toy like that. :)

String cheese is one of Cailin's cure-alls, too. Though she devours it. Also, slices of American cheese, and bananas. Those are my 3 easiest snacks to grab for her, and she LOVES all of them, cheers her right up from any grumps. Until they're gone, of course.

Meredith said...

oh my goodness...that bunny hat makes me laugh!! So cute.

Melody said...

I love the bunny ears. So cute. Her dress is so pretty too. I hope work continues to go well and I can't wait to hear about your vacation.

Tannie Datwyler said...

She has the cutest chubby cheeks! I love the bunny hat.

And that dress - so cute. I love that it is yellow. I really liked the dresses I got for my girls, but at the same time I thought "pink, really??" I would have loved a yellow one for D, but there were none in her size. I was aiming for purple for Claire, but again, same thing.

Mike and Lisa said...

Where do you get a bunny hat like that?! I've only seen bunny ears before. I agree, perfect time to put it on her. The dress is so cute!!

Dawn said...

I loved her little Easter dress! She's so darling!